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A follow-worthy hashtag for campus rec pros

Is it possible to make meaningful contributions to the field of campus recreation in 280 characters or less?

You bet.

#RecChat conversations held through Twitter do just that while #RecChat live hangouts offer an even more in-depth look at certain topics.

#RecChat: a public conversation about current topics in campus rec

#RecChat is dedicated to issues in campus recreation, held through Twitter and YouTube. Campus rec professionals, grads, and students can follow or watch the conversation and participate in scheduled discussions through the #RecChat hashtag.

During each #RecChat, facilitators bring up a specific and pre-determined topic of campus recreation. Conversations are an inclusive, fun, and engaging forum for networking and building relationships.

Upcoming #RecChats

How to participate in #RecChat

Here’s a quick overview of how to take part in the upcoming #RecChat:

  1. Determine if the conversation is taking place on just Twitter or if it will be on YouTube as well
  2. Sign into your Twitter account
  3. Make sure your Tweets are public so others can see them :)
  4. To follow in real time, keep an eye on the @RecChat Twitter handle for the YouTube link and search Twitter for #RecChat
  5. To join, add #RecChat somewhere in your next tweet
  6. Engage in the #RecChat whenever you want. (If you want to lurk or just check us out, then that’s cool with us, too!)
  7. To view the Twitter conversation in an easier platform, you can also try Twitterfall, Tweetdeck, or Hootsuite
  8. A moderator (we use this term very loosely) will host the #RecChat through the Twitter handle @RecChat. Throughout the #RecChat, the moderator will ask a question with the label Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. If you are answering a question, make sure to label your response tweet Q1 or Q2 followed by your answer with the #RecChat hashtag.
  9. Whenever the feeling moves you, discuss #RecChat through a blog post, Facebook, etc. Let’s keep the conversation going!

What happened in previous #RecChat discussions?

We post every #RecChat discussion online. Our talks are available for everyone to review and share. Feel free to check out past #RecChat discussions in the NIRSA Discussion resource library.

The intersection of eSports and collegiate recreation
November 20, 2018

Share the love!

Share #RecChat! To learn more about #RecChat, or to propose a topic for a future conversation, please feel free to contact someone from the #RecChat Committee:

  • Richelle Williams, Aquatics & Youth Programs Coordinator, Western Washington University

  • Maxwell Miller, Assistant Director of Athletics for Recreation & Wellness, Swarthmore College

  • Stephanie Calhoun, Competitive Sports Coordinator, West Virginia University

  • Bryan Ford, Assistant Athletic Director, Recreation, Drexel University

  • Mary Shelly, Recreation Center Specialist, City of La Porte TX Parks & Recreation

  • Alecia Stegenga, Aquatics Coordinator, University of Illinois at Chicago

What is #RecChat?

Former #RecChat Coordinator Bill Ling discusses ReChat in this video

Questions or Ideas?

Reach out to anyone on the #RecChat Committee if you have ideas or questions about #RecChat.