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Associate Directors Roundtable

Recorded on Monday, June 8, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Victoria Lopez-Herrera, Erin Patchett and Lance Haynie

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Chat Transcript

00:33:24Justin Cato

Hello everyone!

00:38:48Erin Patchett (she/her)

current prompts: challenges and how you have added value as a supervisor during the pandemic?

00:41:01Lashica Thomas

doing 1 on 1s and check in twice week with the team

00:41:09Kelley Hungerford

Woohoo! Welcome to the NIRSA family as an associate member, Marc/Bonobo! :)

00:43:00Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Thanks Kelly! Proud to be back on board officially

00:43:26Vicki Highstreet

We had a deaf black artist in Lincoln make t-shirts that said in words and sign language "Black Lives Matter" and he had so many requests for them that they had to stop producing them. What a great idea. Thanks for the reminder, Marc.

00:44:07Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Excellent point Johanna! How to deal with the constant changes.. planning for the unknown. Should we putting so much energy into planning for things that could change at a moments notice. Many challenges indeed!

00:45:01Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

That's awesome Vicki! That's a great reminder that their are amazing people in our communities that we can learn from and collaborate with

00:46:26Chelsea Holcombe

I've made it a point to check-in on a personal level, not bringing up anything "work" related. Virtual burnout is REAL and has hit me HARD!

00:47:32Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Justin - meeting staff when they need at their frequency is important. Some might need more or less time. It's okay that staff have different needs and that we facilitate those needs differently with each staff is okay.

00:47:36Victoria Lopez-Herrera (she/her)

Thank you for being authentic and real, Chelsea!

00:49:33Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Jerrod - I once worked in an office space where regular meetings weren't really necessary because we all worked together in the same space and would do most meetings as pop ins and impromptu, sometimes as we wheeled our chairs into the hallway. Almost impossible to do that virtually and a great reminder of what is missed when we aren't doing casual interactions.

00:50:41Erin Patchett (she/her)

introverts unite!

00:50:48Melissa Fadler

Introverts are amazing… :-)

00:50:48Erin Patchett (she/her)

but not in a large group!

00:50:53Karina Knutson


00:51:20Victoria Lopez-Herrera (she/her)

I know it's hard to believe, I'm an introvert too!

00:51:31Vicki Highstreet

Thanks, Ann! Great reminder.

00:51:58Ann Storey (she/her) Sheridan College

glad to hear there are some other introverts out there!

00:52:18Erin Patchett (she/her)

thanks Ann! We are asking all of our staff where they are at in terms of desire to come back and letting them take the lead .

00:52:32Chris Muller

Introvert, but miss people

00:52:44Justin Cato



We are asking everyone to commit to 20 hours/week in the office BUT we are flexible based on needs/personal concerns

00:53:36Tim Hammond

Introvert here. Doing fine with staying in place and reducing meetings as much as possible.

00:54:40MC Martinez - Innosoft

I've been working from home for over 5 years, and WFH during a pandemic is not the same - even as an introvert. I can't sit by myself at a restaurant or shop for long/fun to be somewhere outside of my regular 4 walls at home. Normally it's awesome to WFH and socialize over the weekend :)

00:54:44Vicki Highstreet

Lack of Transparency/Assumptions will be the end of us!

00:57:17Lisa Stuppy

I spend check in meetings with staff (no work if possible) on phone calls in walking meetings - it's been a great break from Zoom. It's been helpful to get staff outside too

00:57:42Jason Darby


00:57:45Chelsea Holcombe

Extrovert here :)

00:57:55Ann Storey (she/her) Sheridan College

Love for all "verts" :) we need all of us to make things happen

00:58:17Erin Patchett (she/her)

new prompt: what have you learned about yourself as a leader during the pandemic? new skills, etc?

00:58:47Melissa Fadler

I learned I am really efficient working from home…

00:59:01Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

I learned I can snack anytime of day.

00:59:14Lance Haynie

nice Marc!

00:59:20Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

2nd, 3rd breakfast...

00:59:24Jason Darby

Marc unfortunately I already knew that

01:01:47Brooke Turner

I have been able to eat healthier and exercise more at home... Have to be more intentional someday when we are back in the gym.

01:01:56Chelsea Holcombe

I've learned I am more flexible than I thought I was... recovering Type A personality :)

01:02:07Jen O'Reilly

Karina, yes! same! who is included and who is left out? its tough.

01:02:20Vicki Highstreet

Seeing it already. Thanks, Karina.

01:02:23Brooke Turner

@Chelsea Holcombe I feel ya!

01:02:30Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Great point Vicki - the cool thing is that our current work due to pandemic is just highlighting needs of communication, staff needs, etc that are also needed at regular times. Like you said - transparency, assumptions, check ins - always important - our situation just might change how, when and frequency of need.

01:02:37Victoria Lopez-Herrera (she/her)

Nice, Brooke! virtual high five

01:04:02Chelsea Holcombe

Great point Ryan, that is a huge struggle with all of the information coming down for us too

01:05:22Ryan Wingers

Vicki - have you read "Blink"? Validates your point of needing to see faces and reading microexpressions

01:05:40Lance Haynie

Nice fur-baby, Hailey!

01:05:57Hailey Hester

Aspen the wonder dog

01:05:58Michael Thomas

Vicki - Great point. I have learned I listen more to body language than I thought initially thought.

