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Young Professionals Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, July 28, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Facilitated by Thomas Giles

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Chat Transcript

00:26:20Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

Drake Belt, University of Arizona, AD Aquatics and Safety Programs, 3 years as Professional, Inception (ending like WOAH)!

00:26:36Chris Spencer (University of Iowa)

Chris Spencer, University of Iowa, Coordinator of Intramurals and Sport Camps, and easily Avengers Endgame

00:26:42Kari Scott - FSU

Kari Scott - FSU - Member Services Coordinator - 3 year professional - Step Brothers bc obvious reasons

00:26:58Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

Greg Tack, Quinnipiac University, Graduate Assistant for Club Sports, 3 Years as an Officer & 1 Year as a Professional. Harry Potter!

00:27:03Zach Wallace

Zach Wallace - UMass Amherst - Asst. Dir for Sport Programs - First year as a pro with 2 year as a GA pior - Interstellar

00:27:04John Davenport

John Davenport - Arizona State University - Fitness Coordinator - 1 year as pro - Insidious (lots of good scares!)

00:27:05Colin Chambers

Colin Chambers
CSU Chico
Aquatics Coordinator
2 years
Star Wars: A New Hope

00:27:08Rahul Rajan

Rahul - Minnesota - Facility & Risk Management Coordinator (4 years) …. LOTR

00:27:09Shannon Garland

Shannon Garland, Emory University, Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness, movie would be Parent Trap

00:27:09Chris Spencer (University of Iowa)

Oh and Ive been a pro for almost 2 months lol

00:27:13Amanda Torres-Brooks

Amanda Torres-Brooks, UC Merced, Assistant Director, operations, 3 years, Mean girls

00:27:14Mary Healey

Mary Healey- Old Dominion University, Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness-4 as student, 7 as pro.. The sixth sense

00:27:18Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

CieCie Leonard, University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness, 1 year pro, Gladiator

00:27:22Corrine Pruett - WVU

Hello Everyone! Corrine Pruett, West Virginia University, Coordinator for Operations, 4 Years (1 as a Professional). RT Parent Trap.

00:27:23George Bauman

George George Washington University Sr. Rec. Sports Coordinator. 1.5 years. Remember the titans

00:27:37Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

Which Parent Trap?

00:27:46Shannon Garland

the older one

00:28:02Samantha Caufield

Samantha Caufield, University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Director of Aquatics, 1 year pro, Black Panther

00:28:19Michael Adeyemo

Michael Adeyemo, Sam Houston State University, Coordinator of Informal Recreation, 4 year professional, Thor Ragnorok, it's just too funny haha

00:28:20Jessica Allen- Texas Southern Univ.

Jessica Allen, Texas Southern University, Membership/Promotions Coordinator, 1st year as Professional- Love and Basketball

00:30:13Kim Holmes

thank you, Thomas for being so open

00:30:24Kim Holmes

Kim Holmes, Director of Philanthropy, NIRSA Foundation

00:31:27Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

Schedule time away from computer, reading, working outside

00:31:50Rahul Rajan

Poker Tournaments

00:32:13Corrine Pruett - WVU

I recently returned to work from being on furlough so I'm feeling great! :)

00:32:22Jessica Allen- Texas Southern Univ.

OVERWHELMED but handling it day by day. CANDY CRUSH has become my decompressor lol

00:32:40Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

We are working on a steps challenge for our students, and a scavenger hunt for new students to find the top spots on campus, including the Sleeping Giant Mountain!

00:33:27Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

My dog loves me a lot with three 30 minute walks a day

00:33:41Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard


00:33:43Corrine Pruett - WVU

I got into fishing as well

00:33:45Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

Get 3

00:33:50NIRSA Smartboard

Keep your plant alive first. :)

00:34:41Colin Chambers

I started a garden, got into a home workout routine, and playing disc golf a couple times a week. Also found a great book series.

00:34:51Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Drive way dinners with friends!

00:36:59Kim Holmes

Houseplants are waaaaay pickier than outdoor plants!

00:38:27Corrine Pruett - WVU

I am currently back home and we have started wearing stoplight bracelets for interacting with one another.

00:41:28Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

I hand-write my schedule each day!

00:47:07Kari Scott - FSU

How has the comfort level of your student employees been working front desks, etc?

00:50:09Rahul Rajan - Minnesota

Student staff have been super excited to be back but definitely did not appreciate 3 hr safety training before we opened haha

00:50:33Kari Scott - FSU

Do you conduct safety training online or in person?

00:50:58Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

we will be doing our safety training virtually when we reopen

00:51:00Rahul Rajan - Minnesota

We have a zoom meeting with all students and small group in person training

00:51:41Kari Scott - FSU

We are planning to do it virtually as well. Worried about how productive it will be and how it will translate when they have to adjust to the procedures irl

00:52:50Rahul Rajan - Minnesota

I was actually surprised the amount of students who attended our zoom meeting. We made interactive and made sure all the pro staff attended the meeting as well so students felt little more comfortable

00:53:10John Davenport

We're doing safety training in person at Arizona State in accordance with ARC guidelines and with classes capped at 9 students

00:53:28Samantha Caufield

Kari, at UT Austin we did ours online and made them keep their cameras on so we know they are actually there! We also have been doing facility walk throughs with 6 students in each group and reviewing what we went over online to make sure they understand

00:57:00Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

we are doing similar to Minnesota but are closed currently

01:00:00Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

How do you update resumes?

01:00:47Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

01:01:51Jade Willey

Keep a master resume that you add to every time you have a new position, and track every job/opportunity that you have, and then edit your resume for specific positions

01:01:52Kari Scott - FSU

@gregory, I have a master resume where I have everythingggg I've done. Then only include things that matter when applying to jobs.

01:01:54Thomas Giles

Young Donor Contact ^^^

It's an awesome opportunity.

01:02:30Kari Scott - FSU

@gregory, also I have a resume additions doc where I just bullet point different things that I do so I don't forget and then when I'm ready to put it in my resume I can spend time formatting

01:02:35Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

Follow-up: what is an appropriate length for a resume?

01:03:08Jade Willey

I’ve heard that length depends on the field. Campus rec/higher education, it’s usually okay to have something a little longer (3-4 pages)

01:04:06Kari Scott - FSU

Also depends on how long you've been a pro - in field longer, longer length usually

01:05:35Rahul Rajan - Minnesota

Personally I feel cover letters are the more important than resumes. Resume length gets bigger with experience

01:05:52Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

When you write: Who, what, when, where, why, how, and how many

01:06:16Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

thank you so much!!

01:07:13Gregory Tack (He/Him/His) - Quinnipiac University

When is it best to start looking for jobs? Does that change with COVID?

01:07:56Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

Traditional search time: January-NIRSA Annual

01:08:14Drake Belt he/him/his (UArizona)

Apply to anything that excites you as soon as it posts though

01:08:32NIRSA Smartboard

According to Bluefish, we get the most posts at the beginning of the year. But I think things will change quite a bit with COVID; when people get back onto campus and their budgets open up, posts should go up.

01:09:01NIRSA Smartboard

I have the power!!

01:09:06Paul Joseph


01:09:43Paul Joseph

Good luck to you all as you return to the office!

01:09:55John Davenport

Thanks for being a rockstar facilitator, Thomas!

01:09:56Kari Scott - FSU

Be safe, y'all!

01:09:57Corrine Pruett - WVU

Thanks Tom!

01:09:58Cassandra Smith

thank you!

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