Updates and resources related to the effect of COVID-19 on NIRSA and campus recreation

Apply for a 2016 NIRSA Outstanding Outdoor Sports Facilities Award by November 30!

By Cindy Cowden, Associate Director of Facilities and Internal Operations at SUNY at Binghamton University and Chair of the NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards Committee

Every year, NIRSA recognizes exceptional NIRSA-member-institution facilities with the Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards. These awards recognize the innovative designs of new, renovated, or expanded collegiate recreational facilities at NIRSA member […]

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Shine a spotlight on your facility’s cutting edge design or functionality

By Sarah Leskovec

Recreation facilities play an integral role in how students participate in collegiate recreation.  Innovative designs significantly improve visitor’s experiences and contribute to their developing lifelong habits of health and wellness.

Every year, NIRSA recognizes exceptional NIRSA member institution facilities with the Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards.  These awards acknowledge the cutting edge designs […]

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