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Guidelines for Safe Club Sports Participation

Recorded on Monday, July 20, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Gordon Nesbitt, Amanda Bray, Samantha Wary and Pete Vincent

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Chat Transcript

00:34:41Gordon Nesbitt

Please post questions ere

00:36:17Gordon Nesbitt

How are schools dealing with taking temperatures?

00:37:15Gordon Nesbitt

My email -

00:38:17Gordon Nesbitt

Does no travel include clubs like bowling?


VCU haven’t announced their plans yet. Varsity fall sports are cancelled.

00:39:57Drew Devore

to make it easier on sharing info, share your info in the NIRSA Comp Sports Google Drive.

00:39:59Drew Devore

00:40:51Jonathan Elliott

At Arkansas, we check temperatures for our student staff who work inside the facility, and users have to agree to an attestation form and complete a waiver (once) before coming inside to work out.

00:40:53James Alexander

Loyola Chicago has cancelled all travel and competition. Looks like practices will be conditioning only, but no decision on that yet.

00:40:54Jordan Mehl

Pete- You said no practices are allowed. I'm curious, is your school planning on having the rec/fitness center open still? what about Intramurals? Or are you all online?

00:42:04Billy Willis

Gordon - you mention Bowling, the USBC cancelled all Fall Tournaments.

00:42:11Jay Gallagher

@Jordan yes we are planning to have fitness facilities open following City and CDC guidelines. All intramurals will be virtual for Fall. Classes are not 100% online. (I'm also at Temple)

00:43:23Jordan Mehl

Thank you!

00:43:43Crystal Durham

is anyone making requirements/cancellation decisions on a club by club basis based on risk level? Or is it pretty much all or nothing for most institutions?

00:44:13Landon Wolfe

@Crystal Durham - I am hoping to do club-by-club rather than some of these broad cancellations

00:44:14Cindy Tse

Wondering if anyone has considered this: NCAA classified the following as high-risk sports (basketball, field hockey, football, ice hockey, rowing soccer, wrestling, rugby, squash, and water polo) and therefore must implement protocols to be able to even practice, which in Sport Club programs we can't do. see article:

00:44:21Jason James

club by club for now @ UGA

00:44:43Jay Gallagher

For those following "athletics" guidelines are you under Athletics? We felt that we were not able to meet the "athletic standards" since we do not have FT coaches like Athletics to enforce rules.

00:45:59Jonathan Elliott

Does anyone have requirements or best practices for non-affiliated volunteers to adhere to (i.e. coaches and instructors) pertaining to protocols, travel, attending practices, etc.?

00:48:43Jonathan Elliott

Thank you!

00:48:50Billy Willis

If everyone wouldn't mind - can you list your school/state when you speak?

00:50:13Heather Kite - UNF

Right now my school (UNF) is requiring face masks to be worn by ALL - even outdoor locations. Does anyone have support for not wearing face masks during sport activities?

00:50:40Jon Broska

Heather we are in the same boat at UF

00:50:47Tom Giles- FIU

Same at FIU

00:51:04Jon Broska

and if the club can't figure out how to use the space while wearing masks they can't practice

00:51:33Jerrell Kelly - WKU

Heather, at WKU, we've been told that we can go without masks during activity specifically but any other time including transition or group discussion, etc, mask is required

00:52:17Drew Devore

Here are the reopening considerations we put together for Comp Sports here at Minnesota. Since we submitted it we have cut down on IM offerings and put in more club restrictions, but we will be ready once we have more flexibility hopefuly in the spring

00:52:19Drew Devore

00:53:15Jon Broska

you'd need to differentiate indoor vs. outdoor as well

00:53:30Tom Giles- FIU

Florida International University- Masks required at ALL times when on campus (indoor and out)

00:53:49Linda Knight

We are requiring mask for everything but water sports.

00:54:11Nicholas D'Amato

@DrewDevore thanks for sharing!

00:54:24Jami Brossette

LSUS Masks required, but take off when active, in and out

00:54:28Jason Darby

At Southern Miss, we currently have our varsity basketball teams using our facility for practices (even though we aren’t allowing open rec on our end), and they aren’t required while practicing and conditioning, but while moving around the facility. We would likely try to same regulation for club practices is allowed

00:54:38Jon Broska

with respect to the NCAA, student affairs professionals may not pay attention to what the Athletic department does. We also don't have the capability to control/monitor our participants the way the Athletics Department can

00:54:40Philipp Leyerer

State of Illinois phase 4 guidelines requires to wear masks at all times, unless when exercising.

00:55:33Drew Devore

are schools going to require a log of practice participants for each practice for contact tracing purposes?

00:55:39Jay Gallagher

@Jon Broska agreed we were looking more at the youth sports guidelines for direction more than NCAA because we couldn't meet the ncaa standards

00:55:40Charles Anderson - Ohio State

Right now at Ohio State mask will be required at all times included while working out.

