Campus Recreation Salary Benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking in Campus Recreation

NIRSA aggregated compensation data from campus recreation professionals for 2017 & 2018. All data were organized into three categories.

Direct Service Function

Management Service Function

Executive Service Function

Direct Service Function positions at institutions in suburban locales have the highest reported median salary.

Rural/Town: $38,678
Suburb: $46,883
City: $43,493
Enrollment of ≤4,999: $52,000
Enrollment of 5,000-9,999: $50,487
Enrollment of 10,000-19,999: $54,990
Enrollment of 20,000-29,999: $57,200
Enrollment of ≥30,000: $59,998

Median salary for positions with a Management Service Function is greatest at schools with enrollment above 30,000.

10% of professionals in campus rec positions with an Executive Service Function have attained a terminal degree.


Annual professional development budget for campus rec positions with a Direct Service Function.

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