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Fitness Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, June 16, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Anna Taggart

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Chat Transcript

00:32:05Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex - University of Houston

00:32:07Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

CieCie Leonard - UT Austin

00:32:07Alexia Cervantes

Alexia Cervantes, UC San Diego

00:32:08Tabbitha Ashford

Tabbitha Ashford - St. Edward's University

00:32:09Cindy Wright

Cindy Wright- Gettysburg College

00:32:13Ellen Lowe

Ellen Lowe, South Dakota State University

00:32:14Lydia McCall

Lydia McCall - Wingate University

00:32:14Pat Kutcher

Pat Kutcher University of Iowa

00:32:14Miranda Price

Miranda Price- Texas A&M University

00:32:15Traci Smith

Traci Smith - University of South Florida

00:32:15April Pavelka

April Pavelka, University of Utah

00:32:17Shelly Radtke

Shelly Radtke-Gonzaga University

00:32:17Jenny Rodgers

Jenny Rodgers - Clemson University

00:32:17Rusty Caldwell

Rusty Caldwell - University of Akron

00:32:18Samantha Lamb

Samantha Lamb -University of Southern Mississippi

00:32:18Karyn Smith

Karyn Smith - Bowling Green State University

00:32:19leslie whitmer

leslie whitmer Embry Riddle

00:32:20Stephanie Hoffman

Steph Hoffman - University of North Dakota

00:32:20Traci Smith

Katie Haff - USF

00:32:21Amy Lingenfelter

Amy Lingenfelter - Western Carolina University

00:32:23steve kudika

Steve Kudika - UTSA

00:32:24John Davenport

John Davenport - Arizona State University

00:32:25Jairo Cruz

Jairo Cruz - University of Maryland, College Park

00:32:27Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson-University of Georgia

00:32:28Judy Tegtmeyer

Judy Tegtmeyer - St. Olaf College

00:32:29Alessandra Sanchez

Alessandra Sanchez- UTSA

00:32:31Nelson Woodley

Jescelyn Villarreal and Nelson Woodley - Stephen F. Austin State University

00:32:33Jason Darby

Jason Darby - Southern Miss

00:32:49Ramona Seupersad

Ramona Seupersad - University of Toronto Scarborough

00:32:52Ryan McNicholas

Ryan McNicholas _ Youngstown State

00:32:55Jackie Sherman

Jackie Sherman - University of Florida

00:32:59Max Miller

Max Miller - Swarthmore College

00:33:01Daniel Perdue

Daniel Perdue - University of North Carolina @ Pembroke

00:33:32Rodney Pegues

Robert Edwards - Georgia state university

00:34:06Chasity Holstick

Chasity Holstick Georgia Sate

00:36:26Cindy Wright

anna- would you be able to share your research with us?

00:36:27Daniel Perdue

facemasks while exercising is a hot topic right now in NC.

00:36:50Max Miller

I’ve tried it... it is very difficult to do!

00:36:51Jenny Rodgers

I saw that ACE is offering a webinar next week on exercising with face masks -

00:36:55Judy Tegtmeyer

what distance are you using for physical distancing for in person fitness classes?


Enforcing the 6' ft contact has been a challenge and getting participants to wipe down their equipment.

00:37:21Ryan McNicholas

Athletics at our school is enforcing, so we are similar

00:37:24Ryan McNicholas

Strength coaches wear face coverings at all times. Athletes wear face coverings at all times unless they are doing strenuous activity(lifting, running, etc). They would wear masks to weight room while being screened, take them off once workout starts, put back on when finished.

00:37:41Jason Darby

@Judy - we are trying to enforce 10 ft. We have moved our classes to a gym court to allow for this

00:37:43Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

100 sq ft to 200 sq ft for Participants

00:37:55Stephanie Hoffman

North Dakota State Guidelines are 12 X 12 spaces for group exercise

00:37:57Ryan Fitzpatrick

Are masks being required for non-exercising staff and is it an option to wear one or is it mandatory?

00:37:58Nelson Woodley

We are using 6 ft.

00:38:36Nelson Woodley

At SFA. We use the basketball gym floor for cycling and Zumba. Outdoor space for Athletic based classes and one multipurpose room for Yoga.

