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Broomball is a game very much like hockey. Most hockey rules apply, except that the game is played with a regulation broomball stick (which is shaped like a broom) and a regulation broomball (which is a heavy plastic ball, slightly bigger than a softball). The game is played on an ice hockey rink. Players wear shoes rather than skates.

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Traditional Formats

Both single gender and co-rec teams are common in broomball. Some institutions utilize a league format while others offer broomball as a single elimination tournament.


One or two officials can be used. Two officials are typically positioned against the boards, each in charge of one goal.


As mentioned above broomball is played quite similar to hockey with Minor and Major penalties providing teams with “Power Play” opportunities.

Notes & Variations

Teams generally consist of 6 players though some institutions use 5. The size of the playing area should be considered in determining the number of participants.

Game length varies between 20-30 minutes, with some institutions using 3 periods, while others prefer 2 halves. The use of Overtime periods and “Shoot-Out” formats also varies among institutions.

For safety precautions, all institutions have required goalies to wear a helmet with a faceguard. Safety guidelines for other participants range from requiring participants to wear helmets, shin guards, etc., to prohibiting high stick play.

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