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Marketing Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, June 25, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Krista Herring and Kendra Moretti

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Chat Transcript

00:26:18Krista Herring - UCCS

Krista Herring - University of Colorado Colorado Springs

00:26:28Macy Burkett

Hi, everyone! I'm Macy Burkett, and I'm the Marketing Coordinator at the University of Kansas.

00:26:32Adrienne Gossett

Adrienne, Assistant Director of Marketing, Northwestern University

00:26:32Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodriguez, Marketing & Student Development Coordinator @ UT Rio Grande Valley.... the tip of Texas next to the border

00:26:32Kendra Moretti

Kendra Moretti - Belmont University

00:26:33Brittany Booth

Hi! Brittany Booth - Kennesaw State University; Marketing Coordinator

00:26:36Gina Wood

Gina Wood - Assistant Coordinator Marketing and Assessment - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

00:26:37Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

Ben Nelson - Minnesota State University, Mankato - Marketing & Facilities

00:26:38Ryan Fisher

Ryan Fisher - Assistant Director of Facilities & Member Services at Eastern Kentucky University

00:26:40Natalie Schlenker

Natalie Schlenker, Marketing Assistant for Pacific Recreation

00:26:46Taryn-Lea McEachrane

Hi Everyone! My name is Taryn, Outreach Coordinator at UMiami - Med Campus

00:26:47Anthony U of Central Arkansas

U of Central Arkansas. Marketing/Media and facility.

00:26:47Jay McKendall

Jay McKendall - Rec Sports Coordinator University of Wyoming

00:26:48Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

HI all! My name is Mo Phillips and I am the Director of Student Engagement at Sonoma State University

00:26:49Brian Hustoles - Oregon State University

Brian Hustoles, Marketing and Communications Manager Oregon State University

00:26:50Maria Lauron-Ramos

Hi Everyone! Maria Lauron-Ramos | Coordinator of Marketing/Staff Development | Princeton University

00:26:52Alexandra Kissinger

Alex Kissinger- Rec Coordinator at Saint Joes University

00:26:53David Podschun - USC

David Podschun - Membership Sales and Services - USC

00:26:54Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall-Marketing & Memberships Graduate Assistant Texas Southern University

00:26:55Madison Cowles

Madison Cowles, Graphic Designer II at University of Texas at San Antonio Campus Rec

00:27:27Michael Wilson - Texas Woman's University

Michael Wilson - Texas Woman's University, Currently Outdoor Adventure Coordinator, newly taking on Marketing, E-Sports, and Intramurals.

00:27:27Andrew Castagna UMass Boston

Andrew Castagna UMass Boston - Member Management and Marketing

00:27:31Meghan Pontius

Meghan Pontius, Assessment & Communications Manager at University of Arizona

00:27:42Peter McComie

Peter McComie - McMaster University (Canada) - Intramural Sports Coordinator & Rec Marketing/Promo

00:27:42Megan Ridley

Director of Recreation, Young Harris College

00:28:11Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen- Promotions Coordinator Texas Southern Univ.

00:29:05Jill Wells

Jill Wells - Oregon State University Administrative Program Assistant in Sport Programs.

00:30:04Anthony U of Central Arkansas

What the rules are for coming into our facility.

00:30:23Cristina Rodriguez

How to continue participation engagement with our virtual programming.

00:30:26Gina Wood

Signage, marketing plan for opening

00:30:33Macy Burkett

COVID signage is my big project. We just ordered a plotter printer and frames for 24x36 posters to hang around the facility

00:30:36Krista Herring - UCCS

My priority right now is getting our communications strategy for covid specific items together/finalized

00:30:51Ashley Hall

We’ve been working a lot with signage for virtual fitness and trying to encourage fitness while away from the facility

00:30:54Taryn-Lea McEachrane

Signage, policies, promoting virtual programs

00:30:55Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

Working on a video to discuss changes/new rules patrons will see when we open.

00:31:26Tara Gilkey

Hi Anthony!

00:31:35Ashley Hall

Also working on a reopening video/tour

00:31:46Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

Princeton: Working on Signage/Verbiage on signs for space in the building. Other Priorities: Re-developing strategy for social media content that relates to our solidarity statement to ensure we aren’t going back to “normal content”.

00:31:53David Podschun - USC

How are you balancing current and new signage around facility?

00:32:20David Podschun - USC

AND - if those policies are fluid how are you creating signage that might change frequently...

