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Thank you for your interest in presenting at a NIRSA education event!

Your willingness to share your expertise is critical to achieving our goal in providing the best professional development offerings and resources so that campus recreation and wellbeing professionals can inspire healthy people and healthy communities worldwide.

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FAQs about NIRSA presenter information and requirements

Presenters at NIRSA professional development events can include collegiate recreation and higher education practitioners, researchers, faculty, students, corporate partners, and guests from outside the industry who have a desire to contribute new knowledge, lessons learned, and highlight emerging trends within the field of collegiate recreation.

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of potential NIRSA event presenters.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect and network with recreation professionals. NIRSA’s annual conference attracts approximately 2,500 collegiate recreation professionals each year, with our institute series attracting more focused groups (100-300 attendees), to provide for more intimate learning environments.
  • You can bolster your résumé and portfolio with a contribution that’s respected across the industry.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to mentor, coach, and give back to the field of campus recreation professionals.
  • You gain visibility and open new opportunities to enhance your professional standing.
  • You’ll earn 0.4 NIRSA PICs if you present a program that meets NIRSA CEU requirements.
  • Your presentation will be featured in event marketing materials.
  • Select presenters may be invited to write preconference articles or share short videos to help promote the conference.

Please note: Although we do appreciate the time and expertise of lead and co-presenters at the NIRSA Annual Conference, NIRSA is unable to offer financial compensation—including registration discounts—to Annual Conference presenters.

YES. For educational content proposals* to be considered, lead presenters and co-presenters must hold current NIRSA membership (professional, life professional, emeritus, student, or associate) at the time the program proposal is submitted through the end of the event.

An exception to the membership requirement may be requested by a NIRSA member who is serving as the lead presenter if they are collaborating with a co-presenter who is a non-member. That request may be made by the lead presenter on the proposal submission form at the time a presentation proposal is submitted.

For requests to be granted, non-members must meet at least one of the following three categories.

  1. Is not a collegiate recreation professional.
  2. Is not employed within a collegiate recreation setting (even if employed by a college, university, etc. that has a collegiate recreation program).
  3. Is not a full-time or part-time student enrolled in a leisure studies, recreation, collegiate recreation, or related academic program.

Complimentary conference registration will be provided to allow exempt presenters to attend ‘same day’ educational sessions. Exempt presenters who are interested in attending additional days will be required to register at the conference rate.

Submitting a presenter exemption request by the presentation proposal deadline is required for full consideration. Requests will be evaluated by NIRSA’s Executive Director or a designee and granted based on budget and membership considerations.

*NOTE: Exemptions are considered for presenters of pre-conference workshops, and other education programs which are at least 60 minutes in length.

Fitness forum presenters and micro-session presenters (ie-short session such as Lightning Talks, Showcase sessions, etc) are not eligible to be considered for an exemption.

YES. While most of the Association’s events offer education delivered by NIRSA members currently working in the campus recreation profession, when an event needs to provide content that may be outside the expertise areas of the campus recreation professionals, NIRSA does welcome proposals from non-members as invited speakers.

If you are a member who has a recommendation for a keynote or other invited speaker, please submit your recommendation here. If you are a not a member of NIRSA, but you are a presenter/facilitator who wants to be considered for a keynote or other invited speaker engagement, please email NIRSA Director of Professional Development Kristen Gleason.

YES. All presenters must register for the event. All confirmed lead presenters and co-presenters for the NIRSA Annual Conference must register for the conference at least two weeks prior to the event.

Unless otherwise noted on the event’s website, generally NIRSA will provide access to the following audiovisual resources:

  • A microphone
  • LCD projector and screen
  • house sound
  • internet access

Presenters are responsible for any other equipment—including but not limited to laptops, adapter cables, and presentation remotes. The standard projector hookup is by VGA display cable. If your computer or tablet does not have a VGA port, you must bring your own adapter or bring and present from a device that does have a VGA port.

Additional internet information

Wifi is the technology that allows a PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device to connect at high speed to the internet without the need for a physical wired connection.

While it is available at events, we strongly suggest that you do not rely on wifi access for your presentation. Typically, wifi provided in convention centers and hotels is at basic browsing speed, usually limited to 512Kbps (fast enough for Prezi, but not streaming video). Please download what you need (short videos, web pages, or other media) to a flash drive from the internet prior to your session.

All NIRSA education events provide members with opportunities to grow the competencies that are needed to be successful in the field. You can review NIRSA’s Core Competencies here. Your educational program should be designed to facilitate such a learning experience.

In addition to addressing the core competencies in your program, some of our event committees may be looking for specific topics in emerging or trending areas. If so, this information will be communicated on the event’s website so presenters may tailor their program to meet the event’s needs.

YES. NIRSA prohibits selling from the podium at educational events. Educational sessions may not be used for the promotion or sale of a product or service. If you hold a proprietary interest in a product, instrument, device, service, or in any material discussed during your session, please disclose this in your proposal and, if accepted, to the audience at the beginning of your presentation.

We expect presenters to familiarize themselves with the Association’s Mission and Vision and Strategic Values since doing so will help you better understand the organization and our audience.

We also expect presenters to help us create a safe-and-harassment-free learning environment. The Association is strongly committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion for all members, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers.

One way that NIRSA demonstrates this commitment is by providing a harassment-free environment at all its events for everyone, inclusive of diverse social identities including gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and all other represented identities as well as the intersection of these identities. For more information see the NIRSA Statement for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We expect presenters to keep this value in mind and help us to create a healthy and inclusive learning experience at our events.

