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Student Perspective Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, June 9, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Tanika Santos and the Student Leadership Team

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Chat Transcript

00:37:27Gregory Tack

Greg Tack: Graduate Assistant for Club Sports @ Quinnipiac University - We are awaiting further guidance from state and university administration as for reopening. We have been notified that we will be returning to campus in the fall

00:38:20Mike Dominguez

Sonoma State in California. We are closed for Fall including classes and all activity on campus.

00:41:19Courtney Copp

Courtney Copp-University of Arizona. Submitted proposal to open June 15th or June 22nd, but the university is holding off on approval of dates considering the rate of cases has increased significantly in the past few weeks. Crossing our fingers to be open this summer!

00:42:01Tom Giles- FIU

Off topic question to all of the students on the call:

How has your Rec department communicated to you and your student staffs throughout this process? Do you feel informed?

00:43:35Kate Nail

Hi Tom - At UNL we have communicated across the department and shared information with our staff as soon as we have it, though it has happened quickly so we aren't always informed before the university makes a campus wide announcement

00:44:06Marc Iturriaga

I recently wrote 2 articles about focusing on the People during reopening as well as virtual engagement. you can check them out at:

00:44:11Karen David

00:45:37Karen David

Student return to work resources ^^

00:46:01Tom Giles- FIU

Thank you, Emily!

00:46:11Marc Iturriaga

from a student perspective, remember that connections you have to the people we serve. senior administration will need your thoughts, feedback and ideas as you are living the experience. listen to your peers, share your ideas, and ask a lot of questions. you have a lot of power and we need tour voices.

00:46:24Tom Giles- FIU


00:46:40Marc Iturriaga


00:46:48Emily Murphy | WVU

Very true! Some important things to consider and voice! @Marc

00:48:56Marc Iturriaga

regarding communication - remember that the info is constantly changing and senior administration aren’t always aware of your thoughts and feelings as they have competing priorities. do not be afraid to ask, share feelings but understanding of how leadership is pulled in many directions.

00:49:21Marc Iturriaga

it doesn’t absolve leadership not communicating, but remember to be active in finding answers.

00:51:59Vicki Highstreet

Welcome to the world of decision making and communication around it! Please don't feel that what appears to be a communication issue to you, as students, is isolated to just you. The professional staff have the same feelings depending on the day! LOL!

00:52:40Allie Bogard

Haha true - I echo Mama Vic for sure!

00:53:04Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern - Medical Campus in Dallas. The majority of our student positions have opportunities to study while working but new procedures might change that as we may need them to be more involved in cleaning throughout their shift. Worried about the impact that will have and if students will be as willing to sign up for shifts as they have in the past.
Interested in student perspective of coming back to a job that's not what you applied for originally?

00:54:21Gregory Tack

We have sent occasional communication to student officers in Club Sports, but I think everyone was overwhelmed at the end of the semester with the new situation, finals, etc. Will notify students more as we approach fall semester, and when we know more information

00:56:03Marc Iturriaga

love that @Vicki. we are all students if we commit to being lifelong learners. #NIRSAfamily

00:57:49Marc Iturriaga

testify @Tanika !

00:58:20Tanika Santos


00:58:40Emily Murphy | WVU

I like that @Michael!

00:58:48Maeve McKinney

^^ ditto!

00:59:10Vicki Highstreet

Like that Michael! You work for the department first and the program area second. That may need to be our new way of thinking.

01:00:11Tanika Santos

Yes Maeve stealing my questions haha

01:00:52Vicki Highstreet

It's all about choices.

01:00:55Tanika Santos

snaps for that

01:01:03Ross Clausi

@Julie YES!

01:01:08Maeve McKinney


01:01:18Kate Nail

I hear that Julie!

01:02:32Tanika Santos

Great authentic and holistic perspective Marc

01:02:42Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

Thank you all!!

