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Creating a Sense of Belonging in Campus Recreation

Recorded on Monday, August 3, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Marc Iturriaga, in conversation with A’Naja Newsome & Moe McGonagle

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Chat Transcript

00:39:56Stefani Plummer

@Moe YES!

00:42:31Stefani Plummer

@A'Naja YES!

00:43:24Kevin George

Thanks A'Naja...we have to hold upper level admin accountable, to not have systemic movement positively with excuses of budget/finances or covid-19. We can move diversity, equity, inclusion along with navigating the pandemic.

00:45:38Kevin George

Love it Marc. We have "meet them where they are" and do workshops on campus rec & health/well-being. Especially marginalized/underrepresented groups.

00:45:45Allie Bogard

@Marc - yes! How many groups of marginalized students on our campuses don’t even feel like our Rec Centers are spaces that are there for them/their access from the start?

00:48:16Kevin George

Have "real" & vulnerable conversations with underrepresented groups on the visible and invisible barriers to participation in collegiate rec (some are campus wide and some are due to that "group).. Also is the policy in place needed and punitive, or are policies in place for belonging, while prioritizing safety/healthy means for recreation.

00:48:32Stefani Plummer

Yes! Integration is part of marketing. We run our marketing through our int'l center so we can adapt language to be welcoming (for an example)

01:01:09Kevin George

01:01:44Stefani Plummer

@Kevin thanks!

01:23:47Kevin George

It is important for us to meet them where they are, but also get "buy in" from our peers through orientation leaders (orientation/welcome week), through RA's, and make sure that they invite them and make them aware of students' identities and interests to see if campus rec can heighten their well-being/sense of belonging, but also be ok if they find it through campus/student activities or other mediums. We hope they get outside their comfort zone and "try us out" to support their physical well-being, because many students may not feel it's a place for them (wasn't an athlete or a gymgoer prior).

01:27:00Jean Holt

WOW, this hour has flown by!

01:27:20Vicki Highstreet

Thank you A'Naja, Moe and Marc. Appreciate your time, energy and expertise to help us all be better.

01:27:33Scott Flickinger

Thank you for the opportunity to learn, A'Naja, Moe, and Marc!

01:27:43Courtney Sharbaugh

Thank you all so much!! This was great

01:27:59Lindsay Brookey

Thank you! Great information!

01:28:11Dean Bowen

Thank you!


Thank you all!! We need to cloan A'Naja for all of our campuses!!! Excellent knowledge and assessment sharing today, thank you again!!! Our campus assessment person focusses 99% on academic experience.

01:28:43Marc Iturriaga

if anyone has questions for myself or any of the guests, please feel free to email me and I will ensure the guests get it:

01:29:28Megan Choiniere

Thank you all, I learned a lot today!

01:29:31Kevin George

Thanks Marc, Mo & A'Naja!

01:29:45Vicki Highstreet

Help them find their community!

01:29:59Jean Holt

Thanks to all - this is great!

01:30:14Jean Holt

Yes, an assessment one would be great.

01:30:20tina bollers

Thanks everyone!!

01:30:25Allie Bogard

Thanks y’all!

01:30:38Damajaha Netherly

Thank you all

01:30:39jay souza

Tks - great presentation!

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