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Aquatics Roundtable

Recorded on Wednesday, June 3, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams

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Chat Transcript

00:31:14Ben Piper

Ben Piper UT Dallas

00:31:16Eric Becker

Thanks for the transparency Richelle. Much appreciated. Eric Becker, Marshall University

00:31:22Mark Miller

Mark Miller - Indiana University

00:31:22Krista Herring

Krista Herring - interim Aquatics Coordinator from University of Colorado Colorado Springs

00:31:22Jared Lindorfer

Jared from Washington State University

00:31:24Jillian Dolciato

Jillian Dolciato, Xavier University

00:31:26Bob Gough W&M

Bob Gough, William & Mary in Virginia

00:31:30Troy Lukas

Troy Lukas LSU

00:31:30Stephanie Nielsen

Steph Nielsen - University of Michigan

00:31:31Alejandra Gomez

Alex Gomez- Cal Poly Pomona

00:31:32Robert Weeks

Bob Weeks, University of Cincinnati

00:31:32Noah Rogers

Noah Rogers, Graduate Administrator of Aquatics, Virginia Commonwealth University

00:31:32Mikayla Nawojczyk

Mikayla Nawojczyk Southern New Hampshire University

00:31:32Lydia Serfling

Lydia Serfling - Penn State University

00:31:34Terri Shannon

Terri Shannon, Miami University - Ohio

00:31:35Catherine Ayers

Catherine Ayers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

00:31:36Cara Green

Cara Green, University of Houston

00:31:37barbara bogner

Barbara Bogner University of Colorado Boulder

00:31:39Shelbi Waller

Shelbi Waller -- Stephen F Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Tx

00:31:39Cheryl Eddins

Cheryl from Appalachian State Boone, NC

00:31:39Elizabeth Lasker

Elizabeth Lasker, University of Maryland, Baltimore

00:31:39Suzanne Ries

Suzanne Ries, Florida Gulf Coast University

00:31:40Meghan Pynnonen

Meghan Pynnonen - Grand Valley State University

00:31:40Anike Oladeji

Anike Oladeji. George Mason University

00:31:41Morgan Munoz

Morgan Munoz- Towson University

00:31:41Constance Kirby

Constance, Washington State University

00:31:43Brittany Morriss

Brittany Morriss - The University of Louisiana Lafayette

00:31:46Holly Smith

Holly Smith - UNC Wilmington

00:31:48Austin Farley

Austin Farley, West Texas A&M University

00:31:48CJ Stancheski

CJ Stancheski - Texas A&M University

00:31:50Meagan Stachurski

Meagan Stachurski - Towson University.

00:31:59Melissa Hazzard

Melissa Hazzard - Shippensburg University

00:32:04Tish Hollingsworth-Gray

Tish Hollingsworth - Univ. KY

00:32:08Shanie Chambers Univ. San Francisco)

Shanie Chambers, University of San Francisco

00:32:11Jimmy Heiner

Jimmy - University of Maryland, Baltimore

00:32:17Kaitlyn Kubler

Kaitlyn - Georgia Southern University

00:32:25Lindsay Wigderson

Lindsay - UNC Greensboro


Adrianna- UMaine

00:32:32Anna Champion

Anna - Auburn University at Montgomery Wellness Center

00:32:36Dan Galvin

Dan Galvin Ohio State Univ

00:33:55Peter Mumford

Peter Mumford, York University, Toronto, Canada

00:37:23Gabor Jerkovits

Gabor Jerkovits, University of Regina, Regina, Canada

00:38:23Erin Wells

SFA is also open

00:38:32Erin Wells

Lots of schools opening in early July

00:38:35Eric Becker

Marshall University is open. Lane reservations are a blessing

00:38:53Kourtney Woracek

I'm at A&M Galveston. IMLeagues is running really smooth for cardio and strength time slots

00:39:03alex sperling

Montclair State in NJ has completed the opening plan, but no date given.

