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HBCU Roundtable

Recorded on Monday, June 15, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Rahim Booth, Jomah Watson and Iisha Voltz

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Chat Transcript

00:34:36Rodney Pegues

coping :(

00:34:39Easton Henrikson

Easton Henrikson - Portland State University: just trying to stay afloat

00:34:39Reginald LeGrier


00:34:47Augustus Hallmon

I am feeling well. Processing a lot of information, but staying positive.

00:34:54Beckie Harper


00:34:55Easton Henrikson

The only black person in the department

00:34:56rahim booth

Hi Everyone, Self Care focus daily.

00:35:00Earnest Washington

Engaged... Proactive

00:35:05Deanna Hewlett

looking forward to some kind of normal

00:35:14Rodney Pegues

staying positive. reaching out to others

00:35:35Mamie Murphy

Happy/ ready to get back on campus

00:36:27Earnest Washington

We are open and in Phase II of opening

00:39:44Rodney Pegues

GSU university plans to use a hybrid teaching model this fall. Downtown campus rec center opens August 17 and GSU Perimeter campus facilities open August 24.

00:42:40Beckie Harper

Do you have a limit on how many people can play in a pick-up basketball game?

00:43:07Beckie Harper

thank you!

00:43:29Mamie Murphy

are you allowing students to spot each other in the weight room

00:43:32Easton Henrikson

is it first come first serve or do you register online

00:45:09Rahim Booth

Which facilities have swimming pools?

00:45:53Jomah Watson

Howard has a swimming pool

00:49:06Jomah Watson

Who share facilities with athletics?

00:49:12Reginald LeGrier

I think that will be the biggest thing is how much will the staff buy in to cleaning their own areas especially if we are talking about student employees being responsible for that in the intramural and common areas. That has come up in terms needing any training to be able to do so or even the risk of exposure.

00:49:50Rahim Booth

We share with athletics as well

00:54:05Deanna Hewlett

We did sports Trivia and students loved it

00:54:12Deanna Hewlett

using Kahoot

00:54:17Jessica Allen

What are some Virtual Programs that have worked for your institutions

00:54:49Jessica Allen

Anyone doing tutorials?

00:58:39Jomah Watson

I've done IG live fitness videos on proper techniques for less experience students who want to workout

00:59:42Rodney Pegues

Virtual programs at Georgia state - variety of at home workouts, trivia contest, coach's workout corner and Play station virtual game tournaments. everything posted on instagram

01:03:14Jessica Allen

Anyone thinking of holding Live chats on Ig/FB? Discussing the upcoming changes and how your facility will operate with COVID 19 changes

01:04:24Rodney Pegues


01:04:30Rodney Pegues

social media

01:04:38Rodney Pegues

lots of signage

01:04:49Hailey Hester

Our Department owns our website

01:05:52Hailey Hester

I don't think we have finalized it yet?

01:06:37Jomah Watson

Have anyone made any new relationships across campus through virtual programing? If so who and how?

01:09:24Jessica Allen

Yes, universities to follow for content ideas; UAPB, Princeton Univ, PVAMU, Del State, UVA_recreation, Northwestrc!!!!

01:16:00Easton Henrikson

We are holding spaces for our student staff this week to discuss these topics and determine how we will take action as a department

01:18:15Mamie Murphy

we did a virtual walk and talk model after the GirlTrek's movement

01:18:16Mamie Murphy

01:19:22Jomah Watson

Has any university or college been used as a Covid19 testing site?

01:20:02Nashid Bracy

yes, Bowling Green State Univ has done blood drives and testing sites

01:22:15Jessica Allen

Not at this time

01:22:37Nashid Bracy

Its coming soon

01:22:50Reginald LeGrier

Res Life

01:24:40Reginald LeGrier

Has NIRSA made any statements regarding what is being fought for in the BLM movement

01:25:52Earnest Washington

If I’m not mistaking I think NIRSA did make a statement

01:26:00NIRSA Smartboard

The latest statements from our ED and president are here:

01:29:44Rodney Pegues


01:30:40Jessica Allen

Yes, more engaging activities for HBCU to attend

01:32:47Easton Henrikson

thank you

01:33:10Jessica Allen


01:33:44Jomah Watson

I agree

01:33:53Chavonne Shorter

I agree

01:34:47Hailey Hester

I agree, I think integration for program areas too. It's always a very small crew and offerings for marketing and outdoor folks. Last time there were only 2 sessions for me.

01:34:48Easton Henrikson

Will there be a POC social/talk?

01:34:54Nashid Bracy

this was great!

01:35:04Easton Henrikson

a non-recoded session lol

01:35:28Mamie Murphy

could we do a coffee chat

01:35:37Chavonne Shorter

Great job Committee!

01:36:00Hailey Hester

Thank you!

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