00:33:13Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@David: Most of the signage is the information that comes from CDC and our department of health. Most likely not changing.

00:34:17Kendra Moretti

Thank you for sharing Cristina!

00:35:53Cristina Rodriguez

YouTube link of our director's welcome back message with footage

00:37:08Krista Herring - UCCS

00:38:00Cristina Rodriguez

Highly recommend canva and adobe spark for template creations.

00:38:16Krista Herring - UCCS

00:38:34Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes @Cristina.

00:39:49Ashley Hall

Can you all let Maiya Turner in?

00:39:53Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

I would be interested to know how others are connecting with /marketing to new entering students. Our orientation is 100% online and we are doing some virtual (zoom) resource fairs to connect and answer questions.

00:40:53Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

good idea

00:40:55David Podschun - USC

@Ben we have set up a specific webpage that's sort of a one-stop place for new students and also allows them to submit questions. It goes live next week for us and will be sent to all new students.

00:41:17Cristina Rodriguez

at UTRGV they are providing the public image of COVID-19 signage

00:41:41Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

Our University-wide marketing team has some general template signage they're using in most facilities, we will have to design our own for signage for anything specific to us.

00:41:45Danielle Anderson

I use a large format printer (Variquest) with templates I can make flyers / signage immediately.

00:42:17Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

Simplifying policies and using graphics that align with the message. We have building signage that has been created through the University’s Environmental Health Services. Then I have been customizing signage for specific activity rooms.

00:42:24Krista Herring - UCCS

There is also a thread on the NIRSA Marketing Facebook group about signage so feel free to hop over there and upload any signage or request any examples to be sent to you!

00:42:37Cristina Rodriguez

@anthony that is a cute slogan.

00:43:36Krista Herring - UCCS

Thanks Cristina!

00:44:10Luis Banda

We are looking to create a campaign for Fall to market our programming and using student employees to relay the message

00:44:14Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Cristina: We are working on the verbiage and checking for already used #s.

00:44:22Gina Wood

We’re using Your Help Matters and We’re In This Together for a lot of our messaging

00:44:22Anthony U of Central Arkansas


00:45:02Ashley Hall

We had signage on every other machine for proper distancing

00:45:26Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, signs and marking tape.

00:45:40Krista Herring - UCCS

UNL video is on this page:

00:46:06Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes @Michael. I have heard those in other chats.

00:46:52Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV created a What to Expect video to

00:47:38Cristina Rodriguez

We used CriCut to create internal stickers to place on windows and plexiglass

00:48:09Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Maria. See pic.

00:49:58Brooke Povich

Is anyone requiring masks at all times in the facility including while working out? If so, do you have specific signage/language for this? If any schools are in the same situation, would be happy to talk more individually as well

00:50:14Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Cristina: I love the "make big sign maker."

00:50:17Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

@Anthony - Thank you!

00:51:51Krista Herring - UCCS

@Anthony HEARD! I appreciate the heads up for sure!

00:53:29Gina Wood

* We are going to host a staff test day before we open and will be making a video showing how to enter and how to maneuver around the facility

00:53:52Tara Gilkey

Those that have made videos, have they had success in being viewed by patrons? What platforms have you shared the videos on?

00:55:42Cristina Rodriguez

Videos hosted on YouTube, shared on FB, TW, IN.... Looking to embed into website.

00:55:47Jessica Allen of Texas Southern Univ.

IGTV, Youtube, twitter, campusrec website

00:56:30David Podschun - USC

We will use our Reach TV's in facility for videos and signage

00:58:36Tara Gilkey

Thanks everyone!

00:59:07Gina Wood

We started offering as many classes as possible on multiple platforms at ones to increase attendance - most are on IG Live and Zoom at the same time

00:59:26Adrienne Gossett

What equipment/setup do you recommend for creating a virtual / on-demand group exercise space?

00:59:35Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Esports and the virtual 5k are more popular than our zoom group ex.

00:59:56Cristina Rodriguez

We just started reaching out to groups on campus to present to: (1) SGA and (2) ResLife since they are active in the summer... we are also working with recruitment office to send to entering freshman

01:00:01David Podschun - USC

@Gina and @Adrienne how has participation been in the social media live classes?

01:00:47Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Kristia: Yes on routes on their own. Also make them "honest" with app information.

