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NIRSA 2017 and Life Fitness

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Learn all about what’s hot in fitness workouts — and experience the sweat! Check out the Fitness Forum in the Expo Hall.

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Fitness Forum Schedule

Sunday, April 3

Christy Coleman, Auburn University

Experience the energy, sweat, and challenge of INSANITY LIVE! This total-body workout pushes you to find your limits, then keeps you wanting more. Focus on power, strength, agility and core control in this 45-minute intense workout. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for everyone who’s driven to work harder and “Dig Deeper.”

Garret Garrels, Pink Gloves Boxing

Reveal your inner champion. Pink Gloves is the fun way to knock the stress out of your day. Learn basic boxing moves and burn tons of calories while enjoying the positive environment and empowering elements of this exciting fitness program. Find out why everyone wants to earn their Pink Gloves.

Candice Brooks, Hedstrom Fitness

This fast-paced workout will take you out of your comfort zone and beyond your limits! Using a variety of functional training equipment, this high-energy session mirrors life and sport as you meet challenges, unpredictability, and chaos head on. Your heart will race, legs will burn, core will scream, and arms will pump! Leave with an athletic-based circuit training format that works with different types of equipment and training goals. Embrace high-intensity and challenge and go Out of Bounds!

Monday, April 4

Steven Trotter, Virginia Tech

BODYATTACK is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval-training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals—from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor!

RealRyder Booth #123
Take The Training Wheels Off!

Join us for a thrilling, “un-stationary” indoor cycling workout using the RealRyder® Indoor Cycle, the only indoor bike that offers movement across three planes of motion. Experience the functional training benefits of triplanar riding—including greater core-engagement, enhanced balance/coordination, and up to 20% more calories burned compared to one-dimensional indoor cycling—using a bike that places significantly less stress on the body’s joints. This biomechanical-smart indoor cycling class brings the fun and freedom of outdoor riding…inside!

CardioPump Kettlebell VIIT
Brook Benton, CardioPump Fitness

High-volume interval training is often being mislabeled as High-INTENSITY interval training in today’s fitness scene. This heart-pounding full-body workout blends sprinkles of both. Using your body weight and a kettlebell, we will bring you Variable-Intensity Interval Training! This type of programming excites cardio enthusiasts in that the circuits enhance endurance (they last longer than a true HIIT), but all-out power elements are blasted into the mix too. Expect strength, endurance, and power benefits from this type of training. With VIIT, you can have it all!

WERQ Fitness
Sarah Shore-Beck, Indiana University

WERQ® is the fiercely-fun dance fitness workout class based on pop, rock, and hip-hop music taught by Certified Fitness Professionals. The signature WERQ® warmup previews the dance steps used in class and the signature WERQ” cooldown includes balance and yoga-inspired poses. Are you ready to WERQ®?

Pilates Plus
Sydney Dale, Seattle University

Using the foundational principals of Pilates, this class takes functional movements to the next level. This workout will strengthen the core, challenge balance, and utilize breathing while completing full-body strengthening. With the use of props and more advanced exercises, you can make this class as challenging as you’d like.

Kick Start Your Boot Camp!
Ben Kohler, Seattle University

In this energizing workout, we combine cardio kickboxing techniques into a fun boot camp-style workout. Techniques learned will target muscles aerobically as well as anaerobically to build muscular strength and aerobic endurance. A mixture of kicks, punches, and athletic moves molded to complement typical plyometric and aerobic intervals used through boot camps will benefit exercisers at all levels.

“Shimmy and Shake” Zumba
Christina Fernandez, Texas Tech University

Move and groove to Latin and hip-hop music for an hour of non-stop Zumba! This class will challenge your endurance and you will move in ways you never thought you could. This class will teach you the basics of Latin and hip-hop culture. By the end of this class, you will have developed your own flair!