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Member Services Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, June 18, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Megan Choiniere with presenters Victoria Roberts and Taylor Schiller

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Chat Transcript

00:32:03Anthony U of Central Arkansas

WE are

00:34:55Jeremy C. - KU

KU is not quite there yet. Looking at early August, potentially.

00:34:59Anthony U of Central Arkansas

We only have our weight room and cardio available. Next phase will be track and pool.

00:35:29Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)

We are implementing many changes for social distance considerations. We're planning to use IM LEagues for reservations.

00:36:00Aaron Brooks - The University of Akron

At Akron we are still not even allowed back onto campus with no communication as to when we will be allowed back on

00:36:07Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)

Our members just found out that our Community Members won't have access for several months. Safe to say, they are not happy with us and their emails definitely show it. Lol

00:37:03Christine Panella-Purdue

We found out masks will be required at all times while in our facility. So that changed a few things for our reopen modifications as of Tuesday.

00:37:07Josh Davis - PSU

If you are doing a reservation system, how will you manage the line of people waiting to check in for their reservation if you allow 3 or 400 to sign up for a timeslot?

00:37:20Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Deonte: We had some kickback from employees. I love to state dept of health or admin policy to state our restrictions.

00:37:43Judy Tegtmeyer

What are you doing to alert your members to the changes in your facilities

00:37:49Anna Champion

Phase 1 - cardio only; decided today...potentially very very soft opening with only students the first weeks and then adding others. Have fac/staff and community members, but we want to be mindful of our staff.

00:38:47Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Christine: Have fun with the masks. They seem to "mysteriously" keep falling off.

00:39:01Jeremy C. - KU

@Christine - Same for KU. I believe we'll have an exception for "physical activity." Members won't have to wear during workouts, but will in and out of the building, while working ,etc.

00:39:05Rai Stelter-MSOE

We just got the OK to go w/our initial opening plan which would kick off w/a partial week opening starting July 6th and moving to more traditional summer hours 7/15 (after digesting a week of the "new normal")

00:39:08Christine Panella-Purdue

Oh I believe it! Like any other policy we have, they "forget"

00:39:22Christine Panella-Purdue

we are trying to fight the decision, not sure we will win that one

00:39:45Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Christine: Not our decision. Dept of Health stated we will.

00:40:30Fairfield University - Danielle Anderson

We are looking into Connect2 for live counts. The hope is students/members see availability and decide to come or not. It can be integrated in our app and webpage.

00:40:52Jeremy C. - KU

KU will be using an KU-developed app that will essentially be a screener (do you have any COVID symptoms, contact with anyone with positive test); once they confirm each day, it'll generate a barcode that they'll have to show to enter some buildings.

00:40:59Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

We had a town hall zoom meeting about any changed operations in our facility

00:41:21Jeremy C. - KU

Texas Tech has done a video like that as well!

00:41:49Judy Tegtmeyer


00:42:22Enzo Everett - University of the Pacific

Enzo- Facilities GA @ University of the Pacific here, we are still doing some intense planning. One thing we are considering is not allowing daily guest passes to be bought by those outside of direct university affiliation. Anyone else either considering or actively implementing a similar policy?

00:42:57Fairfield University - Danielle Anderson

FU is not allowing guest passes

00:43:01Christine Panella-Purdue

Enzo, we are not allowing guest passes

00:43:02Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Enzo: Yes. No guests. Only students and employees.

00:43:06Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

Our current plan is to not allow guest passes when we reopen initially.

00:43:20Heather Gilliam

For those going cashless, do you have any concerns about people who may not have a credit/debit card? What options do you plan to offer them?

00:43:27Enzo Everett - University of the Pacific

great, thanks all

00:44:04Fairfield University - Danielle Anderson

We are cashless but make exceptions when needed. I only get a handful a year that request this.

00:44:14Jeremy C. - KU

@Heather Gilliam - We'll try directing to our Fusion online store. Our issue tends to be more card reader than card itself, so the online store is another option.

00:44:19Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Heather: We stated that, but it is not a "only or nothing." policy.

00:44:31Lawrence Brown - Boise State

@Heather We are going cashless at Boise State and are essentially the testing ground for the campus to see how it goes. We are implementing our student id funds to be allowed in our facility as an additional option

00:44:33Rai Stelter-MSOE

no guests for us either and anticipate members not until 8/2 (students & F/S only)

00:45:37Natasha Davila- Colorado State

We are thinking of going cashless: and have a machine at the Rec from our ID office that people can refill their ID cards with money and then use that to make a purchase.

