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Beach/Sand Volleyball

Overview & Examples

Beach/Sand volleyball is quite similar to volleyball with the most glaring difference being that the game is played on sand and not a hard court surface. Play is quite similar to regular volleyball with each team getting three hits to place the ball over the net and onto their opponent’s side.

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Traditional Formats

Men’s, women’s and co-rec teams are all common among Intramural programs, with teams generally consisting of 2, 4, or 6 players per team. Some institutions offer beach/sand volleyball in a tournament format, while others offer league play.


Two officials per game – an up official who is positioned in an officials stand at the net and a down official positioned at ground level at the net across from the up official – can be used to enforce rules and administer penalties. Four officials may be utilized in competitive play with the addition of 2 line judges. One official (the up official) may be used in recreational play.

The game score is typically kept by a courtside official; however a scorekeeper may be utilized for additional assistance.

Depending on the format, some institutions offer beach/sand volleyball in a self officiated capacity.


Rules for beach/sand volleyball typically follow rules for indoor volleyball with few variations. USA Volleyball provides beach volleyball rules on which many institutions base their Intramural beach/sand volleyball rules.

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