00:39:49Tim Hammond

@CJ how long did it take you to set up IM leagues for this. When I looked into it seemd a bit tedious to get it all set up.

00:41:31Peter Mumford

CJ, what is the current capacity your facility is working with?

00:42:05Anike Oladeji

@CJ how do you handle the waitlist?

00:42:19Shelbi Waller

At SFA, we do not require reservations. We have roped off the lap lanes, from the rec pool to keep non-lap swimmers from entering and interrupting lap swimmers. We have also created a high-risk and lap swim only hour. This is the first hour that we are open.

00:42:28Joey LaNeve

If you use community fanny packs, how is everyone disinfecting them?

00:42:37Jillian Dolciato

During cleaning, are people having their student staff clean or will they be using outside groups only?

00:44:13alex sperling

eric - how are you doing training on that? Just verbal, or did you run through the new EAP?

00:44:14Shelbi Waller

Lifeguards have their own hip packs, for the rest of the facility. We created "GO" bags that all staff must have on them at all times. These are able to be sanitized at the end of every night.

00:44:27Bob Gough W&M

Long post

Commonwealth of VA guidelines for Phase 2 effective Friday, June 5

hot tubs, spas, saunas, splash pads, spray pads, interactive play features must be closed.

indoor and outdoor pools pay be open for lap swimming, diving, exercise, and instruction only.

lap swimming must be limited to 3 people per lane with 10 feet physical distance per swimmer

diving areas must be limited to 3 people per diving area with 10 feet physical distance per diver

swimming instruction & water ex. classes must be limited to allow all participants to maintain 10 feet physical distance at all times

seating may be provided on deck with at least 10 feet of spacing b/w people who are not members of the same household

all seating (including LG chairs) must be cleaned & disinfected b/w use

00:44:38Nathan Brungardt Pittsburg State University - Kansas

1 guard; closing staff restroom

00:44:43Krista Herring

Our guard office will just be one person at a time

00:44:48Frances Caron

The state of CA worked with the CDC on a reopening document that was extremely helpful.

00:44:56Austin Farley

What is everyones game plan for pool parties and how many are you allowing or if anyone is allowing pool party reservations at all?

00:44:58CJ Stancheski

@Tim IM Leagues is tedious but there are methods to make it simple, but allows us to check in participants. I know Fusion has a way to reserve lanes if you have Fusion at your Rec Center It took about 1 hour to set-up @Anike With the Waitlist there is a time stamp that allows us to determine who is next in line if there is a no show. @Peter for the pools lap pool is 8 only, outdoor is 6 only, the facility.

00:45:32Frances Caron

Restrictions on entering, exiting guard office, number of people, sanitizing, etc.

00:45:56Lindsay Wigderson

we are allowing 3 people max in our office, and we are not having any communal equipment, only BYOE

00:46:56Frances Caron

@Austin we are not allowing any events until further notice (we do not anticipate that being until 2021)

00:47:15Shelbi Waller

At SFA, we allow the GA, HG and one LG at a time. We created a space outside the guard off for another down guard to sit. We also have small locker (cubbies) for each guard. The guards are not allowed to have any personal belongings outside of their locker, unless they are the down guard. Everything must be kept in their lockers.

00:47:36Travis Beetley

Guards keep things in their locker in the main locker room

00:48:00Bob Gough W&M

Has anyone conducted "pre-season" LG training for summer staff? I have questions I'd like to send you via email.

00:48:41Morgan Munoz- Towson Univ.

Has anyone needed to limit open Rec swim hours?

00:49:01Tish Hollingsworth-Gray

Univ. KY - all LGs will put backpacks in their lockers. No longer using cubbies in guard room as our guard room will only have 3 staff in it. Used to be huge gathering for staff when 'down'

00:49:23Elizabeth Lasker

For those that are open are your showers open and how do you disinfect them after each use?

00:50:12Shelbi Waller

All lockers, changing areas, and showers are off limits. We only allow persons to use bathroom stalls.