00:55:56Jason James

UGA masks are required inside or out when social distancing guidelines cannot be met.

00:56:01Tom Giles- FIU

@ Drew- Yes at FIU

00:56:27Cindy Wright

Thoughts on enforcement protocol?

00:57:04Austin Sanderson

@Drew I am trying to work out the logistics of logging practice participants

00:57:44Billy Willis

@Cindy - that's my greatest issue, Wright State (Dayton Oh), We do not have the staff or funding to be at every practice.

00:57:48Kristen Sullivan - Penn State

@Drew we do it through IMLeagues at Penn State. You can log each practice into IMLeagues as a game, and they’d check off each participants’ name after each practice

00:58:54Tom Giles- FIU

@ Kristen- is your staff the ones checking the athletes in?

00:59:53Kristen Sullivan - Penn State

Not previously - it was solely officers. If we offer practices, we will have staff on-site, but more for COVID-19 policy enforcement

01:00:12Pat Kennedy

Those institutions that have not canceled club sports, what is your anticipated / goal to have 100%, 80%, 50% club sport organization in person practices this Fall?

01:01:35Philipp Leyerer

@SIUE, if we are allowed to practice we are thinking about making a requirement of all club teams logging their practices either via IMleagues or our athletic training app DragonFlyMax that we are currently using for our competitive club teams. All club members will have to sign an online health Questionnaire before practices and will have a questionnaire for travel requests (if we are allowed to travel in the fall or for the spring semester).

01:02:02Hannah Burrichter

What are some ways you’re all trying to keep sport clubs engaged with the program if events/practices are cancelled?

01:03:20Jay Gallagher

@Hannah That is the million dollar question...lots of trainings, trying to figure out the way to create the "fun."

01:04:33Kristen Sullivan - Penn State

@Hannah we’ve had some success with trivia through intramurals, so we’re doing a Club Sports Trivia Night to try to engage them


@hannah, the NCDA is planning on doing videos of last year with the different dodgeball teams to keep them engaged.

01:04:54Landon Wolfe

Agreed, maybe some sort of "club training/workout" competition?

01:05:34Jon Broska

if your school also has athletic trainers, what about having your AT's work with a club to develop conditioning programs for each individual club?

01:06:16Landon Wolfe

@Jon Broska, yes, and collaborating with our Fitness Program, give their class instructors a new opportunity

01:06:57Hannah Burrichter

thank you!

01:07:20Jay Gallagher

@Jon Broska or utilize your fitness professionals...this is our program Pete was talking about--

01:07:37Chris Muller

Virtual community service projects

01:07:40Gordon Nesbitt

Any ideas for clubs to promote themselves to students on campus without being able to play/practice?

01:09:41Steven Walton

At Creighton, those with more technical smarts than me, are creating an app for our clubs/organizations where they can swipe left or right on clubs/orgs that are interested in/not interested in.

01:10:03Austin Sanderson

@Gordon we partnered with Admissions. We will be having a round table. New students if interested will complete a form of clubs they are interested. We will then use the break out feature on zoom to put all interested students in a room with the club leaders.

01:11:23Philipp Leyerer

@Gordon, we told our clubs to create a promo video or powerpoint that we will post on our website and send to admissions for virtual orientations to help with promotion/exposure and recruitment

01:11:56Megan Guilfoyle

Club Sports Cup - a list of things for clubs to do, zoom workouts, recipes to follow, virtual hangouts, etc. They earn points when posting these activities on social media. Teams with most points at end of quarter/year earn additional allocation. This gives them social media content to keep fans updated, and gives club members access to things they wouldn’t otherwise

01:12:17Drew Devore

@philipp I like the encouragement of bolstering clubs promotion presence

01:12:44Megan Guilfoyle

In addition to club sports cup…1-minute videos on website highlighting their sport, this can help with recruitment

01:13:32Jonathan Elliott - Univ. of Arkansas

If anyone uses Engage, they just unveiled a Virtual Fair offering... could probably be useful for promoting a club sports fair (no, I don't know it works yet... they just rolled it out late last week I believe) :)

01:16:32Jonathan Elliott - Univ. of Arkansas

Yep, awaiting Legal Counsel review and approval.

