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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Inclusive Workplace from a Woman Leadership Lens

Recorded on Monday, July 27, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Marc Iturriaga, in conversation with Victoria Lopez-Herrara & Allie Bogard

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Chat Transcript

00:34:13Victoria Lopez-Herrera

Hey sisters! Hope Ya'll are having the best Monday eevvaaa

00:39:36Stefani Plummer

@ Victoria amen!!

00:39:43Vicki Highstreet

Thanks, Victoria and Allie! Appreciate both of you and your uniqueness.

00:41:20Natalie O’Farrell

Thank you for sharing

00:44:45Stefani Plummer

Women/people of color are being asked to speak/speak for MORE than ever. Yes, exhausting! Good stuff, but in some places, it's the same four people!

00:44:47Vicki Highstreet

You mean you CAN'T (or don't) speak for everyone! LOL!

00:46:07Victoria Lopez-Herrera

Yesss, Vicki!

00:46:20Stefani Plummer

@Allie yes...the token "anything" is exhausting!!

00:48:16Courtney Rorex


00:48:34Stefani Plummer

@allie what's the handle of that IG?

00:48:36Serita Porter

what's the IG group?

00:48:56Allie Bogard


00:50:31Vicki Highstreet

So lucky to have a family of NIRSA professionals to feel comfortable to reach out to.

00:50:45Stefani Plummer

@Vickie YES!!

00:51:38Amber Kavehkar

proud of you Allie

00:51:50Allie Bogard

@vicki yes we are!!

00:52:01Allie Bogard

@amber - appreciate you!

00:52:19Shana Kessler

Allie - I feel that 100%, trying to figure out what I'd do and where I'd be if not in higher ed and campus rec.

00:54:14Vicki Highstreet

There are other resources on campuses, but they go to those they feel most comfortable with. How can we partner with those other resources to be a reference for people instead of feeling we have to be the only one to provide the energy for them?

00:54:31Stefani Plummer

@Marc you said it...when there is no one else there...that speaks BIG!

00:54:40Amber Kavehkar

Yes Victoria, we have to be empowered to be create with evolved programming!

00:57:23Ashley Lax

such a GREAT preconference experience!!

01:01:48Laura Munroe

screw the emotional card - ask @Victoria - I cry all the time. Mostly when happy for someone else but also when caring for another who has experience an injustice.

01:02:34Allie Bogard

@Laura - yes!! I cry with my students often

01:14:26Vicki Highstreet

So true!

01:14:58Corrine Pruett

Empowered Women, Empower Women :)

01:15:24Stefani Plummer

@Corrine YES!! ^^

01:16:59Vicki Highstreet

Where do you feel that the generational differences play into this discussion?

01:17:35Jean Holt

Great question Vicki.

01:21:11Vicki Highstreet

Being of the boomer generation I hate it when people look at me and think I will act/lead a certain way. I want to be looked at as an individual who can be a good listener and lead other individuals in the way they need to be led.

01:23:21Stefani Plummer

We need to teach/learn that for some of us...when you have had to fight/survive, you can forget our opportunity to bring others along. I have had great support, people who have reminded me much so that it is my biggest desire now...but I feel for those who are telling me their survival stories. They need our support to feel empowered. It might not be a natural thing but we can learn

01:27:39NIRSA Smartboard

Sinedya DID soar! But VLH is painting herself in WAY too harsh a light - just for the official record! :)

01:27:40Allie Bogard

Going back to asking what we need: we need male allies to empower women the same way we are empowering & supporting eachother

01:28:30Stefani Plummer

@Allie it's starting. Loving the men on this call! Way to take some important steps!

01:29:21Vicki Highstreet

Great question, Marc.

01:30:09Stefani Plummer

It takes emotional energy...many won't do the hard work. it's why we lose momentum...

01:30:10Vicki Highstreet

Thanks, Victoria, Allie and Marc. Next call!

01:30:33Natalie O’Farrell

Thanks for all that you do!

01:31:27Corrine Pruett

Thank you both for sharing! Have a great day everyone!

01:31:30Kelsey Jones

Thank you!!!

01:31:31Allison McCann

Thank y'all!

01:31:34Nora Osei

Thank you, Marc, Allie, and Victoria!

01:31:38Jean Holt

Thank you!

01:31:40Serita Porter

thank you all!

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