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Recorded on Tuesday, July 21, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Erin Wells, Chad Lowe, and Sarah Shea

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Chat Transcript


What COVID-19 websites are you using to determine protocols for club sports?

00:33:05Doug Curry

Mask required all the time??


especially since the government has removed COVID-19 information from cdc to the White House.

00:34:25Chad Lowe

@Shadeed - NCAA site -

00:34:34Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Doug - We are requiring masks on at all times with the exception of swimming at the University of Texas at Austin


@Chad, thank you

00:35:05Chad Lowe

in addition to our State Guidelines will be how we form protocols in addition to any university wide standards.

00:35:06Jillian Dolciato

@Doug - Xavier University will be requiring masks at all times as well, except swimming

00:35:38Robert Weeks

Doug, at University of Cincinnati, our health services director has said that the school's requirement for wearing a mask at all times while on campus extends to while they are using the rec center.

00:35:42Stefani Plummer

@Doug will require everyone at all times

00:36:11Staci Snyder

Doug - right now masks required for all activity except swimming. We will be guided by what the state/county guidelines are. Currently masks are required anytime you are outside your home in Los Angeles.

00:37:43Stephanie Hoffman

Coverings required upon entry, and when moving around building its needed. But if exercising coverings not necessary.

00:38:51Jillian Dolciato

For universities that are going remote after Thanksgiving Break, are your rec centers staying open?

00:39:00Jillian Dolciato

Xavier is allowing practices only for club sports

00:39:03Stefani Plummer

@Jillian great question!

00:40:10Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Jillian - We will be reducing our facilities open, and the hours those facilities are open, during the period after Thanksgiving until mid-January.

00:40:27James Alexander

Hi Jillian, At Loyola we are shutting down the building starting Nov 22. Should also say that the University has decided go mostly online with classes...

00:40:44Rebecca Harper


00:41:43Madison Kinder

I would echo what Tracie said. - Eastern Washington University


VCU and WVU are not permitted by their universities to travel or host events this semester

00:43:03Stefani Plummer

Is anyone supporting academics in an effort to stay "relevant" (sorry best word I could come up with)

00:43:48Stefani Plummer

by that I mean offering up facility space

00:44:35Jillian Dolciato

@Stefani - the covid task force has been looking at turning our basketball courts and multi-sport courts for study spaces

00:45:22James Alexander

Loyola Clubs Sports is only permitting conditioning activities for club Sports-no travel of games

00:45:27Brenna Lacey - MoBapUniv

Somewhat on that note, anyone determined who/how the cleaning & equipment disinfecting will take place with academic activity classes (if you share space)?

00:46:02Robert Weeks

Our courts are going to be used for study space for people between classes. We just haven't been told if it will be all six courts or fewer.

00:46:52Stefani Plummer

@Jillian thanks!

00:47:18Robert Weeks

Right now, we're being told that other areas are discussing how they would clean and maintain those spaces, so it does not currently appear that it will be our responsibility.

00:49:20Stefani Plummer

@Robert thanks!

00:50:12Jillian Dolciato

Is anyone doing temperature checks for either general use patrons or if an event is occurring in your facility?

00:52:22Stefani Plummer

Yes to staff and participants coming in. The only group we are not doing is tours coming in. We are having them just come into the lobby and then leave (no walking through the facility). That way they also don't impact capacity.

00:52:25Doug Curry

Yes we are - Thermal Imaging - Silco Company provided. Works well.

00:53:30Ross Rod - UT Austin

Coming from the person who just said: “Its California…they’ll get sued."

00:57:00Stefani Plummer

i have staff who have gone on the roof for a few minutes and we temp check to see them hit 101! (pre temp was 98). it only takes a few minutes and a while to come down! just seems unreliable

00:58:01Brenna Lacey - MoBapUniv

@staci I would follow your campus protocol for a positive screening because we don't give any instruction, they are cleared by the designated person who receives a Maxient form submitted by any location that has a positive screening

00:58:18Frances Caron

The August Fusion upgrade will include new reservation features.

00:58:29Janice DeMonsi

driving in my car with AC Friday to a second appointment my temp dripped to 97 from 98...

00:58:51Alisha Garcia

Stanford is using Fusion for the pool and will use it for fitness center

00:59:49Brad Wilson

We allow reservations for pool lanes and that is managed through EMS

01:02:38Stefani Plummer

has anyone planning to/or is closing mid day to disinfect? How long does it take you to spray it all down?

01:02:49Ross Rod - UT Austin

Here’s a sample of our backup system using a free service: Picktime

01:02:50Ross Rod - UT Austin

01:03:47Tracie Vogel

@stefani, right now we are planning to break for 2 hours mid day to deep clean, but we are running through are cleaning list every 30 min as well.

01:04:43Staci Snyder

With reservations... what is everyone doing for no shows? Are there going to be any consequences for people who just don't show for a reservation?

01:04:43Jillian Dolciato

Xavier will have students cleaning all day every day, but we will also be closing daily from 1:30-3P to allow for a full facility cleaning before the "high peak" times.

01:07:31Stefani Plummer

blocked off showers and locked all the lockers in the locker room. Only stalls and sinks available. We do have cubby lockers available downstairs with signage to physically distance

01:07:31Ross Rod - UT Austin

Anyone with communal showers…how are you planning to operate your locker rooms?

01:07:35marcos ordaz

do people have a capacity limit for locker rooms?

01:07:52Brad Wilson

locker rooms open, saunas closed and changed all faucets and fixtures to automated. Also segmented our day use locker so that there is 6ft between each

01:08:05Brenna Lacey - MoBapUniv

Showers unavailable, restrooms open, lockers blocked off except every 6 feet. No locker rentals or overnight use because of nightly electrostatic spraying

01:08:19Stefani Plummer

@marcos no...our staff just walks through to check resources/supplies.