00:50:42Elizabeth Lasker

At UMB we will not be able to open the pool if there are no locker rooms and showers.

00:50:49Stephanie Nielsen

MI State Code - We need to keep locker rooms open in order to have the pools open.

00:51:33Frances Caron

CA building code requires showers also, but you can request building code exemptions.

00:51:44Frances Caron

Specifically for outdoor showers to substitute

00:52:03Dan Galvin

making a rest room portion of locker room but no showers may be our end point. We are looking at portable rinse showers on deck but no plan is set yet

00:52:13Travis Beetley

i agree on push back from faculty/staff. Some already use their offices

00:52:27Tiara DeLapp

For those you that have rental groups (high school swim teams) that use your facility, when are you allowing them in the pool? with locker room usage?

00:52:48Samanatha Steel

NV code requires showers but locker rooms and showers are closed under governors directive. we are considering adding an on deck shower cleaned after every use, anyone else doing that or have feedback on that?

00:53:36Shelbi Waller

At SFA we have two outdoor showers patrons use.

00:54:06Meagan Stachurski

As of now, we will not be having external events through December so no meets for local swim teams or additional programming. Waiting to hear about what Division 1 Swimming and Diving will be implementing

00:54:33CJ Stancheski

@Tiara at Texas A&M any outsider visitor is based on university guidelines. Currently we have a swim club and a dive club that use our facilities and they are not allowed back in until August 1st. There is a 3 phase return to campus approach for visitors

00:54:49Travis Beetley

We will probably close open shower area. We do have some private shower stalls

00:55:24Erin Wells

Was anyone started teaching LG classes?

00:55:36Dan Galvin

We are leaning towards since we have a full staff for environmental services who will maintain open rest rooms, the pool deck restrooms will not be open to assure that there is staff doing limited assigned cleaning areas

00:55:43Eric Becker

@erin teaching two in June, one this weekend

00:55:48Shelbi Waller

At SFA, we have mounted Spray bottle and towel holders around the pool deck with signage asking patrons to sanitize tables and chairs before and after use. If patrons do not do so, then my staff will follow them and wipe everything down when patrons leave.

00:55:51CJ Stancheski

@Erin we taught a class last week

00:56:04Meagan Stachurski

For those not allowing showers in their locker rooms, will your pools be closed then since you cannot enforce the shower rule then? Or is there another solution you are working on?

00:56:05Erin Wells

Can you all talk that through at all?

00:56:21Joey LaNeve

agreed @Erin!

00:56:27Austin Farley

Pool party reservation guidlines

00:56:35Morgan Munoz- Towson Univ.

I’m also interested in hearing about the lifeguard class

00:56:50Travis Beetley

external groups will probably not happen

00:57:23Austin Farley

ARC said no LG classes at the moment because you can’t practice social distance guidelines on rescues, has this changed?

00:57:24Elizabeth Lasker

saw that - so cool $45

00:58:08Meagan Stachurski

OH MY GOSH!!! I am geeking out a little bit about this plexi glass thing!

00:58:09Joey LaNeve

@Austin, I believe they have shifted to "follow local and state guidelines"

00:58:15Erin Wells

@Austin there have been a couple emails about it lately, there are virtual ways of doing it

00:58:20Erin Wells

And what Joey said!

00:58:23Frances Caron

Perhaps some areas do not have social distancing guidelines in place? We were told the same, but we have these in place here.

00:58:43Jillian Dolciato

Ohio Red Cross Rep is allowing classes IF your local health department allows it

00:59:04Richelle Williams

00:59:33Austin Farley

That’s right thanks @joey

00:59:46Lindsay Wigderson

@CJ are they breathable?

01:00:29Rebecca Harper

Name the masks again… please

01:00:39Elizabeth Lasker

Has anyone gotten the gaiters from watermen? They are easier to pull down and wanted to know if they were breathable?

01:01:07Brittany Morriss - for the masks

01:01:49Jillian Dolciato

@CJ, even though they are in the water, are you worried about them not staying socially distanced without a mask on?

