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Outdoor Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, July 14, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Donald Schmidt and Lance Haynie

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Chat Transcript

00:31:14NIRSA Smartboard

Looks like most everyone is on now.

00:31:21Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

We'll be referencing this page at times:

00:33:36Jaymie Cox-Garcia

Go WA! Go Cougs!

00:34:09Diane Yee

Can you repost that link? I joined after it was shared and can’t see those comments

00:34:24Ryan Kirchner U of U

00:34:26Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

Here you go:

00:34:29Diane Yee


00:35:27Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

UGA is recommending only 4 people in a 12-passenger van...(thumbs down emoji)

00:40:14Sue Lowley

My concern with “meet at site” is 1) equity issues for students 2) crowding at trail head parking areas

00:40:37Alli Hughes She/Her/Hers

Seconded Sue's points.

00:40:53Levi Dexel - CU Boulder

Environmental impact as well

00:44:28Andrew Huff

We’re exploring using a 15 person mini-bus. More space for 8 folks.

00:44:49Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

interesting! Will you rent it?

00:45:30Tyler Cox

Is there any equipment that you are not renting because of COVID? like tents?

00:45:36James Delorie Thomas College

We have 3 of those buses and I think it is 7 students

00:46:30Ben Piper

for those of you offering trips, how are you (or are you) verifying these 3rd party companies or trip sites meet your universities COVID standards?

00:46:31Hayley Prine - Weber State University (Ogden, UT)

Yes, at Weber State we are not renting tents, sleeping bags and some other soft goods during this time

00:46:41Sue Lowley

We are renting everything except wetsuits - tent get cleaned in soapy water then quarantined for 7 days

00:47:21Sue Lowley

Sleeping bags and soft goods are washed in commercial washer with lysol disinfectant additive

00:49:06Alli Hughes She/Her/Hers

We will introduce back our soft goods (wetsuit, tents, backpacks etc) when we move into a "yellow" or low-risk phase in SLC. Only boats and bikes right now.

00:51:39Jarret Ealy

Have you explored exposing equipment to UV lights to sanitize?

00:51:45Clifton McIntosh

A lancet article found that viable virus couldn’t be recovered from cloth after 2 days. Maybe a good guideline for tents and other soft goods.

00:52:01Andrew Huff

I second clif

00:52:04Sue Lowley

That is what I used to argue our case

00:53:18Clifton McIntosh

00:53:34Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

Thanks, Clif!

00:55:06Ben Piper


00:56:03Matt Kirkham

Thanks Clif!

00:58:03Haley Smith

What disinfectant is everyone using for hard surface gear?

00:59:37Donald Schmit, Washington State University

We are using Virex which is an ammonium chloride solution. We also have Oxivir which is a hydrogen peroxide solution

01:00:07Zachary Cox - Texas Tech

We use Buckeye Eco Neutral Disinfectant E23.

01:00:21Haley Smith - WKU (Bowling Green, KY)

Thank you, Friends!

01:00:23Matt Kirkham


01:00:31Michael Morgan

How is everyone determining their climbing wall occupancy limits?

01:01:02Jaymie Cox-Garcia


01:01:07Jaymie Cox-Garcia

oops - Oxivir

01:01:18Sue Lowley

What are people thinking about liquid chalk only? We can not open climbing gym here in CA but I am trying to collect information

01:01:22Levi Dexel - CU Boulder

We are restricted to 50% of occupancy or 6' distancing and starting with only allowing 10 in to start...

01:01:23Mac Siner

How are you cleaning holds on the wall?

01:02:10Ryan Kirchner U of U

We have some guidelines given to us by the state about people per square foot, and that works with maintaining adequate social distance

01:02:28Clifton McIntosh

Alabama is looking at liquid chalk only. With the alcohol content it looks like a viable option

01:02:28Michael Morgan

Sue, I just order Friction Labs new 80% liquid chalk. We are planning to suspend loose chalk usage.

01:02:38Sue Lowley

It seems like more cleaning of holds is not an answer in a large gym setting….and unlike fitness equipment can not be cleaned between uses

01:02:39Ben Piper

UT-Dallas is using IMLeagues for reservations and 50 minute time slots

01:03:15Donald Schmit, Washington State University

Where did you get the hold washer from?

