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NIRSA 2020 presentation formats

Presentation sessions at the NIRSA Annual Conference feature engaging lectures, interactive presentations, idea showcases, and extended workshops with the majority of the content presented from the perspective of the presenters.

In addition to the conference theme, the program committee encourages sessions that address these topics

Enable members to develop skills and strategies for creating an integrated approach to health & wellbeing.

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Empower members to effectively tell the story of campus recreation to their own stakeholders on campus and beyond.

Proposal Tips

Present strategies and practices to help members incorporate the Association’s value of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into members’ professional practice, programs, facilities and services.

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Prepare mid-level professionals to serve in leadership roles as departmental directors and/or AVPs.

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General Education Sessions (60 or 90 minutes)

 The application period to submit proposals for General Education Sessions is closed.

These sessions feature engaging lectures, structured learning activities, and interactive presentations facilitated by up to 3 presenters.  Sessions seek to meet a broad range of topic areas, NIRSA Core Competencies, and ongoing strategic initiatives.  

Over 100 general education sessions will be presented concurrently across 12 different time periods in the conference schedule.

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NEW! Showcase Sessions (10 minutes)

 The application period to submit proposals for Showcase Sessions is closed.

An individual showcase session is a 10-15 minute presentation by no more than 2 presenters that focuses on new initiatives or promising practices in the topic area chosen for the session. Presenters showcase ideas with practical tips. 3-4 showcase sessions focused on a single topic area are scheduled sequentially within a 60-minute time period. Presenters entertain audience questions collectively at the conclusion of the series of presentations.

Showcase session topic areas for 2020 include:

  • Campus Collaborations
  • Communicating the Impact of Campus Recreation
  • Infusing Health & Wellness into Programs
  • Student Staff Training & Development
  • Trends in Facility Design and Technology
  • Strategies for Small Program
  • Associate Director Issue
  • Esports Program Models
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Preconference Workshops

 The application period to submit proposals for Preconference Sessions is closed. 

Preconference Workshops provide a deeper exploration and discussion of specific issues with a smaller group of attendees.  They are intended to be opportunities that offer skill-building tools focusing on participants’ growth in NIRSA Core Competencies, career advancement education, and overall professional development.

Full-day (6 hours) and half-day (3 hours) sessions are available.  Attendees pay a separate fee to participate in Preconference Workshops.

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Research Sessions

 The application period to submit proposals for Preconference Sessions is closed. 

Research Sessions provide opportunities for NIRSA members to present their research, be it as part of an academic program, a thesis project, or a research project the presenter has chosen to pursue.

An individual Research Session presentation may be 15 to 30 minutes in length. Multiple presentations will be scheduled within a 60-minute session period.

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Poster Presentations

 The application period to submit proposals for Poster Presentations is closed.

A poster presentation showcases research and/or an institutional program. An effective poster serves as a source of information, a conversation starter, and summary of the presenter’s work.

Poster presentation proposals are accepted from members through the summer.

Poster Space Requirements

The maximum space provided for a poster is 4 x 4. Presenters typically create a poster with the following dimensions: 2 x 3 profile or 3 x 2 landscape.

Poster Attending Hour

All lead presenters must have a current NIRSA membership when they submit their presentation proposal as well as during the Annual Conference. All confirmed lead presenters and co-presenters must register for the event. Co-authors may be recognized for their contributions to poster presentations, but only registered presenters will be allowed to attend the Annual Conference. Non-registered authors and contributors cannot present in any capacity. All poster presentations that are accepted into the conference must be attended by at least one presenter during the Poster Attending Hour (this will be a 1-hour commitment-date and time: TBD) to answer questions during the conference.

The proposal system opens for Poster Presentation proposals on Wednesday, June 5.

The final deadline for Poster Presentation proposals is Sunday, November 3.

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Fitness Forum

 The application period to submit proposals for a Fitness Forum is closed.

Fitness Forum Sessions are a great way to introduce new and upcoming fitness trends to the NIRSA membership. These high-intensity classes provide an opportunity for attendees to get some exercise while observing the instructor for teaching techniques.

Fitness Forum Sessions are generally 45 minutes in length and occur in a designated space within the Expo Hall.  Associate Members are encouraged to submit proposals for this session type.

The Final Deadline for Fitness Forum Session proposals is Monday, September 9.

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Career Services Center Coaching Sessions (30 minutes)

 The application period to submit proposals for a Career Services Center Coaching Session is closed.

NIRSA members share career preparation tips with fellow conference attendees in short mini-sessions in association with the Career Services Center.

The proposal system opens for CSC Coaching session proposals this summer.

The Final Deadline for CSC Coaching session proposals is Monday, September 9.

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keynote & guest speakers

To incorporate perspectives from outside the NIRSA membership, the Conference Program Committee will budget time in the education schedule for guest speakers. If you are a member who has a recommendation for a keynote or other guest speaker, please submit your recommendation.

If you are a not a member of NIRSA, but you are a speaker/facilitator who wants to be considered for a guest speaking engagement, please review the speaker info kit email NIRSA Director of Professional Development, Kristen Gleason.

Speaker Info Kit


Please email