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Aquatics Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, July 21, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams

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Chat Transcript

00:32:29Taylor Roby - UTSA

Taylor Roby - UT San Antonio here!

00:32:36Austin Farley

Austin Farley - West Texas A&M U

00:32:36Catherine O'Kane

Catherine O'Kane - NC State University

00:32:40Colin Chambers

CSU Chico

00:32:43Terri Shannon

Terri Shannon - Miami of Ohio

00:32:47Jillian Dolciato

Jillian Dolciato - Xavier University, Cincinnati OH

00:32:47Amanda Simmons

Amanda Simmons- VCU Richmond, VA

00:33:00Alexandria Luneke

Alex Luneke, Penn State University, State College, PA

00:33:05Robert Weeks

Bob Weeks, University of Cincinnati

00:33:11Shelly Radtke-Gonzaga University

Shelly Radtke - Gonzaga University

00:33:13Elizabeth Lasker

Elizabeth Lasker - University of Maryland, Baltimore

00:33:19Emily Wujcik

Emily Wujcik - Saint Louis University

00:33:28Jacob Lodge

Jake, Georgia State

00:33:43Tiara DeLapp

Tiara DeLapp - Oxford College of Emory University

00:33:45Samantha Caufield

Samantha Caufield- UT Austin

00:34:24Debbie Miles-Dutton

Debbie Miles-Dutton from University of California, Santa Barbara.

00:34:54Catherine O'Kane

We are in a hiring freeze still

00:34:58Sandra Peppel

Sandra - West Virginia University

00:35:26Tiara DeLapp

My pool of potential staff got cut in half as Emory is online and only allowing first years on campus

00:35:27Morgan Munoz

At this time we don’t need to hire for the Fall semester, we have cut our hours for the pool for budget reasons, so we don’t need to hire new staff- Towson University

00:37:31Bob Gough

Bob Gough William & Mary, in Virginia

00:38:08Austin Farley

I'm probably on the same page with Morgan Munoz. Budget cuts and money going to athletics instead of rec sports (boo) with hours being cut and less people into the pool during the fall. Less guards needed on shift. We also have to reduce hours I believe as well

00:38:33Taylor Roby - UTSA

thank you for that energy

00:38:55Debbie Miles-Dutton

We don't have a target "open date" yet but hoping late September/Oct. We have a healthy number of returning staff but will begin zoom interviews in August and in person try-outs (physically distant set-up) to hire 12-15 more guards as subs.

00:39:05Jillian Dolciato

@Richelle - those are expensive lifeguards for the university....but we've also thought of that too

00:44:14Lauren Newlin

if your looking for programs to get people who don't know how ot swim as adults our high school here does a swimming as a life sport class. We work with the high school and take about 20 kids per semester who don't know how to swim at all and they are swimming and learning water aerobics by the end. Most are aferican american from below provery lines that have never had swim lessons and some that have never been in a pool

00:45:47Erin Coyne - William Paterson

We have offered free swim lessons for students. But I've still struggled to get students to want to participate

00:46:06Elizabeth Lasker

I am working to set up a program for our grad students meet service learning hours by reaching out to our local community and teach about water safety. Hopefully this will then grow into being able to expand swim lessons for those students.

00:46:18Catherine O'Kane

We offer an event once a semester called Ladies Night. In undergrad we did special friends day

00:46:42Bob Gough W&M

We target market our adult learn to swim program to our international student organizations and our facility management staff.

00:47:01Jillian Dolciato

Last year, we held a Women in Water event with our Muslim Student Association. So we closed the pool just for the program and blocked out all windows so women could come swim. We also had female guards.

00:47:48Debbie Miles-Dutton

We have a robust 3rd Grade swim program for our local school district (8 schools). We have support with busing from the school district, scholarship grants to pay UCSB student swim Instructors and provide swimsuit/trunks, cap goggles and carry bag for the 3rd graders. Most participants are low income and/or Hispanic/LatinX and don't have access to pools or lessons.