00:39:33Taylor Todd

Taylor Todd- NAU

We originally planned to start in-person classes outdoors only at the beginning of the month but University Exec Leadership wanted to hold off - phase 1 happening in 2 weeks.

We may allow no masks during exercise but masks on when checking into a class, walking through hallways, being in office spaces, etc

00:39:40leslie whitmer

we have no spotting for now, mandated to have a mask, no gf classes using 6Ft and 50% occupancy leslie

00:39:50Alexia Cervantes

what platforms are people looking into for live broadcasting?

00:40:25John Davenport

Alexia, at ASU we use IG Live. It gives students a break from Zoom which is very academically used right now

00:40:35Lydia McCall

Hoping to see what fusions live class platform will look like

00:40:39Ellen Lowe

Our classes are on the MAC court, I'm happy to share. 12 x 12 spaces that are designated by a step and yoga mat per station. 9 participants plus 1 instructor.

00:40:57Jason Darby

@Alexia we are working with our iTech department currently to come up with the best game plan for that. We’ve been doing free video recordings but we are trying to find a way now to limit it back to our members.

00:41:00Daniel Perdue

That's all dependent if we ever get out of phase 2. . .

00:41:40Megan B

What are the equipment checkout and locker rental procedures that schools are using?

00:41:42Alexia Cervantes

thanks everyone!

00:41:44Cesar Hernandez

@lesliewhitmer if you have no spotting right now, does that mean you have squat racks and bench press area closed off?

00:41:46Ellen Lowe

We are handing out 1 cleaning towel per person as they enter the facility.

00:41:54Traci Smith

We aren't enforcing masks but we will be asking that people wipe down equipment + extra staff on hand to clean. We will just operate at a 25% capacity and have directional markings on the floor. When we have GFIT again, we will just reduce class sizes. Personal Training will likely resume as normal but only 1 trainer in the studio at a time.

00:42:36Pat Kutcher

If towels are used by members to clean their equipment what happens to the towels? do they go into a separate bin to be washed?

00:42:38leslie whitmer

no cleaning issues- students have been terrific using the spray bottle and micro towel that we hand them upon entering. Leslie embry riddle

00:42:44Jasmine Curtis

Has anyone removed small items from rotation such as mats/balls/small equipment? We haven’t opened yet but I am wondering what y’al are keeping on the floor and in class

00:42:55Ellen Lowe

Yes, separate bin to be washed together

00:43:08John Davenport

What are everyone's plans for water fitness?

00:43:23sara coleman

For those colleges that have mandatory masks usage in the gyms how do you deal with the students that have disabilities , more specifically hearing that rely on reading lips? If using masks were mandatory would this not violate ADA 1990 policy?

00:43:34Ryan McNicholas

Anybody using foggers

00:43:44Lydia McCall

@jasmine we aren’t open yet but we will be keeping all med balls, mats, ab rollers, etc off line to start

00:44:22Pat Kutcher

does anyone know of DEI resources specific to fitness?

00:44:29April Pavelka

When we reopen in the next few weeks, we will be opening in short intervals and closing for an hour about three times during the day for deep cleaning, so open from 6am-10am, closed and cleaning from 10am-11am, but we will also have extra cleaning stations for participants

00:45:09Jasmine Curtis

Thank you Lydia!

00:45:21Karen Howell

For those that are scheduling time slots for reservations, how long are your time slots?

00:45:39John Davenport

Karen, our time slots are 50 minutes

00:46:43Alexia Cervantes

We are planning for 45 minute reservation times with 15 minutes for cleaning

00:46:55Carey Greenwood

We are set to open mid-July and we will have hour long activity sessions (using IMLeagues for registration) and then a 30 minute window for reset/cleaning before the next hour session occurs. We are setting our check in stations up outside on our patio and will encourage masks for waiting outside and during transition times in and out of the facility.

00:46:56Judy Tegtmeyer

thankyou everyone!

00:47:09Tabbitha Ashford

anyone doing anything special regarding instructor mics? (i.e. mic screens, belts, no mics at all, etc....)

00:47:50April Pavelka

Purchasing each instructor their own windscreen as well!

00:48:12Scott Berkowitz

You can encourage washing their windscreens as well.

