Marketing/Public Relations; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
053 Inclusive Messaging: Reflecting Your Values in Your Marketing
Tuesday, March 31 • 3:10pm – 4:10pm
Austin 4-6
Brittany White, Colorado State University-Fort Collins; Erin Patchett, CRSS, RCRSP, Colorado State University-Fort Collins; and Ashley Wylde, Colorado State University-Fort Collins
Campus Recreation is continuing to make strides in the commitment to inclusivity through comprehensive programming and mindful planning of facilities. Why are these efforts important, what implications do they have on the community, and finally, how do we communicate these efforts to our campuses through our marketing? Join this session to see the subtle ways the Campus Recreation department at Colorado State University is applying these values in their marketing through video, web, and printed materials as well as through partnerships with other on-campus entities and the You Can Play Campaign.
Core Competencies: Personal & Professional Qualities; Philosophy & Theory
Learning Objectives:
  1. Recognize inclusivity as a collective effort spanning across facilities, programming, and staff training, and be able to articulate this information to their own departments.
  2. Identify at least two inclusive marketing techniques that can be implemented at their facilities to create a more welcoming environment.
  3. Leave prepared to host collaborative meetings with various on-campus entities to strengthen their own inclusivity efforts.
Special Event Programming; Marketing/Public Relations
067 Special Events and Fundraisers Roundtable
Wednesday, April 1 • 8:00am – 9:00am
Austin 1-3
Stephen Hardy, University of Toledo
Special events are great ways to expand your demographics and increase both your usage rates and program numbers. Share tips for specific types of special events, discuss trends on exciting new events with your peers, and generate new ideas for your department. We will also look at the best ways to turn events into fundraisers.
Marketing/Public Relations; Financial Planning/Fundraising/Entrepreneurial
114 Think Like an Advertising Agency and Get More Sponsors!
Wednesday, April 1 • 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Grapevine C
Kristin Smith, The Ohio State University; and Kiran Mistry, UCLA
Why let advertising agencies have all the fun? Learn what advertising agencies do best and put their practices to work for you!
Core Competencies: Business Management; Personal & Professional Qualities; Programming; Philosophy & Theory
Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn how to translate “agency speak” and talk to your sponsors in a language they understand.
  2. Understand how to create memorable sponsorship experiences for your partners.
  3. Craft effective and creative sponsorship proposals for your partners and prospects.
Strategic Planning; Marketing/Public Relations
145 One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding Public Process
Thursday, April 2 • 9:50am – 10:50am
Austin 4-6
Lindsey Peckinpaugh, #N/A, Sink Combs Dethlefs, P.C.
A well-executed public process can build support from the community, prepare for public election bond campaigns, and appeal to broader community partners and stakeholders. A public process is one of information gathering, public education, and is ultimately a source of community pride. Care must be taken to prevent a public meeting from becoming a decision-making forum. This session will outline a variety of approaches to a public process and will provide details for each, helping an owner understand how to determine which approach will best meet their needs.
Core Competencies: Facility Management, Planning & Design; Programming; Philosophy & Theory
Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn the rewards and risks an entity may incur while trying to involve the public to build support, and how to develop realistic expectations.
  2. Better understand the role of the consultant in advising and potentially running the public process.
  3. Understand how to engage, value, and manage the public and their input after being exposed to a variety of strategic approaches for conducting public meetings.
Marketing/Public Relations; Special Event Programming
149 You’ve Got a Deal: Securing Your First Major Sponsor in Campus Recreation
Thursday, April 2 • 9:50am – 10:50am
Grapevine 4-6
Abby Millsaps, Kent State University at Kent
Sponsorship opportunities are an integral part of business development in campus recreation. But how do you secure that very first sponsor? Learn how to develop special events that attract sponsors, how to make initial contact with companies, and how to close the deal on your next sponsorship opportunity.
Core Competencies: Business Management; Programming
Learning Objectives:
  1. Develop a strategy to link existing programs and events to sponsorship opportunities.
  2. Create a sponsorship inventory list specific to your program to generate revenue.
  3. Craft a plan for revitalizing or developing a sponsorship program and closing your first major sponsor.
Marketing/Public Relations
155 Technology Trends and Advances within Marketing Areas Roundtable
Thursday, April 2 • 11:00am – Noon
Dallas 1-2
Allyson Fulton, The University of Texas at Arlington
This roundtable session will provide attendees with the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss technological marketing trends in campus recreation. It will cover, among others, topics like electronic communication through forms, email management systems, assessment programs, digital signage, social media usage and management, and iPad/tablet usage.