01:16:55Austin Sanderson

At Wichita State all of our waivers are being updated with COVID-19 language

01:17:09Billy Willis

We were told that we do not need to include COVID

01:17:18Billy Willis

(wright State university - Dayton OH)

01:17:34Chris Muller

I think a general waiver covers everything up to and including death

01:17:46Philipp Leyerer

@SIUE we also want to add a section about covid to our waiver but has to hear back from risk management and the university legal team if we can

01:17:56Alex Gebers

Utah Valley University did add additional language into our waivers with COVID

01:17:58Jay Gallagher

For those practicing/playing who is covering additional costs of extra equipment, disinfecting supplies, travel, etc? I am assuming most don't have increased budgets for this year

01:19:46Tom Giles- FIU

@ Jay - at FIU our operational budget will be covering the cleaning supply material


Any advice for safety guidelines for dodgeball clubs that used rubber dodgeballs over the full length of a basketball court? they’re playing 12 on 12.


from VCU

01:22:46Allie Bogard

The liability waiver our Legal Counsel has approved for us:

01:23:05Chelsea Watson

what products and policies to schools have in place for shared equipment used at practices?

01:23:44Jon Broska

there have been more articles and consensus that the virus is not spread through the touching of shared items but through close contact between individuals. If you can show that documentation, you could possibly avoid the need to justify sports that share equipment

01:23:57Drew Devore

@chelsea by products do you mean cleaning supplies?

01:24:07Jerrell Kelly - WKU

for WKU, while our travel ban won't allow us to pay for any expenses related to actual travel costs, IF we travel, student-raised funds are still available to be used

01:24:09Jon Broska

...and i am not a doctor so don't cite me as your reference hahahaha

01:24:28Chelsea Watson

@Drew I really just mean policies. we have products through our facilities maintenance department

01:25:15Jay Gallagher

Jon Broska, it would be nice if NGB's update their guidelines to reflect that change

01:26:12Cindy Wright

in relation to Chelsea's question do you allow shared equipment such as frisbees, basketballs,

01:26:33Jon Broska

in my eyes, I can't go to my bosses and say "well this NGB says we can play so we don't need to follow University guidelines"

01:26:41Jon Broska

so i'm not waiting for NGB guidelines

01:26:45Tom Giles- FIU


01:26:48Jon Broska

in some cases the NGB's are waiting for us

01:27:01Bonnie Hainline

@Jon Broska you’re not wrong

01:27:11Landon Wolfe

@Jon Broska, yes, that's my problem, NGBs are all asking us for what we are doing first

01:27:25Pete Vincent

Here are a couple of the things that when into our decision to cancel the fall... Facility Space, Resources( Money), Safety, Travel, Commuting to campus.

01:27:32Drew Devore

sandy sanderson provides great ngb guidance

01:28:06Pete Vincent

Some of the facilities could become classrooms

01:28:31Billy Willis

issues with ColClubSports in general

01:28:44Chris Muller

August committal to the Spring is unreasonable given the pandemic

01:28:44Bonnie Hainline

NCBA needs us more than we need them. Don’t cave to their “demands”

01:28:53Jon Broska

NGB's are offense but their guiding force is to play in order to avoid a shutdown

01:29:22Jon Broska


01:29:26Crystal Durham - NAU


01:29:53Tom Giles- FIU

NGB Ambassador Form can be found on NIRSA connect! Super helpful to see where certain NBG's stand

01:29:57Tom Giles- FIU

01:30:08Bonnie Hainline

Just saying, if no one signs, they will have to move their deadlines

01:30:27Jon Broska


01:30:37Charles Anderson - Ohio State

I agree with Bonnie 100%

01:31:01Dexter Shorter - Penn St.

Mission critical purchasing...

01:31:40Kathryn Hutchings

Kathryn here - Santa Clara University - Budgets are frozen right now. I am also thinking about putting a cap on membership dues. Depend on if we are going to allow them to operate. Right now, Club Sports are suspended. We can roll over budgets so no worries about loosing funds.

01:31:54Cindy Wright

Excellent- thank you.

01:31:59Heather Kite - UNF

This has been helpful. Thanks!!

01:31:59Kathryn Hutchings

than you

01:31:59Jill Siegfried

this has been great - thank you all

01:32:00Erin Sanders

Thank you all!

01:32:01Chris Muller

Thank you!

01:32:01Dexter Shorter - Penn St.

Thanks so much

01:32:04Jay Gallagher

Thanks all

01:32:05Jonathan Elliott - Univ. of Arkansas


01:32:06Jaron Rider

tank you

01:32:06Alex Gebers

Thank you all!

01:32:08Megan Guilfoyle

Thank you!

01:32:10Hunter Hartley

Thank you everyone

01:32:11Colton Scott

Thank you,

01:32:11Austin Sanderson

Thank you everyone

01:32:12Allie Bogard

Thanks y’all!

01:32:23sylvain Tchaptchet

Thank you very much

01:32:27Demetria Young


01:32:29Aaron Croce

Extremely helpful! Thank you!

01:32:37Pete Vincent

01:32:40Sheena Harvey

Thank you!

01:32:50Amanda Bray

01:32:50Charles Anderson - Ohio State

thank you all and stay safe

01:32:52NIRSA Smartboard

01:32:56Valerie McCutchan


01:33:06Samantha Wary

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email