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Facilities Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, June 30, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Jess Gentry, Erin Wells and Amy Lanham

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Chat Transcript

00:25:19Amy Lanham UN-Lincoln

Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln opened June 15 with limited hours and services

00:25:53Aaron Brooks

At The University of Akron, we just found out when we are allowed back on campus. July 20. We still have no idea when we will reopen

00:34:06Amy Lanham UN-Lincoln

Risk Dial example

00:36:09Keith Wenrich

University of Georgia - masks are strongly encouraged.

00:36:50Staci Snyder

Los Angeles Country has mask required anytime you are outside your home (inside or outside)

00:37:27Brandi Bates- LUC

City of Chicago has required masks for fitness facilities

00:38:46Duane Parliament

We are considering mask until they get to their activity pod then they can remove for activity, then back on for building exit

00:39:01Stoney Hart

Ferris State will require masks in buildings. We haven't reopened yet though.

00:39:48Staci Snyder

For those with mask required, how are you/will you enforcing? What if someone refuses to wear one or leave?

00:42:18Duane Parliament

We will be screening at door. No mask, no entry. Our city is on mandatory masks for indoor public facilities at this point.

00:43:23Amanda Deml

Seattle U created their own app for people to screen at home and show they "passed" when they get to campus

00:44:13Amy Lanham UN-Lincoln

00:44:30Amy Lanham UN-Lincoln

this is the app for University of Nebraska that is encouraged

00:45:29Staci Snyder

We will be doing temperature checks at entry to all facilities. We are also developing a covid "agreement" of sorts (don't want to call it a waiver) that everyone will have to sign upon entry. Everyone that visits campus will also have to fill out the university required symptom monitoring survey before entering campus

00:53:20Robert Gough

W&M will use Fusion for a building reservation system

00:57:40Amy Lanham UN-Lincoln

We used Microsoft Office 365 Forms for locker content pick up

00:58:54Duane Parliament

are schools doing total capacity, or having people sign up for different spaces? If total capacity, any issues with the rush for a certain space?

01:01:46Bob Gough W&M

@W&M total capacity for reservations, we will staff areas to regulation area-specific capacity (weight rooms, pool, etc.)

01:07:58Max Miller (he/him) Swarthmore College

Thanks for Erin’s suggestion, I will be participating in the FREE “Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During COVID-19” through the ARC

01:08:25Max Miller (he/him) Swarthmore College


01:08:47Rebecca Harper

Free until June 30th?

01:10:05Manica Pierrette

Is anyone doing temp checks on a campus doesn’t require masks?

01:13:22Erin Wells

Same at UT Austin, not equipment check out

01:14:00Rusty Caldwell

For those with indoor track spaces, are you closing those off? If not, how are you enforcing social distancing?

01:15:09Gillian McDonald

Has anyone received any guidance on the ventilation in either their fitness centers or basketball gyms to determine the capacity they can allow? Our college has determined the capacity in classrooms and the distance everyone would need to stay apart, however, in a fitness center there is more aerosolization. We are waiting to see our state’s guidelines on gyms, but trying to get our facilities dept some advanced guidelines to check the HVAC of our spaces and how the air is circulated in those various spaces.

01:17:10Duane Parliament

We've been told that maximizing fresh air coming in and minimizing recirculation is a priority. Cost to that as extra cooling is required

01:17:56Amy Lanham UN-Lincoln

Recommendations are based on excerpt from a document ASHRE published titled Guidance for Building Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic, published May 2020 and a document BOMA published regarding guidance for preparing building for re-entry amid COVID 19. Document published April 24, 2020, updated May 1, 2020.

01:21:24Max Miller (he/him) Swarthmore College

Thank you for facilitating!

01:21:35Brittany Rejda

Thank you!

01:21:39Staci Snyder

Thank you!

01:22:55Erin Wells


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