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Sport Club Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, June 18, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Wendy Sheppard, Sarah Hawkins, & Chad Zimmerman

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Chat Transcript

00:31:02Crystal Durham - NAU

hi friends! happy to see familiar faces

00:31:26Ryan McNicholas

Hey everyone- Glad to see everyone!

00:31:36Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Good morning everyone - thank you for joining us!

00:31:55Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Please fill out this survey to share where you are at with Sport Club planning for Fall 2020

00:31:56Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

00:33:50Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

00:34:22Max, Swarthmore College


00:35:07Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

00:35:51Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

00:38:32Ryan McNicholas

This is so helpful!! Thank you.

00:42:11Matt Dunigan

00:44:07Matt Dunigan

June 26th, 2020 - 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST

00:44:59Valerie McCutchan

NIRSA Championship Series, soccer and tennis for the fall would be fall in the No Decision Yet

00:46:11Amy Rask

USA Ultimate Return to Play:

00:47:41Jason Darby

USA Rugby Return to Play Guidelines:

00:48:27Thomas Manewitz - USA Ultimate

I agree, we would love to collaborate with NIRSA.

00:49:18Nick Schleicher

Can someone clarify the "No events" in the Fall- Crew? Lacrosse? Volleyball? -- is that a conference thing or an individual school thing?

00:49:46Max, Swarthmore College

For NGBs, I just wanted to make sure you’re aware of this link:

00:49:58Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Nick - those were the responses from the National level - those are sports that may have tournaments in the Fall but don’t host national events in the Fall

00:50:45Nick Schleicher

Thanks! :)

00:55:44Aubre Jones

I do believe that the biggest obstacle this fall might be TRAVEL restrictions to go to other univesities to play. If they don't allow teams to travel, that is going to put a huge damper on things.

00:56:24Greg Durham

is anyone else considering an 'all or nothing' model for club sport practices? we're on the fence about telling indoor sports yes/no, and telling outdoor sports something different.

00:57:30Samantha Wary (CWU)

Our indoor spaces may be spoken for with the use of academic classes or Group X type classes. We may have to split indoor or outdoor.

00:57:33James Alexander

we are looking at contact vs non-contact status. indoors are going to be a challenge as we may losing gym space...

00:57:37Mike Dominguez

we are looking at each club individually depending on risk and the NGB

00:57:44Michael Potter

sorry, microphone isn't working!

00:57:56Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Let me find the USA Rugby module and I’ll share it in here

00:58:22Michael Potter

currently looking at diving clubs into individual focused sports (racket sports, equestrian, etc.) and team sports (basketball, lacrosse, rugby)

00:59:09Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Link to rugby module:

00:59:59Mitch Wiltbank

At Oregon State, we are looking at each club separately as well and seeing what modifications can be made to meet State, University, and NGB guidelines

01:00:23Nick Schleicher

We are apart of the Athletic Department and we are modeling off of them. We will have MAJOR pushback if we are playing D1 football, but not club hockey

01:00:53Samantha Wary (CWU)

We are doing the same by trying to mirror Athletics even though we do not fall under them.

01:01:33Jon Broska

isn't mirroring after athletics a challenge considering they have much more ability to test and screen athletes than a sport club program?

01:01:35Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Travel is already suspended for Swarthmore College through 12/31/2020

01:01:55Matt Dunigan (UCR)

That could be a possibly for us too Max here at UC Riverside

01:01:58Mario Rios

@Jon very much so

01:02:11Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Samantha - I think this is the same for Santa Clara. Our Intercollegiate Athletics Program has submitted a 20 page proposal to Risk Management. I will likely be held to similar standards and will follow similar protocols.

01:02:12Jon Broska

Mr. Rios! Good to see you on my friend

01:02:28Mario Rios

Good to see you as well!

01:02:30Jacob Crawford

we are potentially using an assessment tool our university uses for faculty and staff to enter campus that covers questions to rule out exposure to COVID as well as potential symptoms. Then when they get to practice our workers would be taking temperatures (infrared thermometers) and jotting them down, turning away students with a temp over xyz temp. Not set in stone yet but similar to our athletic department.