00:45:51Victoria Roberts - Clemson

Natasha - we have the same thing at Clemson!

00:46:24Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)

@ Enzo: we also are not allowing the purchase of guest passes as well as any new non-affiliate membership sales as well.

00:46:26Judy Tegtmeyer

We open Aug 20 and will restrict to only students first and then add in employees later. We have 3000 students.

00:47:26Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

My vendor recommended these masks, seems a bit sketchy, do yall have any recommended for fitness?

00:47:54Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

The university is also requiring masks while working out here, upon reopen

00:48:19Anthony U of Central Arkansas

We have 2 per worker, with the logo.

00:48:32Fairfield University - Danielle Anderson

There is a ACE webinar that I am going to check out. 6/24 It is Exercise & Face Coverings Safety: the do's and don'ts

00:48:35Christine Panella-Purdue

athletica I believe is the company that has made an "athletic" mask

00:48:38Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Wearing them is like wearing bikeshorts for the first time.

00:49:25Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

We will be doing that in Fusion. No questions :)

00:49:29Kathryn Dunn

We set this up yesterday and it is super easy!

00:50:14MC Martinez - Innosoft

Here is the Covid video section:

00:50:40Josh Davis - PSU

do you end up with a line as you check people in who have registered for your timeslots?

00:50:48MC Martinez - Innosoft

And this page:

00:50:57Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

@Josh Davis - We haven't opened yet, but we are expecting that.

00:51:08Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

We will have 2 stations for check-in to help with that.

00:51:25MC Martinez - Innosoft

And you can subscribe to release notes here:

00:51:40Heather Gilliam

Thanks for the cashless input everyone

00:52:04Angela Shook, Appalachian State University

Has anyone decided about equipment checkouts? Will you be checking out basketballs, volleyballs, racquetball equipment, etc.?

00:52:08Sabrina Basoff- UCLA

We don't know what we're doing yet, but we are going to create zones around the facility and stagger the time of entry for each zone so the line doesn't get too bad.

00:52:33Christine Panella-Purdue

Angela we are not doing sport equipment check out

00:52:44Christine Panella-Purdue

We are only doing towel and lock rental

00:52:46Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Towel Checkout or no towel checkout?

00:52:58Sandy Corsi - Boston College

How has anyone handled people who did not reserve a time and just show up. If there are open times, do you let them sign un on the spot

00:53:02Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)

@ Angela: no equipment rentals at all. Too much contact and time spent cleaning.

00:53:19Megan Choiniere Oakland University

I think the consensus on the last call is no towel check for many @Amber

00:53:21Fairfield University - Danielle Anderson

We are not doing equipment check-outs

00:53:28Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Angela: None right now. Yes in our next phase.

00:53:29Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Thanks Megan

00:53:44Rai Stelter-MSOE

no equipment, towels, locker rooms, showers in the initial opening phase

00:53:53Angela Shook, Appalachian State University

Thank you!!

00:54:09Jeremy C. - KU

No equipment checkout for sports we're not allowing (basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.); equipment for racquet sports (badminton, racquetball); we'll still offer fitness equipment (resistance bands, tubes, ab wheel, etc.).

00:54:55Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

We will market "reservations required" to begin. But are going to be flexible if there are open slots and someone wants to stay for the next slot, or if someone does walk-in. And we may change this as we go and see how the system is working for our members.

00:55:05Dave CU Boulder

Initial plan is to have person scan in like usual, staff see their name from Fusion Access tab, use 2nd monitor to "check in" for the reservation through web portal. Walk-ups to be determined, probably not to start with until we see what usage looks like.

00:55:13Rai Stelter-MSOE

we decided to clear the ex balls, tubes, belts initially as we felt this would just complicate things initially

00:55:43Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Restaurant buzzers?

00:56:16MC Martinez - Innosoft

It's like those giant time-labeled stickers at the Sky Zone types of places that you have to wear at all times. And they constantly remind everyone of what time it is O_O

00:56:22Natasha Davila- Colorado State

We are likely phasing in our equipment checkout- none likely at the beginning and no towel checkout

00:56:28Jeremy C. - KU

If anyone from Texas A&M is on the call, I know they were doing announcements and having members of the outgoing wave exit through an emergency exit door while the next incoming wave enters through the normal entrance.

00:56:36Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Fusion, can we make an alert on our app?

00:56:50Jeremy C. - KU

Shout-out to Oscee for sharing that information with us.

