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Small Programs Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, July 7, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chris Crume & Trevor Brunet

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Chat Transcript

00:34:19Chris Crume

Drop your questions in the chat so we can make sure we get to all of them.

00:35:37Jeremy Fritz

What is your intramural programing and sport clubs looking like for the fall?

00:35:44Michael Thomas

For contact tracing purposes...Did you have to close your facility once you had positive tests?

00:37:10Sue Weaver

Anyone planning to have "in Person" group fitness indoors? If so, what are safety precautions you're taking?

00:44:09Janice DeMonsi

Our university is going to restrict all how do club sports play?

00:44:24Sue Weaver

We might take temperatures at Check-In. University gave our program 2 "temp guns"

00:45:16Janice DeMonsi

For the fall, we are not doing anything indoors - the facility will be closed (it is still closed via the county at this time) so all fitness classes will be like special events and on our 4.7 acre field.

00:48:54Michael Thomas

Anyone planning any outdoor recreation local trips? Biking, hiking, paddle sports, workshops?

00:50:37Sue Weaver

great, yes thanks!

00:51:16Sue Weaver

through zoom?

00:51:39Brenna Lacey

Our group fitness classes have most of the same procedures as Greta described, but we are having a lot of trouble getting consistent signups and employees have shown up without masks on- regardless of it being a requirement by the local government.

00:52:07Brenna Lacey

Just sharing experience so you think through those scenarios, because it's not a comfortable situation!

00:56:14Brenna Lacey

We also had trouble today with 2 group fitness participants who temp checked at 100.3 and 100.1 from the outside temperature... each had to cool down to get a "green" reading and this delayed the start of the group fitness class.

00:57:59Jeremy Fritz

I was planning to do some outdoor trips but due to travel issues our administration advised us not to until the spring

00:59:38Chris Crume

Keep those great questions coming!

01:01:00Chris Crume

01:01:31Michael Thomas

Is the NIRSA Championship Series occurring this fall?

01:05:08Brenna Lacey

Q1) Anyone have any creative solutions for student staff to make sure they leave a full 10-minute dwell time for disinfection throughout the day or during closed cleaning periods? I'm having trouble getting students to understand the importance and that they have to follow up with wiping clean on all contact points. We are currently out of the 3-min dwell time disinfectant wipes so are dependent on spray bottles and towels.

01:07:46Corbin Hedges

are people using IMLeagues as the way for people to sign up for workout time slots etc? if not what platform are you using?

01:09:24rachael Finley

We are using IMLeagues (And the App, which we love), for workout time slots, as well as Group Ex sign-ups, IM and Club Sport Sign-ups. There is even a feature for people to see what the realtime capacity is if we have our student employees update it.

01:10:43Michael Thomas

What is that feature? I have the app, but I did not know it could do realtime capacity.

01:12:03rachael Finley

Contact IMLeagues (We work with Tyler), and he can get it set up for you. I don’t think it’s automatically there.

01:12:22Greta Giese

We use SportsMan and having our members sign up for court time for individual workouts or shooting around within your own immediate family group.

01:13:24Carl Bolton

We are using Do Sports Easy (DSE) and they just added a reservation module for our fitness center

01:13:51Brenna Lacey, MO Baptist Univ

I have had great luck with

01:14:19Brenna Lacey, MO Baptist Univ

It's completely free and our group fitness members like it because it's really simple and mobile friendly.

01:14:48Joe Quartarone

If any of you have bocce, I can share all the details for safely playing bocce. Being a VP of US Bocce Federation and run, I recently organized a BocceCLEAN webinar for the executives for all North American Bocce Clubs. From interviewing several execs from OR to MO to KY to MA and up to Canada, we have come up with all the best guidelines for keeping bocce players safe. Some of the best things about bocce are people can be spaced out and when you mark the balls, people don't need to share them. After each game, the balls will be sanitized for the next group.

A few of you are talking about trying some new ideas, so if you don’t offer bocce now, I will gladly help anyone who wants to try it at your facility. It can be played either outside or on a gym floor. Trevor, bocce might be a fun option for your Rec Day Thursday when you are playing little games since it’s easy to play and all-inclusive.

01:15:29rachael Finley

Thanks Joe! We were considering it, I will definitely check out your website!

01:18:36Paul Clay

Thank you Joe! We are considering host an events as well.

01:18:57Michael Thomas

Do you have an email Joe?

01:19:59Joe Quartarone

01:21:05Janice DeMonsi

Thanks everyone for the roundtable - always learn something - now off to figure out how to cut 50% of our student California we will be slow to open and right now are still closed until further notice.

01:22:10Trevor Brunet

I will be reaching out Joe. I do not currently offer bocce but this is definitely something I would be interested in offering. We are always looking for different games and sports that our students are not familiar with.

01:26:44Sue Weaver

thank you to everyone!

01:27:33Corbin Hedges

this was excellent! thank you

01:28:27rachael Finley

Thanks y’all! I really appreciate the time and I have a lot of good notes! I need to head out… Cheers to all of you!

01:29:04Paul Clay

Thank you!!!

01:29:06Michael Thomas

Thank you!

01:29:07Joe Quartarone

Thank you for the presenters and guests for the the informative webinar.

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