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Event Services Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, June 25, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Kathryn Dunn, Adrianna Del Amo and Ryan Kirchner

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Chat Transcript

00:34:06Ross Rod - UT Austin

We are also using Canvas and Zoom for some of our upcoming student trainings; We’ve moved all of our Summer Orientation programming to virtual platfroms also

00:40:04Ross Rod - UT Austin

Is anyone a shared-use facility for Athletics? Have you received any word on their plans to host NCAA competitions?

00:40:32Kevin Wilson

In Canada - USports for the Fall has been completely cancelled

00:41:41Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

We also have a couple of shared fields and haven't heard anything - NCAA football is currently practicing on our fields, but no word on NCAA lacrosse games, for instance

00:41:58Ross Rod - UT Austin

Thanks, everyone!

00:42:30Ross Rod - UT Austin

Those conversations for additional classroom/in-between class social spaces have just begun for us.

00:43:03Ross Rod - UT Austin

We, along with some other facilities, have been put on a short list for in-between class spaces rather than hallways

00:43:49Ross Rod - UT Austin

Is anyone on a list to become an Acute Care Facility/Field Hospital to support your local healthcare systems?

00:44:40Andy Hamilton

Any update on how Campus Rec Sports are going to look moving forward? Also, how are student officials going to be trained?

00:44:50Ross Rod - UT Austin

Thanks, @Allison!

00:46:57Kevin Wilson

If events are traditionally 'revenue generating' and there are a) an increase in costs due to more staff/PPE and b) likely will see a reduction in participant capacity - will you still be hosting events with the anticipation of generating revenue or has that philosophy changed?

00:47:48Ross Rod - UT Austin

We will be select with our revenue generating events, and will need to incorporate all CDC and local guidelines into the planning of those events.

00:47:50Chelsea Watson

UGA - we are not sure if we are hosting team sports but we are looking at a similar combination of virtual rules clinics and social distanced field clinics

00:47:52Courtney Smith

We are also planning on lots of zoom trainings for all of our staffs - if anyone hasn't checked out Google Classroom features - its been helpful for us

00:49:16Carissa Smith

@Andy we haven’t decided if we are going to have officials this semester, however we will likely be doing a blended learning model if we do have team sports. The in-person trainings will be smaller groups to lower exposure

00:49:48Kelley Hungerford

Great to hear from you, Andy! Here's ZOOOM's information in the NIRSA Buyers' Guide:

00:50:07Andy Hamilton

Thanks Kelly Hungersford

00:53:42Kelley Hungerford - NIRSA HQ

Another useful virtual officials training resource. Here are recordings of the Champ Series' virtual basketball officials clinic from early April:

00:53:45Terri Shannon

I am at Miami University, We hold many age group swim meets. Is anyone considering Virtual meets with other area swim teams?

00:54:18Kevin Wilson

Cool idea

00:54:25Kevin Wilson

Can maybe do track too

00:54:30Terri Shannon

can’t figure out how to unmute!

00:54:38Kevin Wilson

Bottom Left!

00:57:51Kevin Wilson

I'm with you!

00:57:56Kevin Wilson


00:59:29Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

Just wanted to share this resource for meeting room set ups

00:59:50Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

And how to hold meetings safely

01:10:52Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

To add on the event staff piece, since we are anticipating special events to be a lot less, we are using our special event staff to help with cleaning the facility for the time being. Not sure if other folks are needing to do deep cleaning, etc for your facility

01:12:20Ross Rod - UT Austin


01:12:25Adrienne Gossett


01:12:27Allison Einhouse

I'm in!

01:12:33Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

I'll be there :)

01:12:39Erin Wells

Yes, hopefully we will have some more topics

01:12:48Adrienne Gossett


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