01:03:16Tom Giles- FIU

Virtual Convocation sessions (zoom meetings)

01:03:59Juliana Frigerio

Our professional staff did a video "tour" of the rec center - each program area talked about what they do and where they're located in the facility. They play it during the virtual orientation sessions

01:05:06Emily Murphy | WVU

Ask Us Anything Webinars - Student Engagement and Leadership department hosted orientations virtually for first-year students; breakout rooms for each program area in our Campus Recreation department! It has been really cool to interact with incoming students at a small scale capacity.

01:05:21Marc Iturriaga

what a great way to help students new to the area to feel more invited and welcome @juliana. this is something that should happen even when we are fully open to help facilitate and navigate student fears about the rec center.

01:05:38Bella Pellet

thank you guys so much for your ideas!!!

01:05:46Emily Murphy | WVU

We also just had a virtual University tour via LinkedIn!

01:07:45Vicki Highstreet

We do a live session for parents, too! You know your parents want you to work!

01:11:24Vicki Highstreet

Have any of your institutions changed your schedule for fall? i.e. moved up a week, shortened the semester, etc. . .

01:11:26Ross Clausi

@Marc Love that! I think the incorporation of online orientation sessions in the future will be very useful!

01:11:31Heidi Gilder

What are your universities planning on doing about students who refuse to wear a mask/ social distance in your facility? How do you plan on enforcing your new policies? It will likely fall on student employees at Ferris State.

01:12:22Vicki Highstreet

We cancelled all breaks and shortened the time frame for taking finals.

01:12:37Gregory Tack

Hi Vicki, we changed our schedule to wrapping up on-campus classes before Thanksgiving, then the rest will be conducted virtually - including Finals' Week

01:13:23Vicki Highstreet

Great question, Heidi! Enforcement!

01:13:29Marc Iturriaga

the role of enforcing is a difficult one. grocery stores haven’t done it. it is really tricky to navigate all of the nuances of social distancing. I think if we focus on empathy over enforcement there will be better success.

01:13:39Kate Nail

University of Nebraska has mentioned offering additional class offerings during the extra long winter break

01:14:58Vicki Highstreet

City rules vs. University rules differ for enforcement in certain areas.

01:17:44Tom Giles- FIU

Being able to frame it in what they ~can do~ than what they ~cant do~ can really help the patron experience in a new normal

01:21:22Marc Iturriaga

positive is important @Tom. great point!

01:21:34Mike Dominguez

what would students like from their staff to help?

01:22:17Vicki Highstreet

Your voice is SO important. Please share your thoughts.

01:22:22Marc Iturriaga

action is so important.

01:25:13Emily Murphy | WVU

Every step you take is a step forward. It ALL matters!

01:25:29Maeve McKinney

to Sylvain's point, this is not the work of a few people within our organization or on our campuses, its about getting everyone involved and educated

01:25:32Marc Iturriaga

thanks for sharing @Sylvain! #truth

01:25:35Tom Giles- FIU

Thank you for sharing, Sylvain!

01:26:03Tanika Santos

Anyone is welcome to email me perspectives and ideas at

01:26:26Karen David | U of Dayton


01:26:29Julie Johnson

Yes, Sylvain!!

01:27:29Tom Giles- FIU

Thanks for hosting this SLT. Great discussion!

01:28:20Gregory Tack

Thank you Sylvain!

01:28:21Marc Iturriaga

wonderful discussion sharing and facilitation! #NIRSAfamily

01:28:30Katie Haarmann

Thanks to the SLT for this - great facilitation!!

01:28:36Kate Nail

Thanks everyone!

01:28:41Michael Migliaro

Thanks SLT!!

01:28:42Mike Dominguez

Nice job Tanika!

01:28:44Allie Bogard

Nailed it y’all - thanks!

01:28:44Gregory Tack

Thank you SLT!

01:28:45Kaleah Torgerson

Thank you!!

01:28:47Michael Brito

Thank you SLT!

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