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Swim Meet

Overview & Examples

The aquatic sport of swimming is based on the human act of swimming with the goal of completing a given distance in the shortest amount of time. Competitive swimming consists of four strokes: butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. When all four strokes are done during a race, it is called medley swimming (otherwise known as the individual medley, or IM).

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Traditional Formats

Swim meets are traditionally divided into men’s and women’s classes. Some programs also offer a team format, where individuals earn points for their respective team. Meets usually last one or two days depending on the size and scope of the meet.


Staff numbers vary by program, but officials will be needed to record time on individual lanes and also to monitor the strokes of the participants. Many intramural programs work in conjunction with their Aquatics department or varsity swimming program to facilitate proper timing of races.


Swim meet rules are very basic and usually govern false starts, improper strokes, and lane infringement.

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