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Anti-racism for beginners

Recorded on Tuesday, July 21, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by David Podschun and Jeremy Chance

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Chat Transcript

00:40:18NIRSA Smartboard

00:45:11Derrick Jenkins

can we get that for a download or file

00:46:51Jeremy Chance - KU

@Derrick - Yes, give me just a moment!

00:47:13Derrick Jenkins

Thank you

01:01:25Stefani Plummer

Gaslighting: manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

01:01:29Sara Montgomery


gerund or present participle: gaslighting
manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

01:01:42Sara Montgomery

Thanks Stefani, you beat me to it!

01:01:55Stefani Plummer

@Sara :)

01:02:38Stefani Plummer

Being OK with people celebrating their sameness

01:06:13Chris Muller

Same thing happened a private school in Texas, Hardin-Simmons, young lady on her Tic Toc account

01:07:51Wendy Motch-Ellis

Suspensions and removals from program should be consider on severity of impact and educational sanctions and teachable moments are also important if we want to help move folks along in their journey - we must address impact though and not focus on intent and pacify the behavior

01:08:29Wendy Motch-Ellis

readings followed by presentations, if even to our staff officials or to the team of players are incredibly powerful

01:09:26Jamaica Cannon - WashU

Is anyone doing specific student-staff training around this area past a gloss over statement of EDI?

01:09:44Jeremy Chance - KU

@Jamaica - That's our next discussion topic!

01:10:17Crystal Durham

@Jamaica we did last Spring prior to the closure because I had received a number of complaints about racism from participants going unaddressed by staff

01:10:40Stefani Plummer

@Jamaica yes, we are bringing in a speaker this semester. A different voice to speak to them

01:11:30Jamaica Cannon - WashU

@Crystal what did you do for your training?

01:12:54Crystal Durham

we talked about diversity, the importance of diversity, microaggressions, and then went through the direct quotes I had received from participant complaints to show them exactly what they were missing. Then we talked about why we might be missing it to try to fix the problem. Not sure if it worked because we canceled the rest of the season right after that haha

01:13:38Crystal Durham

looking to bring in someone from our Office of Inclusion to talk about it to see if it has more impact coming from someone else that isn't 1) their boss and 2) a white woman

01:14:07Colin Chambers - CSU Chico

A small thing: learn the names of the people of color participating in your programs. I don't remember the exact statistics but the gist of it was that teachers tend to learn the names of white students quicker and even within a group of only people of color those with darker skin tone tended to be the last for the teacher to learn their name.

01:15:39Tom Giles-FIU

We have intended to include more EDI training and utilizing their expertise, but they are currently inundated with tons of requests to lead student staff training. They are exploring having a “train the trainer” course so that we can be partners in their work of promoting equity, diversity and inclusion at FIU.

01:15:49Stefani Plummer

@colin YES!!

01:15:55Drew Devore - Minnesota

how are other rec departments cohesive putting together resources related to EDI? The reason I ask is how someone provides resources, and has those discussions can vary from pro staff to pro staff. Messaging and education can be interpreted differently depending on how it is presented. Does your department put this out as an individual expectation as a manager, or is your department putting these resources out as a collective?

01:18:36Tom Giles-FIU

@Drew- at FIU we talk about it at our All-Staff training to ensure that everyone is getting the same message. It is then on department leads to make sure it gets "a refresher" at their staff meetings

01:27:28Mike Chadee

ah-ha moment for me was a truer understanding of white privilege. I'm 1/4 Indian and my father is an immigrant, but I've never experienced situations where I felt like I was being treated any sort of way or hindered in any way because of my appearance. At first glance many people think I'm a white male and I've experienced the privilege and lack of discrimination that comes with that my entire life.

01:29:04Tom Giles-FIU

I think that an important part of anti-racist work in higher education is that this isn’t something that we can perfect on our own and then bring it to our work. It will take us living these values day in and day out NOW in order to contribute to the dismantling of racism in our country.

01:29:11NIRSA Smartboard

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