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Small Programs Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, June 2, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chris Crume and Andrew Doyle

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Chat Transcript

13:01:16From Marc Iturriaga

Chris, no new zoom background?

13:03:09From Max, Swarthmore College

Hi all - Does anyone oversee the physical education program at their institution that is an academic requirement?

13:04:28From Kathryn - Loyola Chicago


13:05:01From Anna Champion

Yes Staffing @ Kathryn!

13:05:37From Max, Swarthmore College

If anyone does and wants to chat offline, please email me at

13:09:34From Mila Padgett

We are reopening June 10th - training staff this Friday

13:09:46From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Opening Monday!!!

13:10:03From Matt Grimm

Regarding student staff, have any schools decided what students will be allowed to do in fitness facilities (i.e. - taking temperatures, questionnaires, etc)?

13:12:05From Craig Pellizzaro

We are reopening July 13th (Michigan Tech)

13:12:29From Chris Crume

13:12:37From Chris Crume

Ohio restart guidelines.

13:14:05From Marc Iturriaga

What are the concerns regarding taking temperature which hasn't been proven to be overall effective - then having student staff having to enforce the readings with members who feel they are fine and healthy?

13:14:42From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Marc: That you can still be asymptomatic and not have a fever.

13:16:09From Marc Iturriaga

@Anthony - true. And if someone is feeling sick and still showed up, would they actually answer the questions honestly? Not sure that it will actually mitigate any spread but looks like a litigation mitigation.

13:16:53From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Marc: Yes. In the attachment, there are 5 Qs to answer before entering.

13:16:56From Mila Padgett

@Marc - I do have some concerns which is why we are having professional staff onsite for the first few weeks. That's in our Governor's guidelines so that is where I am hoping some things may change with new information as we move forward.

13:16:57From Matt Grimm

Has anyone put in an order for PPE for fitness center staff, and if so, what did it include, what's the turnaround time, etc?

13:17:46From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Matt: The university finally put together a committee through Purchasing to bulk order for the university as a whole.

13:18:03From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

What Andrew just said.

13:18:07From Mila Padgett

We also have a COVID19 screening form from our HR department that must be completed EVERY DAY you are on campus. This includes our student employees. They will do that electronic from at the same time they clock in for work.

13:18:21From Kathryn - Loyola Chicago

Our university is purchasing all but we had to put in a special request for HEPA filters to attach to our BVMs, etc

13:18:30From Shaun Rutherford

Our facilities department is also installing shields at high traffic desks and things of that nature in the lobby, fitness center etc.

13:18:30From Anna Champion

PPE - through University; not individual departments

13:18:40From Michael Thomas

Are masks recommended or mandatory while working out? Has anyone discussed partner lifts, such as "spotting" for patrons?

13:18:42From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Mila: We are also having them document the temperature in our group text.

13:19:56From Mila Padgett

We are having every other machine not in use due to social distancing but not plexi glass. We created a social distancing sign to be placed on equipment. The plexi glass is only at our Wellness Center desk.

13:20:11From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

I have seen/heard rope, gym floor tape, signs, trashbags...

13:20:37From Jami Brossette


13:20:40From Mila Padgett


13:20:45From Jami Brossette

only when they are not actively working out

13:20:48From Shaun Rutherford

No our public health coordinator said that its not recommended

13:20:51From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, except when exercising.

13:20:53From Kathryn - Loyola Chicago

Nope! We don't need people passing out

13:21:02From Karen Howell

No when actively exercising.

13:21:14From Virginia Mohr

we plan to have patrons wear masks if we open in the fall.

13:21:33From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Nope and signs to say "no spotting."

13:21:49From Karen Howell

We are saying no spotting and removing all those benches

13:21:51From Virginia Mohr

no spotters. removing weights that require this

13:21:53From Mila Padgett

This would have to be fact checked.. but I have heard there is an OSHA policy that you can not make a mask mandatory without a respiratory function test. Definitely needs to be fact checked.

13:22:12From Jami Brossette

Same, We will most likely not have spotting, recommending no maxing out or super heavy weights if someone needs a spot

13:22:16From Anthony U of Central Arkansas


13:22:24From Shaun Rutherford

Talked about moving free weights or other exercises to another location in the building

13:22:50From Anna Champion

Masks while exercising...Most likely not - maybe along the lines of entering and exiting and walking through facility; not while exercising. No spotting in phase 1...yes, free weights, limit benches

13:23:23From Jeremy F- CNU

we are going to have difficulty moving machines/weights since we don't really have anywhere to move them all. I think we will need to close every other machine. Does anyone else have spacing issues with storing the machines?