01:02:11Stephanie Nielsen

@CJ what did you say you upgraded to when you first started speaking? Something along the lines with the ipads?

01:02:48CJ Stancheski

No, when teaching extrication or spinals we had the assisting lifeguard already put gloves on and wear a mask.

01:03:51CJ Stancheski

01:04:10CJ Stancheski

This is the link for upgrading the manikins

01:04:17Stephanie Nielsen

Thanks @CJ !

01:04:34CJ Stancheski

You're Welcome! @Stephanie

01:04:45Catherine Ayers

Where do you find full body rescue manikins for in-pool rescues that you like?

01:06:09Bob Gough W&M

01:06:25Catherine Ayers

Thanks Bob!

01:11:23Frances Caron

The document being referenced was put together in CA and references a lot of great things. I'm happy to share it with anyone interested.

01:12:30Erin Wells

Does anyone have a plan for if an employee or patron tests positive?

01:12:35Austin Farley

Overall no pool parties at least for now? We have several during the year in reservations for birthday party’s. I may have missed the answer on this one if anyone said something.

01:12:38Frances Caron

To clarify, not Richelles specific plans, but the original document/presentation.

01:13:59Eric Becker

@erin we have been told if there is a positive case, we immediately send it to Centers for Disease. We are not making any decisions, they would tell us what to do from there

01:14:49Joey LaNeve

I know there have been talks about it above my position but I don't know what the outcomes of those conversations were

01:15:06Nathan Brungardt Pittsburg State University - Kansas

we are using the same process for staff and swimmers, and users. Currently we plan on closing for 2 weeks with a deep clean happening during that time.

01:15:27Robert Weeks

Doesn't that only work if you can track where in your building they go? There's no way to track people like that in mine.

01:15:35Tish Hollingsworth-Gray

UK is giving us directives

01:16:28Tish Hollingsworth-Gray

BUT are we assuming someone will alert us they have it!

01:17:14Jacob Lodge

GSU prez told us yesterday that Department of Health will manage all contact tracing and coordinate directly with our University contact on a case by case scenario

01:17:34Tish Hollingsworth-Gray

Thought protocal was to close 24 hours..?

01:18:02Bob Gough W&M

@Erin, Does that mean you are not allowed into the building to workout on days you are not working from the office?

01:18:22Erin Wells

@Bob, yep

01:18:47Bob Gough W&M

@Erin, does that apply to student staff as well?

01:19:03Erin Wells

We aren’t sure yet

01:19:48Bob Gough W&M

@Erin, that's fair...

01:20:04Eric Becker

Try telling that to Athletics :)

01:20:18Erin Wells


01:20:28Bob Gough W&M


01:24:00alex sperling

anyone updating their refund policy for programs to avoid parents bringing slightly sick kids to lessons?

01:24:24Zachary Hammerle

No outside groups to end of fall as of now. Students only.

01:24:41Jillian Dolciato

Xavier has no external groups this summer.

For the fall, we are waiting for the task force to determine. However, Rec Sports is advocating for just Xavier

01:25:49Alejandra Gomez

@Erin can you re-explain why you may be asking your staff to wear orange or white on certain days at your university?

01:26:29Alejandra Gomez

Yes! Thank you

01:26:34Bob Gough W&M

I like that idea! It's like color competition at camp!!

01:28:11Cheryl Eddins


01:28:12Stephanie Nielsen

Thanks @Richelle and everyone else!

01:28:20Jillian Dolciato

thanks Richelle!

01:28:22Morgan Munoz- Towson Univ.

Thank you Richelle!

01:28:24Lindsay Wigderson

thanks y'all!

01:28:25Eric Becker

Thanks for hosting Richelle

01:28:28Meagan Stachurski

It's okay if you cry Richelle!

01:28:30Erin Wells

It was so good seeing everyone!!!!

01:28:33Bob Gough W&M

Hang in the Richelle.. it will get better!

01:28:33Anike Oladeji

thanks Richelle!!!!

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