00:48:22Karen Howell

We are purchasing new ones for each instructor

00:48:29Nelson Woodley

Each instructor has their own windscreen

00:48:48Carey Greenwood

I ordered mic shields from amazon. Pack of 80 for $13

00:48:58Jasmine Curtis

We aren’t open so we have made a few at home programs and doing a 1x a week Zoom workout

00:49:05Jasmine Curtis

Ask a Trainer hour

00:49:10Amy Lingenfelter

Carey can you post the link please :)

00:49:21Nelson Woodley

Most of our pt’s graduated. One that is here has been in contact with his clients to get them back into the gym. We hired new trainers and are using this time to onboard them.

00:49:21Traci Smith

We won't have a ton of regulations when we begin PT again

00:49:23Cecilia Guerrero

We’re like going to have Personal Training once we open. We will likely ask the trainers to train in a specific room with proper social distancing

00:49:28Jasmine Curtis

I am very curious if anyone is doing in person!

00:49:32Mitzie Rojas

Only Virtual. Plan on in-person in July/Fall depending on university policy.

00:49:42Taylor Todd

Currently working on developing a vPT approach using a Design-Me-a-Workout Model, in-person waiting, maybe for the Fall semester

00:49:43John Davenport

We do live Q&As with our personal trainers on IG Live; they've been pretty popular, but we have not started in-person

00:49:44sara coleman

Currently teaching zoom fitness classes 2 times a week at the College of Charleston. We are still closed.

00:49:49Jasmine Curtis

Specific Room could be a great idea

00:49:49Jason Darby

We are not doing in-person training when we reopen for the time being.

00:49:52Art McDonald

Just another question about registration (sorry for duplication). Have people set up registration based on specific equipment use (treadmill, power rack etc) or just generic 'I'm using the fitness centre' registration?

00:49:58Ellen Lowe

We are planning to start in-person PT July 6

00:50:02Nelson Woodley

We are offering the service and, when clients do come in for sessions, we are requiring the 6 ft. distance between the client and trainer

00:50:17Cesar Hernandez

How has the reception been from student staff as far as what we are doing for their safety? Has there been any questions or concerns from them about new procedures.

00:50:27John Davenport

Art, each of our individual cardio machines has a specific registration link

00:50:28Carey Greenwood

At Ole Miss, we have created 6 zones, so they will choose the zone they want to be in

00:51:24Alexia Cervantes

It sound like in general for places that are opening, that participation has been low. Thoughts on why? Fewer people on campus? Should scale back our plans if we are not opened yet?

00:51:29Jason Darby

We have spaced out everything enough to allow for distancing, with the exception of our extremely small free weight area. We are having them check in with the fitness attendant in order to access that space, and it will be limited to only three patrons at a time due to allowing for distancing.

00:51:32Jasmine Curtis

Fusion rocks!

00:51:33Courtney Rorex

@Carey do they have to stay in 1 zone for the full hour?

00:51:43Scott Berkowitz

Are you communicating the equipment rotation with your trainers?

00:52:24Art McDonald


00:52:29Andrew Jones

The Power Rack and Olympic Bench area has a barricade with a bouncer at the date. We are going to control access to that section. When you check-in to the building, 32 people can do a 25 minute reservation

00:52:48Carey Greenwood

@Courtney we will be asking them to stay in their registered zone. We have moved some equipment around so there is a variety in most zones.

00:54:18Ramona Seupersad

Hi Anna, How many people are you allowing on your Rock Wall and what is your cleaning protocol?

00:55:20Judy Tegtmeyer

Ditto Ramona's question?

00:55:40Samantha Fitzpatrick

With academic classes starting earlier, we've talked about having more fitness classes outside since we can take advantage of the nicer weather and offering more space in classes.

00:55:48Karen Howell

I am curious about the climbing wall too

00:55:49Cecilia Guerrero

We will had modified hours as well. Instead of 6am - 12am, we’ll at most be 6am - 9pm.

00:56:06Ryan Fitzpatrick

Right now it seems folks are super scared to workout indoors (with all the perceived added barriers and threats). Is anyone pushing any outdoor fitness as a viable option?

00:56:30Ramona Seupersad

Ok, thanks

00:56:32leslie whitmer

Embry Riddle similar class schedule - home at Thanksgiving- were still awaiting to see what our 20% budget cut will look at- currently fitness is being run by 4-5 professionals from 11 am-5 pm Mon-Thurs only.