01:03:36Chad Vossekuil

How often are the routes being stripped and set?

01:03:42Sue Lowley

Our limit is the time it would take to strip and set

01:04:48Levi Dexel - CU Boulder

01:05:02Donald Schmit, Washington State University

We are planning to spray the wall with Virex disinfectant multiple times per day. It's currently bouldering only so that's a little more feasible but I'm curious to see how that works out.

01:06:11Clifton McIntosh

How much did the hold washer cost?

01:06:21Sue Lowley

Out strategy when we open will be to encourage personal hygiene between climbs

01:06:36Mac Siner

What about contact tracing for holds?

01:06:53Ryan Kirchner U of U

01:07:09Ryan Kirchner U of U

CWA has some good info about route setting

01:07:42Jon Dent

I may have missed it, but any thought given to climbers learning masks, especially considering they’re above others?

01:07:52Jon Dent


01:07:55Annie Bills

One thing we do as well is require climbers to wipe shoes with disinfectant wipes before climbing, for rental and personal shoes

01:08:44Ryan Kirchner U of U

We will have reservations by day /ime and section of wall that could help with tracing.

01:09:28Malia Duggan

CWA is offering a free year of membership to anyone this year.

01:09:34Mac Siner

How often do you clean holds and what are you using?

01:09:38Cathy Stedman, Univ. of GA

the local climbing gym here in Athens, GA is also requiring masks for climbers

01:09:56Levi Dexel - CU Boulder

Most commercial climbing gyms are requiring masks

01:10:17Zachary Cox - Texas Tech

At Texas Tech we are using the E23 cleaner after every shift (Tuesday-Friday from 3-6) and first spray each hold, let it set for 10 mins, and then respray the holds/wipe them down. We only allow 12 people max to be on our floor but have sectioned off just bouldering. We do require the climbers to wear masks. Our patrons have to make reservations through Fusion.

01:10:38Haley Smith - WKU (Bowling Green, KY)

Are any CC sites opening/opened for full, face to face programs? Including high course programs.

01:11:02Haley Smith - WKU (Bowling Green, KY)

Virtual programming - what are you pricing your programs at?

01:11:45Cathy Stedman, Univ. of GA

Our virtual teambuilding is a flat hourly rate instead of per person

01:12:18Haley Smith - WKU (Bowling Green, KY)

@Cathy - thank you!

01:17:24Chris Lukas Training Wheels has some good ideas for teambuilding from a distance.

01:18:21Malia Duggan

Highly suggest calendly to reserve times

01:18:29Mac Siner

Zachary is the cleaning process happen before, after, or during open hours?

01:18:51Cathy Stedman, Univ. of GA

There is a Qualtrics guru at your university...find them and get help with skip logic, etc

01:19:17Zachary Cox - Texas Tech

It happens after the shift. Usually we stay 30 mins after the shift to get this done.

01:19:30Mac Siner


01:23:00Sue Lowley

We have 4 gear landing stations customer are assigned a number that corresponds to the pick up station

01:23:42Sue Lowley

All drop offs are outside and customer put it corresponding bins - tents get set up and then disassembled

01:24:23Levi Dexel - CU Boulder

Donald, I've always proposed the idea of paintball guns but that hasn't ever been approved!

01:25:03Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

@Levi @Donald, y'all are just ahead of your time!

01:25:11Lance Haynie-Univ. of Georgia

too futuristic

01:26:58Sue Lowley

We are not able to yet -

01:27:01Haley Smith - WKU (Bowling Green, KY)

I wish

01:27:08Sue Lowley

But I am spying on what NOLS WMI is doing

01:27:23Clifton McIntosh

Just the WFA light through Red Cross

01:27:28Alli Hughes She/Her/Hers

I can but my mic doesn't work. WFA through SOLO.

01:27:42Clifton McIntosh

WMA has their guidelines up on their website

01:28:10Annie Bills

landmark also requires face shield, masks, gloves all the time from the info they sent me for my November course

01:28:16Clifton McIntosh

01:28:59Hayley Prine - Weber State University (Ogden, UT)

Thanks everyone!

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