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The Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals (RCRSP) confers registered members with the credential Registered Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional (RCRSP). The Registry is governed by the Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional Registry Commission, which is commonly referred to as the Registry Commission.

The Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals is made up of dedicated collegiate recreational sports professionals who recognize the importance of staying current in the field and acknowledge that learning new things can and should take place at every stage of a professional career. Registered Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals stand out among peers as individuals who are committed to continuously learning and expanding their skill sets in service to the profession.

If you’re just starting in the field, registration can be an asset as you are considered by potential employers. Join the Professional Registry to demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence.

There are three methods of entry into the Professional Registry.

Method 1: Hold a master’s degree or above in related field; have two years full-time experience or one year full-time professional experience & CRSS

Method 2: Hold a bachelor’s degree in related field; have three years full-time experience or two years full-time professional experience & CRSS; completed 2.0 CEUs w/ representation in all eight of the core competencies

Method 3: Have no degree in related field; have four years full-time professional experience; completed 4.0 CEUs with representation in all eight core knowledge areas

Renewal applications may, but the initial application may not include Professional Involvement Credits (PIC).
The permissible timeframe to obtain required number of CEUs for initial application is three years. Where CEUs are required, no less than one-third of CEUs must be obtained from NIRSA-provided educational opportunities.

The list of Registered Professionals is available on the NIRSA website and open to the public. Employers can use this list to verify an individual’s Registry status.
Click here to see a breakdown of the associated fees by member type.
1 Continuing Education Unit is defined as ten contact hours. 1 hour = 0.1 CEU.
Divide the number of contact hours by 10 to get the number of CEUs. CEUs may be expressed in tenths of a CEU (i.e., 5 contact hours equate to .5 CEU). Do not express CEUs past the tenths place (i.e., if your calculation should be 1.58, express this as 1.6 CEU).

You are responsible for keeping track of your CEUs.

If you have IACET CEUs through a previous NIRSA event, you may contact the Registry Commission at registry@nirsa.org to request a copy of your permanent record.

Complete the CEU reporting form and track your CEUs and use that information when completing your initial application or renewal application.