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Street Hockey

Overview & Examples

Street hockey is based on ice hockey, but is played on foot or with skates, and is usually played with some kind of ball, most often a special hard rubber ball made for street hockey. Generally, the game is played with little to no protective equipment, therefore intense physical contact is not very common, and as such, there is no body checking. However, the game does permit a level of physical contact similar to that allowed in basketball.

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Traditional Formats

Men’s, women’s, and co-rec formats are all common in street hockey. Programs offer street hockey in a tournament format, though some do offer league play.


Street hockey can be officiated by 1 to 3 officials. Each official is responsible for a designated area on the court and typically tries to remain positioned near the boundaries and out of the general area of play.


Street hockey rules are similar to that of ice hockey and/or broomball, with major and minor penalties called by the officials.

Notes & Variations

Game length varies among programs but typically falls between 30-40 minutes with a “running clock.” Programs also vary on the amount of protective equipment required for the goalie and other players. Programs should adapt rules that fall in line with their overall safety measures and requirements.

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