00:56:46Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Morning classes outside

00:56:58Ramona Seupersad

Right now we are keeping our wall closed as it's a small space.

00:57:05April Pavelka

We’ll be doing a few outdoor classes, and I plan on making those free for all members as opposed to just being apart of the group fitness pass

00:57:11Mitzie Rojas

We are being asked to schedule majority of classes outdoors. Haven't schedule yet but will be doing so in early/later evenings

00:57:25Ryan McNicholas

Our "get outside and do something program" seems to go well

00:57:33leslie whitmer

lost the audio...

00:57:49Judy Tegtmeyer

Thanks Ramona, same here, too small of a wall area.

00:57:51Carey Greenwood

Shannon Richardson oversees our Ole Miss Outdoors program. We will open for bouldering only in mid-July. Feel free to reach out to her for their cleaning practices and registration sessions.

00:58:29Nelson Woodley

We offer an Athletic Conditioning class that is from 4-4:45pm, that is free for UPD and campus response management.

00:59:04Jason Darby

CieCie I may reach out about the F45 programming. Ours is supposed to get going in the fall but I can see us having challenges with people being hesitant indoors.

00:59:37Mary Catherine Martinez

Are there mask requirements outside? It seems like being inside requires a mask a lot of the time which is barely comfortable at rest, imo :)

If there is no mask outside, but just distance required, that could be really appealing as a customer.

00:59:51Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

@Jason yes! Reach out anytime.

01:00:32Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

@Mary no mask would be required outside as of right. Now

01:00:54MC Martinez - Innosoft

Thanks, CieCie! :)

01:00:57Lydia McCall

@Mary, in North Carolina I think as long as you are outside, there is no mask requirement. Just focusing on not sharing equipment and keeping 6-10ft between participants

01:01:55MC Martinez - Innosoft

Thanks, Lydia. Makes sense. I was in NC recently and I totally understand not requiring a mask outside. I was winded just walking from the airport to the parking lot across the street :)

01:03:07Nathania Bron

We had charged 50% less then regular prices for PT.

01:03:10Frances Branham

utd will let all virtualgx be free

01:03:28Jasmine Curtis

Our group exercise is free and since PT is on hiatus - we plan to sell some PT at home Programs

01:03:43Taylor Todd

Is anyone having to begin offering GX classes with a price after historically offering them for free?

01:03:56Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

We don't typically charge for group fitness beyond our usual membership rate, but are trying to figure out what we will do if we continue virtual classes to combat one member sharing login info with non-members

01:04:16Jasmine Curtis

No not us, Taylor. We are keeping it free.

01:04:30Traci Smith

Planning a blended approach to training with a plan B to do all virtual if needed. All interviews/auditions will likely be virtual unless a student is on-campus and available to meet in person

01:05:03Lydia McCall

We will be doing the large parts of training on canvas and then small groups/area trainings in person (for now anyway)

01:05:09Mitzie Rojas

BVM safety training for less contact if CPR needed to be performed. Also, training in general for physically distancing, and Virtual / Zoom protocols. Any interview/auditions virtual as well as much as possible.

01:05:24John Davenport

Staff training is probably going to stay in person at ASU, we're just going to have to offer more offerings with smaller groups

01:05:32Andrew Jones

Departmentally were using Articulate, an online learning platform. You can include quizzes and it sort of looks like a red cross blended learning course

01:05:47Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

What topics is everyone exploring?

01:05:56Carey Greenwood

The University has created a blackboard quiz for Fac/Staff to complete prior to return to work and we have been told one will be developed for students to complete prior to returning in the fall.

01:07:29Traci Smith

What is the cost of that?

01:08:08Courtney Rorex

01:09:03Jasmine Curtis

We are going to film in the studio if possible. We will stick with Zoom. We use PT Hub for programming for PT.

01:09:51Andrew Jones

The Individua Education account we have with Articulate is $599

01:10:23Cecilia Guerrero

We are working on giving one of our fitness rooms virtual capabilities, likely a laptop to teach via Zoom. We’ll likely have the most popular class taught from this space, if the instructors feels comfortable coming in.

