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Risk Management Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, June 23, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Erin Wells, Chad Lowe, Drew Loso and Sarah Shea

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Chat Transcript

00:21:18Erin Wells

Please if you have any questions or comments please drop them here or feel free to unmet and throw it out there

00:22:43Erin Wells

00:23:39Jillian Dolciato

We are working with our TriHealth partner to order supplies as they are able to purchase as a license medical professional

00:28:46marcos ordaz

Does anyone have a link to a BVM with a HEPA filter?

00:29:28Brenna Lacey

Our county mandates temp checks for all employees and patrons entering the facility. For anyone who has the same requirements, how will your first shift opening employee(s) be screened/temp checked?

00:30:04Erin Wells

00:30:09Ross Rodriguez

@Brenna - Our shift leadership at open will be responsible for filling in our tracking sheet.


google forms for us

00:33:17Brenna Lacey


00:37:12Kelley Hungerford

The American Red Cross has many resources re: aquatics on its COVID-19 guidance page:

00:37:12Amber Kavehkar

Is anyone using dividers between immovable equipment--ie cardio machines close together like these arimis shields?

00:37:34Brad Wilson- LSU

This can be answered in the chat…what is your dept plan for locker rooms? Closed, open as usual, or some modified approach, etc

00:37:50Ross Rodriguez

@Amber - No, we are just closing off machines using motorcycle covers.

00:37:55Kelley Hungerford

And NIRSA members receive 10% eligible American Red Cross retail products as a benefit of membership :) -

00:38:18Ross Rodriguez

@Brad - Locker Rooms will be closed for UT-Austin during Phase 1. Restrooms available, but locker room portions closed down.

00:38:37Drew Loso - Notre Dame

@brad we will have them closed to start out with, and be revisiting the policy as time goes forward

00:38:58Jennifer Wood

Sarah how many students do you have in lifeguard the class? Are they working in separate groups or all together in the water?

00:39:59Chad Lowe-Ohio State

@Brad - OSU will have lockers open, spaced out, no showers available.

00:40:02Amber Kavehkar-Univ of Pacific

@Brad, its complicated for us since RR and Locker room area is one space. So we are thinking to block off center RR and mark the floor to wait to access locker area one person at at a time and keep lockers avail for rent. No day use lockers.

00:41:33Ross - UT Austin

Ours is similar, Amber. However, we have the ability to close down 2/3 of our lorckerrooms and just keep access to restroom portions.

00:41:50Jillian Dolciato

How are pools that share space with varsity handling their practices? For our members, we are doing 1 person per lane. However, when varsity is practicing, this will not fall under our policy....lots of mixed feelings about different standards

00:41:54alex sperling

would you be willing to share that lifeguard training plan with us?

00:42:17marcos ordaz

anyone using N95 masks? If so who's conducting a fit test?

00:47:10alex sperling

00:47:11Kelley Hungerford

Here's the Red Cross's interim lifeguarding virtual skills training info from the previously shared website:

00:47:35Erin Wells


00:47:41marcos ordaz

Thank you

00:47:53Jacob Lodge

00:50:36Ross - UT Austin

and its FREE.99!

00:50:55Kelley Hungerford - NIRSA HQ

Here's the course info, again from the Red Cross's COVID-19 resource page:


are these trainings taking place on zoom where all need to be present? or are you filming and sending to them to watch on their own time?

00:53:06Ross - UT Austin

Some will be on Zoom, but some will need to be in-person

00:54:29Jillian Dolciato

We are utilized Canvas to have both manuals/information to read, recorded videos to watch with quizzes, then we will have small in-person groups for on-site trainings

00:54:36Nick Donahue

Here at UW Superior I will be doing zoom and then Canvas training with videos and quizzes then in person training for facility staff 2 at a time.

00:57:36Traci Smith

@jillian how was the process to create all of that content in Canvas? Is it easy to set up?

01:00:12Ross - UT Austin

That’s a great idea!

01:00:17Nick Donahue

What type of open rec policies is anyone adding ?

01:01:00Jillian Dolciato

For our initial opening, we will have our courts and aux gyms closed.

01:01:35Ross - UT Austin

During Phase 1, we won’t be allowing open rec nor renting equipment.

01:01:52Ross - UT Austin

This will be especially tough to enforce at our outdoor facility, where people are used to playing open rec soccer

01:02:03Jason Darby

No open rec throughout the summer. Revisiting when we get to fall.

01:02:09Ross - UT Austin

But we’ll be enforcing drills/passing personal equipment is fine but full-games will be stopped

01:02:21Ross - UT Austin

Those activities will be allowed in future phases

01:02:48Jillian Dolciato

@Sarah, do you have someone who monitors your outdoor court to enforce that rule of one per hoop?

01:02:53Pat Kutcher

Are group fitness instructors required to wear face coverings when teaching and are they teaching behind a plexiglass barrier for physical distancing?

01:03:45Nick Donahue

Thank you!

01:05:58Ross - UT Austin

RecSports is purchasing (2) individual plexiglass barriers for very, very select use. That could be customer service, personal trainers working with an individual in a high-risk category, etc. But those are not/will not be available for all.

01:07:54Robert Weeks

At University of Cincinnati, the school might use any of our 6 gym courts to allow students a place to go in between classes so they don't congregate in tighter spaces. We were planning on placing equipment on the courts but now that likely won't happen. Instead, we'll likely spread some equipment throughout the multipurpose rooms and keep group fitness virtual.

01:08:08Amber Kavehkar-Univ of Pacific

online and in person mix starting with more online for group fitness, 25% in person

01:08:27Jillian Dolciato

Have any universities made decisions on student travel?

01:09:14Ross - UT Austin

@Robert - We just got asked to think about the same….which I think we can accommodate. We never planned to move equipment, for reasons like this or if we became an Acute Care Site/Field Hospital.

01:10:12James Alexander

Hi Jillian!

01:11:52Jason Darby

No decision has been given to us on travel at this time.

01:11:56Chelsea Watson

As of right now, we are not allowing student travel at UGA

01:13:11Sarah Shea

Got to go... Emergency

01:13:13Robert Gough

Sport Club Considerations: William & Mary is looking at the state high school federation, NGB's, and the NCAA. The combination of those guidelines along with our local state guidelines will inform our decisions related to sport club practice and travel.

01:13:41Jason Darby

For those planning to allow club sports to practice still, are you having them sign any form of COVID waiver? (Came in late so apologies if this was asked earlier)

01:15:15Chelsea Watson

We do not have a COVID waiver but we are thinking of having them put together a practice plan that we both agree on that fit university and NGB guidelines. So just conditioning and/or how they are going to social distance


two weeks pls!

01:18:39Angel Beegle

two weeks!

01:18:39Amber Kavehkar-Univ of Pacific

Would love to do another in two weeks especially to hear from open spaces

01:18:41Jason Darby

Two weeks sounds good

01:18:41Ross - UT Austin

Good luck to those re-opening soon! Our NIRSA fam is here to support always!

01:18:44Brad Wilson- LSU

That’d be great

01:18:45Jennifer Wood

two week



01:18:48Anna Champion

Yes...two weeks is good

01:18:50Abi Schaefer

2 weeks please

01:18:50Jillian Dolciato

two weeks would be great!

01:18:50Nick Donahue

two weeks

01:18:53Nick Donahue

Thank you !

01:18:57Bob Gough W&M

yes, 2 weeks is great

01:18:58Karen Howell

two weeks

01:19:02Megan Ridley

2 weeks

01:19:02Shelly Radtke


01:19:06Jacob Lodge

thanks everyone! be well

01:19:08Nathan Holtz

Thank You!

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