00:57:07Kelly Cartner - UM - St. Louis

is anyone having to have everyone sign a new waiver? If so, how are you organizing that in your member management software? We do not have fusion

00:57:15Kathryn Dunn

We did shoe tags at my undergrad (didn't have computers in the building) those are Velcro and need returned when you leave

00:57:25Heather Gilliam

Baylor plans to checkout sports equipment & will clean between each use

00:57:25MC Martinez - Innosoft

Amber, notifications would be sent to everyone who is allowing a given notification type to come through to their phone, so it wouldn't be "only people who are scanned in" :(

00:57:48Mandy Martin - Wake Forest

If you are requiring a reservation for entry, are you also requiring a reservation for a "zone" beyond the main point of entry - ie cardio, strength, pool?

00:58:29MC Martinez - Innosoft

@ Mandy, TAMU College Station looks like they had their reservations broken up by area.

00:58:30Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)

I'm curious about staff limitations behind the check in desk to adhere to social distancing.

00:58:36Jeremy C. - KU

I fear we're going to have to go all remote with staff training, as I don't think our typical meeting spaces will be able to used that way.

00:58:43Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)

And it's impact on scheduling.

00:58:53Gene Sessoms - College of Charleston

Any word on budget cuts that your schools will be facing? What accommodations are you considering to stay within your new budget?

00:58:59Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

@ Mandy - just entry to the building, not separate areas. We'll have staff throughout the building helping with distancing, etc.

00:58:59Mandy Martin - Wake Forest

Thanks @MC!

00:59:13Mandy Martin - Wake Forest

Thanks @Sandy Wilson

00:59:33Christine Panella-Purdue

I've been making some Fusion screen recording videos that are specific to us. But Fusion library also has great tools!

00:59:51Christine Panella-Purdue

Potentially a zoom training call to screen share items for training on new changes in Fusion & Connect2

01:00:11MC Martinez - Innosoft

@Mandy - Texas Tech is doing it by main entry only, not smaller areas.

01:00:25Mandy Martin - Wake Forest

Got it @MC. Thanks for the link.

01:00:32Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Gene: Talk about changing our hours. Pro staff might double dip in areas.

01:01:06Enzo Everett - University of the Pacific

Enzo again, with the creation of new back-to-school trainings like a Fall Kick-Off, is anyone making it a point to go over cultural competencies due to the current state of our nation?

01:01:10Catie Payne- UNC Greensboro

@gene Our department has a pause on development funding allotted to professional staff and GAs for the 2020-2021 year- necessary certifications for positions will still be funded.

01:01:29Natasha Davila- Colorado State

Training will be a hybrid of in person and online We're thinking of creating a video with all the covid changes so student staff can watch before the semester starts.

01:03:28Christine Panella-Purdue

using break out rooms in Zoom for staff training could be a good way to separate out new hires vs veteran staff members

01:04:22Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

We did not reduce student staff, but we did reduce wages. So we will be limiting trainings and doing zoom trainings, rec trac how to videos and small groups training with social distancing. I like the break out rooms idea, thanks Christine!

01:04:32Jeremy C. - KU

For Zoom breakout rooms, you can set timers to auto-come back to the full group.

01:10:41Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

We are allowing day use lockers in our hallways

01:10:44Greg Durham

Creighton will not allow day-use lockers.

01:10:48Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

No lockers for initial reopening phase.

01:11:24Jeremy C. - KU

Our University team allowed day use, but we'll designate a 6-foot barrier, so only one person at the locker bays at a time. And these are spread throughout the building.

01:11:24Judy Tegtmeyer

What about showers?

01:11:30David Grassi-WSU

We plan to close locker rooms but allow day use lockers outside the locker rooms

01:11:43Christine Panella-Purdue

Thank you!

01:11:46Sabrina Basoff- UCLA

Are you adjusting membership fees if you are not allowing lockers?

01:11:50Anna Champion

It is too hard to encourage the distancing so no lockers in the first few phases.

01:11:52Enzo Everett - University of the Pacific

Don't showers just wash themselves!? haha

01:11:55Greg Durham

@judy - Creighton plan is turn off the water to our showers.

01:12:14Christine Panella-Purdue

we are looking to allow showers at this time. pending University approval

01:12:30Judy Tegtmeyer

Thanks Greg!

01:12:34Sandy Corsi - Boston College

When we reopen we are not going to have day use lockers only those rented out. Love the Bring your own campaign.

01:12:35MC Martinez - Innosoft

I suppose if multi-hour flights can say there is no food/snack/drink service with the exception of water for purchase, yall can ask people to bring their own things or deal without for the time being :)

01:12:40Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

@Sabrina we are adjusting pricing. We have memberships that include locker and group fitness and those won’t be available during initial phase one opening

01:12:52Jeremy C. - KU

KU got approval for showers. It's the locker bays that are more concerning, as there's more crowding of space around those bays.

