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Pickleball is a sport described as “a combination of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton.” It was originally created in 1965. Pickleball has grown and expanded from a family activity game to a paddle court sport with formalized rules. A pickleball is similar to a Wiffle Ball, but it is made with a more rigid, heavy material and has smaller holes. The first side scoring 11 points and leading by at least a 2-point margin wins the match.

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Traditional Formats

Pickleball can be played in a variety of formats, including singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and team play. Pickleball matches are usually a best-of-three series of games.


Officials can be used in pickleball, but it is traditionally self-officiated by the competing participants. A court monitor can be present to record scores, clarify rules, check in participants, etc.


Pickleball has a standard set of rules set forth by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). Most intramural programs adopt these rules for their own competitions and make individual changes that they deem necessary for their program. A list of examples from member institutions is listed below as well as the USAPA’s own set of rules.

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