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Recorded on Monday, July 20, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Victoria Lopez-Herrera and Nicole LaRoque

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Chat Transcript

00:23:57Marc Iturriaga

I’m cooking an eating lunch. will add

00:24:10Marc Iturriaga

video when I am more presentable. lol

00:31:24Justin Cato

was anyone furloughed but had a hard time not answering emails or doing work when you weren't supposed to?

00:31:41Justin Cato

sorry, Justin Cato from A&M Commerce

00:32:52Tricia Bush

Yes, all FT staff were furloughed for one week overlap which left our students running curbside rentals - I did answer student questions but held strong on all other communication. Tricia, NMU

00:37:08Becky Todd

Becky at University of Arkansas. We have not been furloughed, no conversation about furlough, back open and operational. All hands on deck.

00:37:34Melissa Fadler - Sam Houston State

How are you continuing to motivate your staff members? When going virtual we were going gangbusters with online programs and everyone was doing great... but after "reopening" I am seeing a lull right now where people are just done...both creatively and otherwise. we were lucky that nobody was furloughed... but everyone is struggling with the indecisiveness and inability to plan for the future

00:39:13Erin Patchett (she/her)

similar to ColoState, no furloughs and no (shared) convos about them. I do worry about how another long closure could impact that.

00:39:43Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

Mary Ellen Milam from TCU - no talk of furlough at TCU. But, discussing concerns about what programmers can do if programs don't happen. We have made ourselves essential by getting training and volunteering for other University functions - COVID contact tracing, orientation advisors, Student Affairs small group advisors, etc. What other things can we support that are University functions, not just Rec functions.

00:39:58Jerrod Jackson

LSU is back open...and YUP very much so

00:40:35Ann Storey (she/her)

Sheridan College: We had our entire athletics program cut and now Campus Rec is in charge of the space. It's a big task. Anyone else in a school with no athletics? I would like to hear from you. We are being asked to add new programming.

00:42:05Becky Todd

At UARK- we have really switched out mindset. Having some framework for the fall has been really helpful in motivating and energizing staff to plan. It's much more attractive to our professional staff than the idea of cranking on virtual content.

00:43:20Jerrod Jackson

From what Lance just said, is anyone planning any team sports for fall and what has lead to that decision?

00:43:50Jason Darby

The largest team sport we are running at Southern Miss will be 2v2 sand volleyball and doubles pickleball

00:43:51Brooke Turner

Alabama has not furloughed or had discussions on it. UA has done a good job trying to use hiring freezes and other savings to cover it, but worry about it if we are not able to program the same way we have in the past. Especially knowing the perception of what we do does not always match reality. We are trying to be creative with programing as much as we can. Waiting on more direction from the university to make final decisions for fall.

00:43:54Greg Durham - Creighton

@Jerrod - I'm planning on Team Sports at Creighton... Omaha has Adult Leagues rolling, so they're going to play anyway.

00:44:37Tricia Bush

We are still on hold waiting on varsity sports. Hopeful for a decision this week. That will determine if I can have club sports practice/compete locally and also intramural sports.

00:44:50Melissa Fadler - Sam Houston State

Same Brooke...we have planned our IM sports with a lot of shooting competitions, and other programs like bowling where we can maximize social distancing

00:45:14Amy Lanham

Univ. Nebraska–Lincoln is planning team sports based off of campus risk assessment tool. much like Creighton, state of Nebraska is pretty open

00:45:30Brian Smith

We are discussing club sports returning at UCLA and what specifically that will look like. Our Dr. who oversees our program has approved of our plan at this time. It is following the athletic model. competition at this point is a different discussion

00:46:01Andrew Chadick

@UTSA we're looking at the possibility of some team sports where we can still keep social distance in place (relatively), e.g. sit down volleyball, human foosball, but all still TBD by university decisions

00:46:14Jason Darby

Our club sports program is undecided for fall but no traveling and no competitions is pretty much decided. Likely conditioning only style practices

00:46:45Brian Smith

same Jason. Skills and conditioning

00:47:15Greg Durham - Creighton

Clubs won't travel this year - we're going to work with them to adjust their practices. NGBs are making things difficult for us.

00:48:27Jean Mcclellan-Holt

Sorry I'm "Tardy to the Party", had to take care of an issue.

00:48:27Lance Haynie

00:48:28Brian Smith

For IMs we are looking at 2v2 or 4v4 vball, tennis singles, spikeball, cornhole, maybe kickball.

00:48:31Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

At TCU we are planning for Club and IM team sports, within guidelines as needed. IM submitted their plan to distance and stay safe. (hopefully) I had each club executive committee email me a plan as to how they could possibly be active. We submitted to a University committee and will see what they say. I think probably no travel but hope they will be able to stay active.

00:48:39Lance Haynie


00:48:40Bob Golson

James Madison, will have no team sport intramurals only individual type events. Sport Clubs travel is stopped and focus would be on conditioning. Should Virginia roll back phases, then all bets are off as online will not allow us to collect student fees

00:49:16Jonathan Johnston

A&M Commerce. For IM sports, we are looking at several 1v1 and 2v2 sports and 4v4 sand vball in late sept. instead of a full semster schedule We are looking at a 1st half schedule first 2nd half schedule to allow for changes in covid that may come in October. Clubs are quite restricted but considering small conditioning practices.