01:08:19Ben Burnham - Boise State

Locker rooms open. Saunas closed. Two people per "bay"

01:08:56Robert Weeks

At University of Cincinnati, we'll have toilets, sinks and changing spaces available, but no showers or lockers.

01:09:12Chad Lowe

Yes, sorry, locker rooms open, and showers closed, but that changed to having showers open as well.

01:09:16Ross Rod - UT Austin

Also, anyone using Clorox 360 electrostatic sprayers…have y’all been informed that Clorox is limiting solution sales/delivery to just hospitals?

01:09:18Anna Champion

Stanchions and communication signage...academic classes will have certain accesses that patrons do not. No lockers/showers in phase I. So restroom/changing areas and sinks only. This could change. Cleaning will be combined with staff and janitorial team.

01:09:21Stefani Plummer

how are people handling roommates or significant others who want to workout together when everyone else is being asked to physically distance?

01:09:45Amber Kavehkar

floor tape in locker room to wait for one person by locker area at a time, closing middle stall, (the air travels) and we are not open in fall so plan for spring

01:09:51Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Stefani - We aren’t allowing it at UT-austin because we can’t verify it.

01:10:19Rachel Horras

At the University of Colorado Boulder we are closing off showers and putting zip ties on all of our lockers so that they cannot be used. Locker Rooms will just be open for restrooms - this may change if our pool is able to open.

01:10:23Robert Weeks

@Jillian, are you going to have staff cleaning the individual showers after every use? That's required in Ohio for individual showers, which is why we decided not to have any available.

01:10:29Colin Chambers

I've also heard concern about people going in and out of the stalls not maintaining 6 ft of distance

01:10:45Brad Wilson

Ross...we have had our 360 for years and have transitioned to a Karcher product due to the lack of supply. Also we have switched solutions to Ecolabs A456 because it’s suitable replacement

01:11:24Ross Rod - UT Austin

Thanks, @Brad. Ours are new, but we figured out a workaround using Chlorinated tablets that we’ll use in other sprayers.

01:11:53Brenna Lacey - MoBapUniv

Re: opening - observation and flexibility are key! We have already changed several planned procedures because of the inevitable engrained behavior.

01:11:59Stefani Plummer

what's the dwell time on your disinfectant and how are you handling people wiping down?

01:12:11Jillian Dolciato

@Bob - we are requiring the individual to clean; however, they will be getting cleaned by staff every 30 minutes as well. I'll have to look into the guidelines again just to make sure that is ok.

01:13:21Doug Curry

What are some basketball court rules....1 on1 ok? How far are we going?

01:13:24Ross Rod - UT Austin

When we hit that snag with gloves, I looked into the automotive industry and was able to find a back-up supplier with Nitrile gloves based out of GA I think

01:13:40Stefani Plummer

@Doug one person per ball/two people per net. Bring your own equipment

01:14:42Stefani Plummer

@Ross creative!!

01:16:21Stefani Plummer

we are using 1024 (30s dwell time). it's POWERFUL! and then use a 10m dwell time product during midday and at closing

01:18:49Ben Burnham - Boise State

PreventX: preventative, BNC-15 from Spartan for disinfectant. Will use Virex II 256 for e-sprayer.

01:19:04Doug Curry

How are you handling dumbells/barbells/weight plates....tough to clean.

01:19:11Stefani Plummer

for those who have opened, how have you handled people who are used to having a spotter?

01:19:42Brenna Lacey - MoBapUniv

@Stefani- we are using 2 person spotter technique and all three persons must have on masks

01:20:17Stefani Plummer

@Doug we have signage that says keep weight plates with designated machines. we spray them midday and at the end of day. we ask them to wipe down before and after (we will see how that goes!)

01:20:40Stefani Plummer

@Brenna even though it violates 6ft rule? I am trying to prepare for pushback

01:22:35Chad Lowe

OSU - If a weight room user needs a spotter within six feet during a lift, both the user and spotter will be required to wear a face mask.

01:23:14sarah shea

Outdoor one per court

01:23:21Brad Wilson

no basketball we’ve lifted all our goals up for now

01:23:22Stefani Plummer

I think HORSE is going to become an NCAA sport...

01:23:25Jillian Dolciato

@Doug, our courts will be closed

01:23:58Brad Wilson

our courts are used for pickle ball and badminton only

01:24:22Colin Chambers

shoot around only. balls checked out at front desk. 1-2 players per half court is the last I heard for our plan.

01:24:35Chad Lowe

No equip check-out, no pick-up sports like basketball at least in phase 1 and possibly 2

01:24:44Colin Chambers

I'm not sure about that.

01:24:53Rachel Horras

We have moved all of our non-powered cardio equipment to our courts, and we will not be allowing any informal rec to happen at this time.

01:24:57Jillian Dolciato

Xavier is also not doing equipment check out and we've removed the mats from the floors as well

01:25:50Ross Rod - UT Austin

And is there a difference between students and non-student participants and their attitudes towards the changes?

01:28:00Ross Rod - UT Austin

We do not have e-gaming locations at UT-austin

01:29:02Brad Wilson

we have pool tables and table tennis available

01:31:19Stefani Plummer


01:31:24Anna Champion

once a month

01:31:24Chris Muller

once a month

01:31:26Ben Burnham - Boise State

1 per month

01:31:28Rebecca Harper

Once a month

01:31:41Ross Rod - UT Austin

Great conversation today, y’all! Good luck as we all start to re-open!

01:31:44Brad Wilson


01:31:49Anna Champion

Thank you so much!!

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