01:02:33Dylan Cooke

@Greg I honestly believe that's what it will be, because no contests practicing only is when clubs were "disappearing" anyway pre-covid. I am waiting on a student decision from TAMU first then assessing the rest of my decision making of that and its impact.

01:02:54Dylan Cooke

student travel decision*

01:04:06Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

I wish I could share more, but I have not been given any info on what Intercollegiate Athletics submitted as of yet. Right now, Club Sports are simply "suspended until further notice"

01:04:57Phillip DeTonnancourt

@ Jacob we have an app that covers the same thing. A checklist of symptoms. We will require all participants to download the app and fill out before practices.

01:05:25Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Phillip - what app is that?

01:05:30Phillip DeTonnancourt


01:06:16Tricia Bush

We report to Athletics and I have been included in all planning meetings for Athletics hoping that Club Sports will get mentioned during the meetings soon. However will the amount of testing that varsity teams plan to do and have the budget to spend $ on it, I just don't see us being treated the same way as we are self-funded

01:06:23Phillip DeTonnancourt

Subject to change obviously, but that’s what it looks like for club participants and members coming to the rec center

01:06:28Lindsey Englehart

Is anyone using Livesafe for entrance into rec centers?

01:06:42Wendy Sheppard

We are considering Healthy Roster

01:06:47Phillip DeTonnancourt

We will be at Saint Marys College of CA

01:07:15Crystal Durham - NAU

from what I've heard NAU is planning to use an app called COVID Watch

01:07:17Lindsey Englehart


01:07:32Greg Durham

Club Fishing

01:07:43Jacob Crawford

I second @ greg durham

01:08:22Jon Fey

Club Hockey

01:09:13Jacob Crawford

We are not sponsoring them as our budget is frozen until we are told we can spend again (which could be mid September early October) they understand it is on their own.

01:10:11Jon Fey

Are other universities having ACHA hockey teams start practices or trying to start a season?

01:11:08Jacob Crawford

@jon high point will not start until the first week of September. I have been told we cant do tryouts or practices until two weeks after students return to campus.

01:12:42Shawn Dean

We are looking at a hybrid fall semester. Among our options for on-campus housing is only allowing one bed per room. This would give us a capacity of 2,500 students living on campus to limit the amount of traffic on campus. Is any other college looking at this possibility also? Regarding sport club practices, would you only allow those students living on campus to participate or are you allowing students who live at home or off-campus to participate as well?

01:13:34Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

If you haven’t already, please fill out this quick survey!

01:13:35Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

01:14:33Matt Dunigan (UCR)

@jason - great insight....side note: mustache game STRONG!!!!

01:14:49Lindsey Englehart-UNCA

agreed ^

01:15:21Phillip DeTonnancourt

@Shawn SMC is doing similiar things based off CDC, State, Local, and institutional guidelines. As of now, it looks like the number is 12 (California). So they will have to have modified practices based on that number, as well as being on modified facilities (outdoors) based on zones.

01:17:04James Alexander

@matt thanks!

01:17:25Matthew Kutz

For those universities who are not allowing clubs to travel at all, are you allowing clubs who practice off campus to participate?

01:17:41Matt Dunigan (UCR)

@Matt Kutz - negative

01:17:42Shawn Dean

@phillip thank you!

01:18:28Matt Dunigan (UCR)

Same here Shawn.

01:18:30Greg Durham

@Kutz - That will fall into my all or nothing bucket.

01:18:35Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Sign up here to become an NGB Ambassador

01:18:35Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

01:20:12Jon Broska

anyone have ideas for how they may handle any Fall "RecStravaganza" which can't be held in your building but provides clubs a chance to meet interested members? We're looking at a virtual option but wanted to see if anyone has mapped out a plan yet

01:21:04James Alexander

we are looking at advertising a zoom for each club so students can connect that way...