01:13:06Greg Durham

my member services staff are gonna love coming back to work - conflict mgmt. training is gonna be super, super critical. it's a total shift in our traditional operating model. Change is hard, especially for some of our more seasons patrons.

01:13:25Victoria Roberts - Clemson

Greg. YESSS.

01:13:31Sabrina Basoff- UCLA

@Courtney- thanks, are your memberships reoccurring or paid up front?

01:13:52Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

@Sabrina we have both

01:14:05Dave CU Boulder

Yea, same idea here at Boulder. No decision, but looking at maybe just day passes (for University Affiliates) at the start. Then next step go to monthly. Probably no semester memberships for Fall.

01:14:16Megan Choiniere Oakland University

@ Greg it is going to be a huge adjustment , has anyone come up with disciplinary action for members who don't want to follow new policies

01:14:27Greg Durham


01:14:56Judy Tegtmeyer

Greg....Great point on Conflict Man.

01:14:59Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Okay this is not a joke: Does anyone have a set date of reopening in the fall? Is it the first day of school?

01:15:31Christine Panella-Purdue

our University requires us to complete a form sent to student conduct office & they handle on that level

01:15:53Jeremy C. - KU

@Amber - KU is shooting for early August, to give us some time to work out the kinks before the semester begins.

01:15:54Christine Panella-Purdue

Amber we are looking to open in July- so far before school starts I hope!

01:15:54Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Amber: August 10

01:16:29Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

@ Amber, we're hoping for July, but not getting the approvals we need yet. Still hopeful it's before school begins this fall.

01:16:39Angela Shook, Appalachian State University

@Amber not official, but August 10th is goal.

01:16:44Greg Durham

@amber - August 10th

01:16:57Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Okay I will call you on the 11th...kidding

01:17:04Dave Stewart - Towson University

No reopening date set yet at Towson University

01:17:12Dave CU Boulder

Aug 10 penciled in to open, classes start Aug 24. Take those first 2 weeks to test our procedures/layout and change things as we go. Beta test with pro staff/student staff a couple days before Aug 10.

01:17:25Sandy Corsi - Boston College

We are looking at either July 20 or August 1st for reopening most likely, for just students around and fac/staff. We will not sell guest passes or allow any community members. We will require masks or they will not be able to come in.

01:17:38Heather Gilliam

@Amber - Baylor is planning to reopen with limited hours July 8 (pending approval)

01:17:50Christine Panella-Purdue

is anyone selling masks in their facility?

01:18:03Sandy Corsi - Boston College

We are also doing limited hours.

01:18:26Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

@christine No, but that is a great idea!!!

01:18:45Sandy Corsi - Boston College

Not selling masks, but great idea!

01:18:56Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Any Qs or want to see pics...from opening, email.

01:19:23Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

We're considering it - though we may keep it at cost just for convenience for members.

01:19:36Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Nope. We will not have any for the "forgot" masks.

01:22:03Monica Towner

Should have asked earlier in regards to lockers- is anyone mailing items from lockers to those who aren't comfortable with coming in to retrieve their items?

01:22:38Greg Durham

i ran the reopening plan by a student panel, as was expecting to get slammed. They were all super excited and on board. So I'm glad they were understanding and excited about this post-covid direction

01:22:39Monica Towner


01:23:31Judy Tegtmeyer

Thanks everyone, this call was helpful! Good luck with opening!! I have another meeting.

01:23:37Christine Panella-Purdue

Thanks everyone!

01:23:41Sandy Wilson UW-Madison

Thanks all!

01:23:42Christine Panella-Purdue

Great to see you all!

01:23:46Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

Thank you all!

01:23:48Dave Stewart - Towson University

Thanks everyone!

01:23:52Andrew Castagna - UMass Boston

Thank you

01:23:54Fairfield University - Danielle Anderson

Thanks everyone!

01:23:54Lawrence Brown - Boise State

Thanks all!

01:24:01Deonte Screven - Tulane University (New Orleans, Not Open Yet)


01:24:05Amber Kavehkar- Univ of the Pacific

Thanks for leading Megan and Victoria!

01:24:05MC Martinez - Innosoft

Thank you!

01:24:06Jeremy C. - KU

See y'all! Good to chat!

01:24:13Angela Shook, Appalachian State University

Thank you everyone!

01:24:19Robert Edwards - GSU


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