00:49:26Jason Darby

Our governor reduced our event capacity numbers this morning for the state so that will have an impact on our IM and Club plans moving forward.

00:50:10Tricia Bush

@NMU - Low risk IM's we are looking at are Fowling, Pickleball, Tennis, Euchre, Ping Pong, etc.

00:51:08Jerrod Jackson

Biggest challenge for us is university has said any event of more than 10 must be approved...meaning every single club practice has to be submitted and approved. So that'll be a hurdle to naviagate

00:51:20Jerrod Jackson

Just like others, the largest team sport we are planning is 4v4 sand volleyball

00:51:57Jason Darby

We've started having students quit because we can't guarantee them the same volume of hours with some of our programming limited and/or shut down at the moment. Ex: climbing wall and personal training (at this time)

00:52:10Jonathan Johnston

we are beginning to hear more and more students say their parents aren't allowing them to come back and or not work. .

00:52:29Dana Lopez

wake Forest will be utilizing pro staff if we cannot get enough students to work. adjusted hours of course

00:52:38Becky Todd

The hiring freeze on our campus continues to be extended, this applies to student staff. We are trying to reallocate students from places with reduced programming to places that need more help (moving IM officials to group fitness monitors or else).

00:52:42Amy Shanks

Not sure if there are any other New England schools on here - but I'm in CT. Schools are very cautious about opening, as we are trying to avoid a huge uptick in cases (if its possible or not who knows?) Our football team will not be playing this year (conference cancelled all fall sports), and I anticipate other conferences will soon follow. We will have no club sports in the fall, and very limited intramurals if at all. And 2 weeks ago 80% of our class offerings went online, which led to a huge withdrawal from Housing.

00:53:14Erin Patchett (she/her)

we are also trying to reallocate student staff

00:53:20Jonathan Johnston

same Darby. we are looking at trying to cross train our current staff to reduce hiring new.

00:54:21Marc Iturriaga

#Nirsafamily this is a great way to feel connected.

00:55:01Brooke Turner

COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool (Map showing risk levels of attending an event with slide scale for size)

00:58:42Marc Iturriaga

great point Lance! no one said we had to offer intramural, fitness etc the way we always have.

01:00:38Erin Patchett (she/her)

we have pushed our fall all staff training to a pre-recorded YouTube video to share big updates and share some of our excitement to have them back

01:01:08Jonathan Johnston

We are going to do the same as Erin

01:01:12Ann Storey (she/her)

we have also put all of our training online as well.

01:01:59Ann Storey (she/her)

i'm grateful that i'm not alone. it can be hard working from home and feeling like it's just me dealing with these struggles.

01:02:12Marc Iturriaga

great pints Nicole. those are conversations we should be having all the time with our staff regardless of the pandemic. how do we turn these boys not opportunities for learning and growth.

01:03:16Marc Iturriaga

*into. not *boys not. sheesh. hobbit fingers typing.

01:03:44Jason Darby

One thing I'm preparing for is how our COVID changes will shift and affect the GA experience for this year especially with our new, incoming GAs. They will be getting a very different experience from what they normally would get, especially with little to no departmental events they typically get experience running. Trying to make sure we still give them a worthwhile experience.

01:03:47Jean Mcclellan-Holt

Our fall training is also online.

01:05:39Brad Wilson- LSU

Embracing flexibility and extending grace have been 2 key terms that I have leaned heavily on

01:05:53Jonathan Johnston

Yes Erin, Holding up everything lately.

01:06:37Jean Mcclellan-Holt

Our facility opened 7/6, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Open for 90 minute sessions, closed for 30-minute cleaning. We have some students working and our professional staff work 1-2 days per week as building managers. One pro staff works 6:45 a.m. - 1:15 and another works 1:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Not bad - people are appreciative that we are open.

01:06:52Robert Tighe

Brad our President at William & Mary uses the words flexibility and extending grace all the time.

01:08:43Amy Lanham

not free but we’ve sent hand written notes to staff at home. we made some ‘you matter’ stickers and sent those too

01:08:55Erin Patchett (she/her)

that’s awesome Jean!

01:08:58Becky Todd

We have worked hard to find new opportunities to be involved, committees, additional responsibilities, etc. Many of them have always wanted to, but didn't have time. They are excited about the new challenges. I was worried that "more work" wouldn't be exciting, but they are happy.

01:11:58Brooke Turner

I agree with sending written notes, or being more intentional about writing emails for thanks or acknowledgements. I have also called coordinators that report up through programs to just say hi and check on them as a person intermittently since we miss those casual opportunities not being in person.

01:13:00Marc Iturriaga

having the staff co-create opportunities for recognition can be very impactful and sustainable.

01:14:20Erin Patchett (she/her)

the l missing 15 is actually what is being set aside for isolation. so we are preparing for plenty of people on campus

01:14:45Erin Patchett (she/her)

ahh. the front end is that was res halls at 85% full

01:15:48Kathryn Dunn- Loyola Chicago

World's Best Annual 2020 Conference chair! Good to hear from you David!

01:16:10Jason Darby

How's the weather in Tallahassee Dave? I'll be there this weekend and need to know!

01:16:49David Peters

HOT and humid. Tallahassee summers.

01:17:08Brooke Turner

Thanks, it is comforting to see and hear from anyone. To know we are all in this together is helpful and as always the great ideas and discussion

01:17:16Robert Tighe

Thank You!

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