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As of August 1, 2021, the Registry for Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals (RCRSP) will no longer be accepting new applications. Stay tuned here for more information about an exciting new certification opportunity! More information about the new certification opportunity is here.

The Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals

Be a NIRSA CEU Provider

Becoming a NIRSA CEU Provider reflects your organization/event’s commitment to providing education that helps individuals earn or maintain the Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional (RCRSP) credential.

How To Become A NIRSA CEU Provider
NIRSA CEU Provider Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The NIRSA CEU Provider program was established in response to requests from RCRSPs for assistance in identifying education opportunities that qualify for NIRSA CEUs, as well as requests from education providers seeking a way to identify their education programs as eligible for NIRSA CEU credit.

  1. Review the How Do I Become A NIRSA CEU Provider? Guide
  2. Submit a NIRSA CEU Provider agreement

No. Any education which meets the NIRSA CEU standards may be utilized toward meeting your RCRSP application or renewal requirements. While there is no requirement that NIRSA CEU credits must come from NIRSA CEU Providers, using the listed Providers gives you confidence that the education program will offer opportunities to earn NIRSA CEUs

To be eligible for NIRSA CEUs, courses/conference sessions  must be directly related to NIRSA Core Competency Framework, and meet the additional CEU criteria outlined in the Providership Guide.

No. Agreeing to be a NIRSA CEU Approved Provider communicates to potential attendees that by attending your event, they will have an opportunity to earn NIRSA CEUs. Those opportunities are required to be identified as such in your event’s marketing materials. However, not all education programs offered at your event need to be designed to be CEU eligible. However, Providers are required to identify such programs in their marketing materials.

No. As a NIRSA CEU Provider, you are committing to designing content that aligns with the NIRSA providership requirements only. To provide other types of CEUs, event planners would have to submit an application directly to the organization who oversees such CEUs.

No. By signing the provider agreement, Providers are agreeing to uphold the requirements to host CEU eligible education at your event. However, the NIRSA Provider Program reserves the right to formally audit events. Such an audit would include a request for all education program information. Providers should keep a list of attendees, the program description, date, number of NIRSA CEU credits, and presenters. This information should be kept for three years.

Yes. Upon approving your event’s providership, event planners will be emailed a Providership Kit. This kit will include customizable communication templates that can be used to incorporate CEU information into your event communication and marketing materials. It will also include a NIRSA Provider seal that can be incorporated into your marketing materials to help inform attendees that the event will offer NIRSA CEUs. NIRSA staff are available to consult with providers as needed if you have any questions.