13:23:44From Jami Brossette

YESSSSS @jeremy

13:23:52From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Jeremy: Pallets and pallet jack.

13:23:58From Matt Grimm


13:23:58From Max, Swarthmore College

Laminate paper, add velcro, put it in an obnoxious spot

13:24:02From Lindsey Logue

We are moving equipment to 1 basketball court.

13:24:20From Karen Howell

We are moving ours to a racquetball court

13:24:27From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Michael: Do not forget about heavy machines on wood courts.

13:24:33From Shaun Rutherford

Same we are using one of our basketball courts at Adelphi as well but not ideal

13:24:34From Jami Brossette

our school only has one basketball court that athletics moves, so that is a no for us, may look at other options

13:24:46From Jami Brossette

*uses, not moves

13:24:56From Michael Thomas

Our head basketball coaches were not happy

13:25:10From Lashica Thomas

What are people doing that have hand readers for biometric access

13:25:28From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Turning off and putting down.

13:26:03From Jeremy F- CNU

we have the thumb readers but going to card readers for at least the time being

13:26:30From Mila Padgett

Our capacity is 32 in our fitness area - we are giving everyone their own disinfectant bottle and towel upon entry with directions on the bottle. Disinfect the bottle when it is returned.

13:27:43From Lindsey Logue

Thoughts on putting vinyl floor covering & rubber flooring down on wooden gym floors for selectorized equipment?

13:27:45From Jami Brossette

is your deep clean in the middle of the day, or at the end of the day? or both? sorry, I didn't hear if you said that

13:27:53From Pat Kutcher

does anyone use hand readers to enter the locker rooms?

13:28:46From Matt Grimm

Is anyone using the electrostatic disinfecting sprayers?

13:29:00From Matt Grimm

to clean after each hour or whatever blocks you are running?

13:29:08From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Jami: We talked about the padding, but decided no. We also have a concrete concourse to put them.

13:29:09From Jami Brossette

Good stuff. Thank you for the insight!

13:29:12From Shaun Rutherford

We are looking into that Matt

13:29:28From Max, Swarthmore College

I want them… But they’re back ordered for weeks!

13:29:28From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes. Good luck at buying them.

13:29:49From Max, Swarthmore College

I know that UT-Austin placed an order in March and still haven’t received them.

13:30:15From Robert Simels

We were told at least 10 weeks when we quoted out

13:30:25From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

The garden/plant pump sprayers are a good backup.

13:30:31From Robert Simels

last week

13:32:09From Shaun Rutherford

Yes we are doing that at Adelphi, we have some extra flooring from an old project so we are protecting the wood floor with that rubber flooring

13:32:35From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Lucked out and have a concrete concourse around the courts...backup plan.

13:33:26From Jeremy F- CNU

for sport clubs has anyone been thinking about what to charge for dues? Clubs need to make budgets but is it ethical to charge full dues if they cant participate in the fall

13:35:17From Max, Swarthmore College

Is anyone at an institution where a student budget committee completely funds club sports and dues are not an expectation?

13:36:31From Michael Thomas


13:37:56From Jeremy F- CNU

we get roughly $60k a year from the university to distribute to our 30 sport clubs but our clubs charge anywhere from $30-2000 for dues

13:38:14From Matt Grimm

Do any other schools model what club teams do based on the NCAA teams?

13:38:18From Matt Grimm

we are a d3 school

13:38:30From Max, Swarthmore College


13:40:47From Jeremy F- CNU

we are D3 also at CNU. IMs and Sport Clubs fall under athletics. I had a call with our athletic director last week. We for the most part will be following NCAA guidelines for Rec

13:41:58From Robert Simels

Besides mirroring NCAA, do other schools have to follow what restrictions will be put on the RSOs at their institutions

13:42:45From Kathryn - Loyola Chicago

Our RSOs have been told there will be no events this fall in person, so that spaces are open for more socially distanced classes

13:42:55From Max, Swarthmore College

Great read from the NCAA…

13:44:11From Marc Iturriaga

The answer is 42

13:44:44From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Any Qs, email me.

13:44:49From Marc Iturriaga

What is the one thing that is keeping people up awake at night?

13:45:12From Max, Swarthmore College

Knowing that there is an absolute unknown

13:45:37From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Rumsfiled...Unkown knowns.

13:46:01From Max, Swarthmore College

Thanks for the great conversation! I think it is very important for small programs to continue to meet to discuss these issues.

13:46:02From Kathryn - Loyola Chicago

Marc's impression of a gorilla is excellent

13:46:30From Marc Iturriaga

If we can focus on that one thing, especially in this times of unknown, can that help alleviate fears and stress? probably not...

13:47:45From Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you. Wash your hands.

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