Reminders for a successful proposal

  • Proposals that are designed to support growth in NIRSA’s Core Competency framework are preferred.

  • If you are not a NIRSA professional member (a member presently employed and directly associated in the administration of recreation, intramural, and/or wellness programs, or employed within a higher education setting), proposals that include a professional member are preferred.

  • Proposals that describe a sales pitch are not desirable.

  • Proposals that are complete and clearly written are preferred. Proposals that are incomplete and list “TBD” will not be reviewed.

  • Proposals with clear learning outcomes and that inspire learners to take action are preferred.

  • Content that is current and practical in the campus recreation field is preferred.

  • Proposals that include presenters representing diverse cultures, backgrounds, viewpoints, institutions, and regions are preferred.

  • Presenters who have subject matter knowledge and experience facilitating learning experiences and/or speaking to groups are preferred.

  • Proposals that provide engaging plans for delivery, utilizing best practices in adult learning theory in their outline, are preferred.

  • Proposals that demonstrate a program that is innovative, informative, and interactive are preferred.

  • If accepted, presenters are required to present the program that was submitted and accepted. We’ll be happy to work with you on slight modifications and refinement of your program if needed, but it is expected (and is very important to attendees) that the session description being communicated to attendees in the final conference program materials represents the actual presentation that will be delivered.

Professional Involvement Credits

NIRSA presenters qualify for Professional Involvement Credits (PICs), which can be applied toward renewal in NIRSA’s Professional Registry.

All presenters are expected to review the following resources and comply with the guidelines outlined on this page:

Membership & Registration Requirements

All presenters must be current members of NIRSA through the end of the event unless an exemption has been requested and is granted, as explained within the presentation proposal form.

All presenters must pre-register for the event.

We encourage you to include NIRSA colleagues as co-presenters of your session as a way to enhance your presentation. Consider including NIRSA colleagues that may not be able to attend the event unless they are presenting. NIRSA can help match you with a co-presenter who wants to attend and assist. For more information please email us or call 541-766-8211.

Lead Presenter Requirements

It is the lead presenter’s responsibility to inform any co-presenters of any pertinent information such as the schedule, membership and registration requirements. The lead presenter is the NIRSA Headquarters’ contact person; all correspondence related to the educational session will be routed through them.

Poster Presenter Requirements

All confirmed lead presenters and co-presenters must register for their conference or institute by the deadline designated by the associated NIRSA Headquarters’ contact person.  Co-authors may be recognized for their contributions to poster presentations, but only registered presenters will be allowed to attend the Annual Conference. Non-registered authors and contributors cannot present in any capacity.

Upload Your Presentation Materials

All presenters are strongly encouraged to upload their presentations and supporting materials to the Resource Library. This will allow attendees to electronically download your session’s materials prior to the event, relieving you of the burden of printing and providing handouts, and affording future reference opportunities to NIRSA members.

By sharing a presentation, the presenter agrees to grant NIRSA the right to share, print and distribute their materials, in part or in their entirety, for educational purposes and for NIRSA member reference. NIRSA will always credit the presenter(s) for their work.

Handouts & PowerPoint Presentations

We highly encourage you to upload your presentation materials, including handouts, to the Resource Library to provide attendees with the opportunity to electronically access and download the information prior to your session. Attendees who wish to print hard copies of your handouts will then have the option. If you choose to provide printed handouts for your session at the Annual Conference, please make sure you provide enough copies (100 copies for the annual conference, and 50 copies for all institutes).

All PowerPoint slides for any presentation must utilize a template, which includes approved NIRSA logos and layouts. You can find the templates on the presentation guidelines page for the event at which you are presenting.

Presentation Topic Areas

The Program Committees for each NIRSA event create a list of topic areas for presenters to choose from that is tailored to each specific event. Prior to the launch of the event’s presentation proposal forms, topic areas are reviewed and updated as needed.

Audiovisual Equipment

NIRSA will provide an LCD projector and screen, as well as a microphone for your session, unless your session has been previously approved for additional AV or materials. You will need to provide your own laptop and any adapters needed (for instance, Mac users should bring a VGA adapter with them to their presentation), as well as any other equipment you may wish to use during your presentation. Speakers are not provided; please make your own arrangements to provide speakers if you plan to show a video or use music. No audiovisual arrangements can be made onsite.


At the start of the session, a statement about a presenter’s proprietary interest in a product, instrument, device, service, or in any material discussed during the session must be disclosed to the participants. Additionally, NIRSA prohibits the user of an educational session for the promotion or sale of a product or service.

Statement for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation is strongly committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion for all members, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and volunteers.

One way NIRSA demonstrates this commitment is by providing a harassment-free environment at all its events for everyone, inclusive of diverse social identities, including gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, socio-economic statues, religion, and all other represented identities, as well as the intersection of these identities.

NIRSA Statement for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

Photograph & Video Content Ownership

NIRSA will use photographs and video taken during events to promote the association and future events. By presenting an educational session you provide NIRSA with the unrestricted right to use photographs and videos at its discretion for this purpose.

Effective Presentation Proposal Guide

Learn how to make your presentation proposal more effective by following these guidelines.

Thank you for your interest!

For more information about presenting an educational session at NIRSA events, please contact NIRSA Professional Development staff. For more information about upcoming NIRSA events please visit the ‘GROW’ page of the NIRSA website.