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Student Professional Development

Recorded on Monday, July 6, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Christina Galli and Matthew Altendorf

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Chat Transcript

00:31:35Alessandra Sanchez

Alessandra Sanchez- University of Texas at San Antonio

00:31:46Liz Feldman

Liz Feldman, Iowa state

00:31:47Mike Dominguez

sorry no video. eating breakfast:) lol

00:31:50Alexis Charles

Alexis Charles-Washington State University

00:31:56Megan Ridley

Megan Ridley, Young Harris College

00:31:59Michael Migliaro

Michael Migliaro- The University of Alabama

00:32:04Mike Dominguez

mo phillips, sonoma state university

00:32:06Cassie Smith

Cassie Smith, Youngstown State University

00:32:18Mike Jones

Mike Jones - Indiana University

00:32:19Jeff Kingery

Jeff Kingery, Case Western Reserve University

00:32:24Emily Roan

Emily Roan - University of Pittsburgh

00:32:51Lance Morrison

Lance Morrison - UC Berkeley

00:32:55John Davenport

John Davenport - Arizona State University

00:34:41Stephanie L Walden-Schwake

Stephanie Walden-Schwake University of Southern Indiana

00:38:29Chrissy Galli

If you’d like access to the slides from today’s session:

00:39:24Chris Geary - IU

Getting our internal team up-to-speed on migrating to blended training and how to create online modules.

00:39:42Lindsay Brookey

Best practices for staff training online

00:39:54Amber Mateer

To provide professional development sessions to my student staff that they would actually care about, to get excited about

00:40:24Liz Feldman

Validating student employee safety concerns while also focusing on their personal/professional growth which may not feel like a priority to them

00:40:55Miles Dodge

If doing in-person training, handling situations where students may not want to participate in-person for safety reasons

00:43:48Samantha Plum

Developing and implementing remote work opportunities for student employees, especially those with Federal Work Study awards who rely on employment for part of their financial aid, but may not physically be on campus this fall and/or feel safe working.


is your youth program in person??

00:45:20Zac Brost

Yes, we are running in-person camp starting today.




I’m assuming more groups in the camp? to distance as best as possible?

00:49:28Zac Brost

Correct. And no blending of age groups. We have limited hours and adjusted drop-off and pick-up procedures to ensure. We aren't mixing groups and we don't have large numbers at one place at one time.


Best with your camp! I know you worked hard to make it happen.

00:56:42Liz Feldman

How are you dealing with generating revenue but having limited programs?

00:57:21Liz Feldman

For example, are you training students on new programs on top of current changes

00:57:41Mike Dominguez

Are you using other methods of online student staff training other than zoom and powerpoint?

00:58:35Samantha Plum

@Mike Dominguez We hope to use Canvas and WebEx

00:58:36Amber Mateer

Have y’all implemented additional trainings in light of COVID, like mental health health first aid for example?

00:59:03Miles Dodge

@Amber, Oregon State is incorporating a mental health module in our student leadership retreat

00:59:04Chris Geary - IU

@Mike Dominguez - we are using Canvas and Kaltura.

00:59:44Adrienne Gossett

Google Classroom in addition to Canvas…

01:02:30Mo McAlpine

Are the majority of your training resources created by your team and/or have you found some helpful resources onine, i.e. a quality training program/presentation on customer service related to COVID?

01:07:13Miles Dodge

At Oregon State we are partnering with wellbeing and mental health experts on-campus integrated into the training...the extra win is it is building stronger bonds with our student affairs teammates who have invested a lot into quality training products

01:20:59Matthew Altendorf

Finally dug up the link to the webinar I mentioned.

01:21:10Matthew Altendorf

You may need to register to get access to the recording

01:29:35Stephanie L Walden-Schwake

I would love to get a copy of the slides.

01:29:44Stephanie L Walden-Schwake

01:30:06Bonnie Hainline

Thank you!

01:30:15Miles Dodge

Thank you panelists!

01:30:22Amanda Torres-Brooks

thank you!

01:30:32ryan mueller

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

01:30:33Stephanie L Walden-Schwake

Thanks everyone!

01:30:33Cassie Smith

thank you!

01:30:36Mike Jones

thanks for organizing this!

01:30:37Amber Mateer

Thank you!

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