Project Description

Virtual Roundtables

Ask the Black Girl
A conversation spanning wellbeing to improved programming for Black students

Wednesday, August 19, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chavonne Shorter and Michele Martin

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Stigma, inequality, and injustices surrounding human rights persist in our culture today. Sadly, the color of a person’s skin plays a significant role in how people are perceived, respected, and handled. We know that racism, both deliberate and unintentional, affects the health and wellbeing of individuals and groups; so, as campus recreations professionals, we must consider how we can each contribute to a culture where all people feel included. Join a conversation between Michele Martin, a white woman working at a PWI, and Chavonne Shorter, a Black woman who previously worked at an HBCU. Listen to their dialogue exchange to hear how they have been able to learn from one another and how their conversation can inform the development of successful programming for people of color on a PWI campus.

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Please note that caucuses are not recorded.
This allows attendees to participate authentically and vulnerably in this dialogue.