00:48:18Colin Chambers

Lap swimming and hopefully RC Boat racing

00:48:31Taylor Roby - UTSA

I’m super interested in this topic. I’m at a loss for ideas 😓

00:49:24Nathan Brungardt

lap swimming, private swim lessons (instructor with face shield), deep water aerobics

00:49:37Alexandria Luneke

We are building out Aquatics Fitness offerings with classes that are blend of land then water workouts.

00:50:47Jacob Lodge

We are sticking to drop-in swimming mostly and we have guidelines for the small club swim team. We won't be offering swim lessons but we are going to work with marketing to offer swim tips each week as well as weekly workouts. I will also be working with our outdoor coordinator to offer some more creative collaborative programs such as paddleboard the pool that can be done safely with social distance measures.

00:51:06Amanda Simmons (VCU)

We will be offering lap swim + family swim hours (Saturday & Sunday only). We will offer Children's swim lessons for Y1 & under- with parents required in the water. Private lessons & semi-private swim lessons are permitted- but only semi-private lessons for members of the same household. Swim club will be allowed to practice after our pool closes for open rec, but before the full facility closes.

00:52:22Catherine O'Kane

We are using IM leagues for reserving lane space

00:52:26Tiara DeLapp

We are using Microsoft bookings

00:52:41Brad Wilson- LSU

We are using EMS as a means to register for pool lanes.

00:52:46Debbie Miles-Dutton

Is anyone using EMS - FUSION is very cumbersome on the back end.

00:53:12Nathan Brungardt

calendly...but I have to verify memberships daily

00:55:27Erin Wells

Has anyone taught a lg class yet? And how did it go? Any tips or lessons learned?

00:55:37Jillian Dolciato

We are doing a 20 Mile Club for Summer 2020 so I've created 22 workouts over 9 weeks that if you complete, you will swim 20 miles.

We are also collaborating with Fitness and doing a weekly Aquatic Fitness videos of dryland exercises and how it relates to swimmig

00:56:22Morgan Munoz

CPR/AED certification classes but no LG classes

00:56:55Taylor Roby - UTSA

we will only be offering an in house class ONLY if we need it.

00:56:57sarah shea

LG class and inservice

00:57:08Taylor Roby - UTSA

we’re looking more towards spring to host

01:14:29Debbie Miles-Dutton

Someone mentioned Clear Gear - can you use it on multiple service and/or fabric?

01:15:25Morgan Munoz

We are looking to use Lysol disinfectant spray for our fanny packs to sanitize.

01:17:13Catherine O'Kane


01:17:58Frances Caron

We are not cleaning our deck (outdoor concrete). That was our state guidance.

01:18:22Brad Wilson- LSU

we are not cleaning our outdoor deck either

01:18:31Debbie Miles-Dutton

Ditto on Michael & Frances.

01:20:53Catherine O'Kane

our guard room will only be 1 person allowed

01:20:57Morgan Munoz

We are not allowing anyone to use their locker rentals including the TU CR staff

01:21:02Debbie Miles-Dutton

We are going to set up a large tent outside our first aid/guard office while the weather is nice.

01:21:16Jillian Dolciato

We designated entrance and exit doors for almost all rooms within the facility including our staff rooms.

01:21:33Nathan Brungardt

guard room is one at a time

01:22:07Catherine O'Kane

Our guard room will only be 1 person allowed and the expectation is that they only go in there for a few minutes to get an AC break as they should be cleaning and disinfecting

01:22:09Debbie Miles-Dutton

Haven't figured out how to manage physical distancing for staff when weather gets cold, windy and/or rainy. Our "office" space is pretty small and won't be able to accommodate more than 2 staff not on tower.

01:22:47Debbie Miles-Dutton

For those with toilets only - do you have an outdoor shower available?

01:23:24Catherine O'Kane

We have a shower on deck. Only one person at a time. (we are indoor)

01:23:32Brad Wilson- LSU

our locker rooms are open, not saunas

01:25:08Morgan Munoz- Towson University

Thank you Richelle for leading the AQ discussion!

01:25:15Emily Wujcik

Thank you Richelle!!!

01:25:18Catherine O'Kane

Thank you Richelle!

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