01:06:11Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

How intentional are we in asking these needs of our staff and facilitating those needs - how we meet, communicate, conflict and feedback giving/receiving, time for reflection - is extremely important.

01:06:20Julie Gentry

I agree, I prefer faces too, however, I am working on campus and do not have a camera on my desktop.

01:06:41Sara Montgomery

Some of us are multitasking and holding fidgety babies :)

01:07:07Lance Haynie

True, Marc. And not just saying, "How are you?" as a greeting, but actually using it as a genuine question.

01:07:40Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Yes Lance! Authentic listening

01:08:49Bob Gough W&M

Bob @ W&M to Vkki's comments... Many of us have the privilege of sight and hearing. Not being able to see a persons face is something many of our students deal with everyday. Many states will have face-covering requirements for indoor spaces when we reopen. It may be something to which we have to attempt.

01:09:32Bob Gough W&M


01:09:47Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Yes Bob!

01:10:03Vicki Highstreet

Excellent point, Bob.

01:10:14Jerrod Jackson

Thank you Sophia!!!!! I'm not OK is important to say! Thank you!

01:10:25Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Thanks for sharing Sophia

01:10:33Karina Knutson

Thanks for sharing, Sophia!

01:10:43Lance Haynie

Yes, Sophia! My heart is heavy too!

01:10:52Vicki Highstreet

Thank you, Sophia!

01:11:18Jen O'Reilly

Sophia, I wish that more of our staff and students had the courage to stand up and speak up as you did.

01:13:28Sophia Marshall

Sure @Michael Thomas

01:13:39Sophia Marshall

Thanks Chris!

01:13:41Hailey Hester

I've started wellness checkin calls to student staff just to say hello, see how life is going at this time, and remind them that I am here for them and hopeful to see them in the fall. I know universities are tasking calling recent freshman to make sure they stay in school, but the staff appreciate it too.

01:13:58Vicki Highstreet

Our OASIS department has a regular activity called "Dish It Up" that meets to talk about issues that are affecting our students of color. This has been going on for about a year and a half. They usually get around 25-30 people each week, but this last one (on zoom) had 300 plus people interacting.

01:14:20Hailey Hester

Wow Vicki that's awesome!

01:14:41Vicki Highstreet

Great idea, Ben! Use our resources.

01:15:15Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

the EDI guide is an incredible resource:

01:15:55Sophia Marshall

Love you Jerrod!

01:16:15Hailey Hester

<3 Jerrod

01:16:34Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

truth, Jerrod.

01:16:35Jill Urkoski

It's okay to get emotional Jerrod!! Feel how you feel! Love ya!

01:16:35Ryan Wingers

Amen Jerrod.

01:16:36Clint Jones

Amen Jerrod. Love you buddy.

01:16:42Lance Haynie

Thank you, Jerrod

01:16:50Justin Cato

love you Jerrod! Here for you buddy!

01:16:51Melissa Fadler

Love ya, Jerrod…

01:17:09Chris Muller

Thanks for sharing Jerrod. Love hearing your thoughts.

01:17:15Bob Golson

Jerrod thank you!

01:19:15Lance Haynie

A lot of resources shared on the NIRSA Connect area for resources to educate yourself.

01:19:15Tim Hammond

Racism is a white people's problem. We are responsible for doing the work.

01:19:34Melissa Fadler

YES, Tim ^^^

01:19:59Brooke Turner

Telling people that you are not okay is really an act of bravery. We need to honor that.

01:21:00Chris Muller

Good point Jerrod. I appreciate you sharing that thought.

01:21:41Sophia Marshall

Here’s the email I sent out to our student staff…

01:22:17Sophia Marshall

Well it won’t let me copy and paste. Sorry, but I can send it to you all after the meeting

01:25:18Jerrod Jackson

Thank you Erin, Lance and Victoria for opening this dialogue! I didn't realize some of the things I needed to get out. It felt great. Create space for people to be themselves!

01:25:44Greg Durham

Don't be afraid to check in on your former staff, and GAs as well. Some of our schools, programs and departments are not yet ready to address these topics or have stayed disturbingly silent.

01:25:51Erin Patchett (she/her)

Thank you for sharing Jerrod.

01:26:05Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

great point Greg

01:27:59Lance Haynie

Thanks for bringing it today, Jerrod!

01:28:16Jerrod Jackson

Also, think on this. as you are there for your staff, keep work and personally checking on folks separate! Anytime I've checked on the well being of staff, I try to do it through text and not through any outlet we normally use for work. It's helped!

01:29:23Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

That separation of communication method can help staff know what is work and what is personal so they can choose to address it in the way meaningful to them. Great point Jerrod.

01:30:46Tim Hammond

Also keep in mind that your staff might not want to be your friend. They might not have any interest in your texting them - or sharing their personal feelings. But may feel an obligation to when their boss asks.

01:31:27Vicki Highstreet

Got another call! Loved seeing you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

01:32:04Bob Gough W&M

Hello NIRSA! I'd like to have more of these sessions!

01:32:16Marc Iturriaga (he/him)

Thanks everyone for the sharing, wonderful facilitation and inspiring moments. #NIRSAfamily

01:32:34Ryan Wingers

Another call in a month or so would be great!

01:33:20Tim Hammond

Truth to power, Erin. Jerrod and Sophia thank you for sharing.

01:33:36Hailey Hester

Thank you!

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