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Put your best foot forward with your NIRSA Educational Session Proposal

Components of Effective Proposals

  • Proposals should align with one or more of NIRSA’s professional competency areas or critical issues
  • Proposed presentation should be thought-provoking to enhance practice in the field
  • All information requested in the proposal submission form must be completed thoroughly and carefully with minimal typographical or grammatical errors

Evaluation Criteria Used by Program Reviewers

  • Content: Thorough in quality and clarity and display strong evidence of new information coming from research or practice
  • Creativity: Innovation and creativity should be fully integrated into the proposal for an engaging presentation
  • Foundation: There should be relevant conceptual and theoretical foundations indicated and demonstrated in the proposal
  • Relevance: A clear connection to competency area or critical issue integrated into the proposal
  • Organization: The proposal should fully demonstrate a well-planned presentation which meets all proposal submission requirements

Recommendations for Title, Program Description, and Learning Objectives

  • Title has a 10 word maximum, is clearly descriptive of subject/content, captures interest of potential attendees
  • Program Description is limited to 255 characters. This will be included in the program to provide information beyond the title to clarify content for potential attendees.
  • Learning Objectives must be clear, concise, measurable indicators of what the participant will learn by participating in the session. Learning objectives are participant behavioral or performance-centered statements that describe exactly what knowledge, skills and/or aptitudes the participant will be able to demonstrate as a result of attending the session. The following websites provide assistance with writing proper learning objectives:

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For more information about presenting an educational session at the NIRSA Annual Conference, please contact NIRSA Director of Professional Development, Kristen GLeason.