01:21:06Matt Dunigan (UCR)

@Broska - we have toyed with the idea of having students sign up to regulate how many people are coming through the doors as well as virtual

01:21:07Crystal Durham - NAU

@Jon we are planning our Rec the Night event to be outside on our field space where we can try to spread everyone out since they canceled the event where our Sport Clubs traditionally recruit

01:21:07Greg Durham

@Broska - We're doing a virtual org fair. We're considering a Tinder-like app, that students can 'swipe' on orgs they're interested in.

01:21:30Crystal Durham - NAU

lol Greg I love that idea

01:21:42Wendy Sheppard

We are also looking at doing a virtual org fair at Richmond

01:21:49Samantha Wary (CWU)

We created a virtual orientation video to share and post to replace the in person. It provides a general overview of all areas within recreation. We will also be posting this on our website to have available year round moving forward

01:21:49Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Greg, what’s that app?

01:21:59Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

zoom for club fair or if in person - if allowed - possibly use our field to space out, social distance, and comply with CDC guidelines,

01:22:09Lindsey Englehart-UNCA

@ Broska our clubs are making "commercials" to advertise themselves and then they will be shown at multiple locations and events around campus

01:23:21Greg Durham

I don't know the name of the app - it does connect to Engage if you campus uses it. If you message me with your email, i can forward the communication igot

01:23:26Jon Broska

noting how fears for outdoor events seemed to be diminished, i'm curious if people will move to an outdoor event in a larger field space instead of a virtual one

01:23:40Colton Scott- University of Illinois

@ Illinois we are also having clubs put together “commercials” to help recruit and get their club out there. We will help share their commercial through the campus recreation facebook page.

01:23:46David Wiley - Xavier

I collected testimonial videos from all of our clubs to provide incoming freshmen a chance to hear what the club experience has been from a current member prospective

01:24:05Nick Schleicher

How are you monitoring travel both on and off campus? Are you only concerned about the teams or each athlete- I mean sometimes I think as Admins, we are forgetting that these are college students. They are going to be living together, classes together, eating together, partying together, etc - lets face the facts, college campuses are not inclusive to "social distancting"... I think we need to be advocates for our clubs and do everything in our power to allow them to practice and play as safely as possible. Of course making sure you can meet University, State, Federal guidelines

01:25:09Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Thanks for hosting this! I appreciate this community and its insight!

01:25:41Lindsey Englehart-UNCA

Very good round table. Thanks everyone!

01:26:01Matt Dunigan (UCR)

Thank you Chad, Wendy and Sarah!

01:26:03Kathryn Hutchings - Santa Clara University

Thanks everyone!

01:26:14Allie Bogard

Thanks y’all!

01:26:14Gregory Tack

Thank you!

01:26:26Crystal Durham - NAU

thank you!

01:26:27Mary Kimball - US Quidditch

Thank you for hosting this!

01:26:39Victor A Martin - SIU Carbondale

Thanks for the presentation.

01:26:44Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Thank you for joining us everyone!

01:26:51Nick Schleicher

This was a great roundtable. Great to hear what everyone is doing. Best of luck moving forward.

01:27:15Rachel Jones

This was very helpful! Thank you for hosting!

01:27:20Greg Durham

I'm using NFHS/State Association guidelines, their resources often mirror some of my rec programs better than my friends in Athletics. :)

01:27:36Mary Kimball - US Quidditch

Thank you for hosting! This was really helpful.

01:28:23Chris Watkins

Lots of great information all around. Definitely helps with ideas and implementation. Thanks for the roundtable!

01:28:27Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Member Survey:

01:28:39Shawn Dean

thank you everyone for the great info!

01:29:01James Alexander

Thanks everyone!

01:29:07Greg Durham

I agree, this is one of the best roundtables! Lots to think about with Clubs!

01:29:09Samantha Wary (CWU)


01:29:14Phillip DeTonnancourt

Thank you to everyone

01:29:15Erin Sanders

This was great - thanks!

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