01:00:55Luis Banda

We ar ein the process of marketing to all new students through new student orientation and trying to link them to our social media, IMLeagues and website

01:00:56Adrienne Gossett

@David we’re currently not offering, but we’re looking forward to fall quarter..

01:01:06Jessica Allen of Texas Southern Univ.

Same reaching out to different Orgs on campus, and hosting health and wellness chats

01:01:11Gina Wood

@David - We’ve been averaging 20-30 per live class but higher numbers after they are saved to IGTV

01:01:23David Podschun - USC

@Gina thanks!

01:01:32Gina Wood

IG Live and IGTV are highest for us

01:01:37Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

We’ve been hosting ALL classes via Zoom only. For spring Virtual Classes we’ve had an average of 295 participation per week. For summer, I’m not sure of numbers. However we’ve found that participants are those who have not attended in person classes.

01:02:03Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

our orientation is online right now so we have been sending info to the O leaders to share with the new students.

01:02:15Andrew C. UMass Boston

how are students login to accounts ?

01:02:33Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

we also have a seawolf chat program where we can send a text/insta like message to all first year students through the chatbot program

01:02:47Gina Wood

We use it for live classes, weekly PT and Fitness classes posted to our feed

01:02:56Gina Wood


01:02:59Andrew C. UMass Boston

student employees login on to department accounts

01:03:10Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

IGTV content has not been as successful as regular feed videos on our end.

01:05:10Jessica Allen of Texas Southern Univ.


01:07:15Gina Wood

We filmed a block of fitness videos in our rec center when this started and we post those weekly - we will be filming more in August to get us through fall. Higher quality fitness classes to break up all of the IG Live classes

01:07:42Gina Wood

We also rotate them out on our website and point to YouTube

01:08:32Jay McKendall

Is anyone using twitch?

01:09:20Krista Herring - UCCS

@Jay we’ve only used it for the Trivia challenge in the springs semester

01:09:46Luis Banda

Our department is actually in charge of new student orientation as well. Here is direct link to online and inperson orientation -

01:10:14David Podschun - USC

We are also hosting virtual sessions for orientation through zoom, sorry my son is making too much noise :)

01:10:37Michael Wilson - Texas Woman's University

We found an Instagram account that focuses specifically on the 2024 class. We followed that account and all of the students mentioned in their posts. That gained us over 100 new followers. We also created a virtual welcome/orientation video that shows the facility. We are also working on First-year only student events.

01:10:52Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

@David never apologize!

01:11:18Michael Wilson - Texas Woman's University

David, gotta love that Dad life!

01:11:24Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

@David lol, thanks. Been there the last few months too.

01:11:27Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Krista: and copy!!!

01:11:49Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

Looking into Discord to host virtual space for Class of 2024.

01:13:20Cristina Rodriguez

UTRGV recruitment is now introducing a drive thru pick up... so we added materials

01:13:52Jill Wells

Our Sport Clubs recruit a lot during our new student orientations. They will not have that opportunity with our online orientation. How are others supporting their student clubs with their new student recruitment efforts?

01:14:45Cristina Rodriguez

Joining social media pages to share material to

01:14:46Jill Wells

(we're being hopeful that sport clubs will be active this year of course.)

01:14:56David Podschun - USC

@Jill We are doing zoom sessions for club interest - histed by our RCC

01:15:24Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

we are doing zoom club fairs

01:15:53Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

also looking at instagram swipe club fair

01:16:14Mo Phillips - Sonoma State University

sorry, i have to go , but thanks for hosting this and sharing events.

01:17:20Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Any info, items, Qs YOU NEED for opening, let me know. Marketing, facilities, opening

01:19:16Jill Wells

Thank you everyone.

01:19:47Krista Herring - UCCS

01:20:12Krista Herring - UCCS

Email Emily Hughes if you are interested in joining in on this

01:20:40Krista Herring - UCCS

Krista Herring –

Kendra Moretti –

01:20:56Danielle Anderson @ Fairfield University

What date does the 202 Rec movement end?

01:21:12Danielle Anderson @ Fairfield University


01:21:30Maria Lauron-Ramos (She/Her/Hers)

Thanks Krista and Kendra for hosting space again!! We appreciate you :)

01:21:59Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you both. Be safe all and wash your hands. Wear your masks.

01:22:01David Podschun - USC

Thank you!

01:22:04Gina Wood

Thank you!

01:22:04Peter McComie

thank for hosting!

01:22:07Adrienne Gossett


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