We’re so close to the Championship round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy

The top two colleges have moved into the Championship round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy Tournament. Tomorrow, participants start to pedal on their Expresso Bikes for the “Golden Spokes” trophy, $500, and ultimate bragging rights.

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Let’s gear up for the Fearsome Four round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy

Tune into the Fall Frenzy from October 25–26 to see who moves forward into the next round and even closer to the Championship title and the legendary Golden Spokes trophy!

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The Electric Eight round of the Fall Frenzy is almost here

Last week, students, faculty, and staff from 16 colleges battled for miles on their Expresso Bikes in the Super Sixteen round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy Tournament.

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Congratulations to Saint Mary’s College of CA, the 2015 Fall Frenzy tournament champions!

By Marisa Penkauskas

Over the past five weeks, 145 colleges from across North America came together in their rec centers to represent their schools and ride their virtual reality Expresso bikes in a tournament unlike any other: the 2015 Fall Frenzy. The bikes have screens with over 40 digital roads and […]

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