01:10:28Carey Greenwood

Once we were able to return to work, we started recording in studios to look a little more professional and have more consistent wifi, etc. We will continue to record in order to have a better library of recorded classes. We have used iMovie to had intro slides and adjust sound etc. to make them a little higer quality as well.

01:10:29Lydia McCall

We’ll plan to stick to using Facebook live for non-choreographed classes and then using zoom and recording classes to create a library to go back to. We are also hoping to see what Fusions live class option will look like once its released

01:10:33Jasmine Curtis

You can record and livestream from Zoom at the same time so we will likely do that

01:10:37Taylor Todd

We're teaching live from home and filming YT videos on campus. Looking into our Livestream capabilities this Friday as one of the marketing students who films our videos has previous exp doing so for video games

We are hoping to do live PT sessions with recorded videos to supplement

01:11:15Frances Branham

UTD will try to stream from an on-campus studio. Upgrading camera, lights,etc. for that. virtual training will be a regular part of our program

01:11:29Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

We will be doing on-demand and LIVE classes. Currently exploring 5 different platforms

01:11:49Jenny Rodgers

Lisa what platform did you say y'all were using to store and share those on demand videos?

01:11:52Traci Smith

We have created an online service for PT that we will pilot this summer - separate from virtual PT sessions

01:13:33Derrick Jenkins

Traci can you explain online v virtual differences

01:13:45MC Martinez - Innosoft

Quick Innosoft note - we have new features for virtual group fit coming out soon. You should get release notes tomorrow with the details. This will hide the Zoom link from customers but will direct them when it's class time to launch the live class (although it doesn't have to be a live class, it can be a link to a youtube video, google drive, anything really - this would not stop them from grabbing the Zoom Meeting ID after they join and sharing it afterwards, but it will at least make it harder to share across the board and wouldn't be published online, either)

01:15:09Traci Smith

Derick, we will be having a flat rate for people to pay and they will get a customized program (home or gym version) after meeting with their trainer for an initial consult. Then over the span of their program (6 or 8 weeks) they will get weekly check-ins with their trainers.

01:15:20Traci Smith

similar to what a lot of online fitness coaches are doing

01:15:58Traci Smith

Then virtual would be 1-on-1 live training sessions as normal - but we fully intend to have in-person in the fall

01:15:58Derrick Jenkins

Traci, Thank you

01:16:00Pat Kutcher

At Iowa we have asked IT for quotes to equip one studio enabling live stream group fitness classes.

01:16:39MC Martinez - Innosoft

If any of you have questions on the Fusion side, please let me know. You can email me at or schedule a quick call here:

01:20:11Paul Kwiatkowski

LSU - we have been hosting Live Q+As with our Fitness Professional Staff and Student Health Center staff - topics have focused on mental health, depression, isolation, nutrition, sleep, etc.

01:21:32Traci Smith

Paul, what are your typical attendance numbers?

01:22:17Karyn Smith

At BGSU we have collaborated with the Counseling Center to offer free mindfulness workshops. They are 4-weeks long & meet via Zoom for 50 min weekly sessions

01:22:27Pat Kutcher

Similar to LSU the University Counseling Services at Iowa offers weekly sessions.

01:25:41Cindy Wright

I heard clear shower curtains have been used as a barrier. Less expensive than plexiglass.

01:26:30Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

only place we have discussed it is at our front desk. originally we planned on doing the whole desk but were told to do smaller section instead because of difficulty of cleaning them

01:27:36Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Thank you Cindy and Mike!

01:28:10John Davenport

Thanks Jason!

01:28:43leslie whitmer

Our outside pool still closed due to lack of resources. Trying to get it open for lap swim with physical distancing and with reduce # Leslie Embry Riddle

01:29:02John Davenport

Thanks Ramona!

01:29:12Mitzie Rojas

I think SCW may have had a webinar on the future of aqua classes so look into that.

01:29:21Alexia Cervantes

Thanks Anna for hosting again!

01:29:24Cindy Wright

thank you!

01:29:29John Davenport

Thanks Anna!

01:29:35Pat Kutcher

thank you!

01:29:40Judy Tegtmeyer

Thank you everyone, this was great info!

01:29:46leslie whitmer

Thanks very much! Leslie

01:29:48Frances Branham

Anna thank you!

01:29:50April Pavelka

Thank you!

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