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Esports Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, June 2, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Shana Kessler and Justin Furlough

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Chat Transcript

00:28:57Thomas Giles

Hello everyone!

00:30:29Jami Brossette

Hi! Jami Brossette at Louisiana State University in Shreveport

00:30:35Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson- Emory & Henry College!

00:30:39Melissa Bonomo

Melissa Bonomo - Bridgewater State University (Bridgewater, MA)

00:30:40Jon Fey - Life University

Jon Fey - Life University, Coordinator for Campus Recreation and Wellness. Hi, Everyone.

00:30:42Michael Thomas

Good afternoon! Michael Thomas-Berea College

00:30:54Jason Darby

Jason Darby - Southern Miss

00:30:55Drew B.

Drew Boehm - University of Texas at Arlington, Esports program director

00:30:56Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts - University of Ottawa (Canada!)

00:30:57Bob Gough W&M

Bob Gough, William & Mary in Virginia

00:31:12Anthony Digneo

Anthony Digneo- Mount Saint Mary's University, Asst. Director of Campus Rec for Intramurals & Club Sports

00:31:14Mark Ritter

Mark Ritter USC Upstate

00:31:19Aubre Jones

Aubre Jones George Washington University

00:31:21Matthew Urbanczyk

Matt Urbanczyk - Emory University

00:31:22Graham Musson

Graham Musson- Binghamton University

00:31:24Robert Tighe

Robert Tighe College of William & Mary

00:31:31Chelsea Watson

Chelsea Watson - UGA

00:31:33Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner - UNC Wilmington

00:31:34Paul Clay

Paul Clay - Sports and Recreation Coordinator at Facebook

00:31:39John Schwarte

John Schwarte - Wayne State College (NE)

00:31:50Jaron Rider

Jaron Rider Sam Houston State University

00:31:55Hunter Hartley

Hunter Hartley- University of Nebraska at Omaha

00:32:19Aaron Elder

Aaron Elder - James Madison/George Mason

00:33:52Tom Giles- FIU

Question for the group- Does anyone have any Discord Bots that they would recommend using for moderating their server?

00:34:53Anthony Digneo

What recommendations do y'all have for websites that can be used for esport tournaments?

00:35:39John Schwarte

I was just told about - haven't looked into yet, but heard it is great.

00:35:57Matthew Snyder crashes a lot, and they have awful customer service.

00:36:01Justin Furlough


00:36:43Drew B., Gamebattles, and Battlefy are used heavily for esports tournaments

00:37:16Anthony Digneo

Drew, Matt, and John, thank you! I will look into those

00:37:19Matthew Snyder

00:37:23Matthew Snyder

00:37:25Tom Giles- FIU

I've had terrible experiences with Smash GG support as well

00:37:26Matthew Snyder

00:37:36John Schwarte

what was that bot called?

00:37:51Matthew Snyder

mail mod is the best moderation bot.

00:38:33Tom Giles- FIU

Profanity etc.

00:38:35Shana Kessler


00:38:45John Schwarte

@matthew that is the one with domain verification?

00:38:51Shana Kessler

Twitch: Nightbot

00:39:01Matthew Snyder

i built my servers.

00:39:35Dominiqic Williams

has anyone worked with UNI Esports group to help build esports program?

00:40:44Michael Thomas

Has anyone used Geex since it has come out? Since it is collaborating with IMLeagues.

00:41:12Matthew Snyder

it’s meh.

00:41:42Jordan Leslie

Google Meet is great for getting everyone in the same place to communicate

00:43:37Jami Brossette

Has anyone had any major/minor issues with mission control, geex, etc from an participant/admin perspective?

00:43:41Matthew Snyder

here is an Airtable Base of the top discord bots:

00:43:56Shana Kessler

thanks Matthew!

00:43:58Tom Giles- FIU

thanks, Matt!

00:44:07Michael Thomas

Thanks Matt!

00:44:08Matthew Snyder

no problem :-)

00:45:08Matthew Snyder

We built an event platform for organizations to create leagues and tournaments that we are beta testing. If anyone wants to get on our early access list, shoot me an email:

00:46:41Michael Thomas

July 1st for Geex

00:46:55John Schwarte

MC Aug 1 but it's $400

00:49:47Jami Brossette

Thanks for the insight! We had a few issues from both perspectives with mission control

00:50:14Dominiqic Williams

Thanks Justin!

00:52:04Matthew Snyder

If anyone needs assistance creating a sustainable program, here is the process we went through with our local recreation department:

00:52:46Dan Gardner

Built in, nothing new

00:53:05Jon Fey - Life University

Our university considers our current waiver to cover all of our programming. It’s a general statement that covers any and all programming within campus rec.

00:54:44Tom Giles- FIU

I would encourage everyone to not try to over program to compensate for the lack of in person programming

00:54:57Tamara Speziali

RIT did that with Minecraft, really cool!

00:55:20Tom Giles- FIU

Just like Zoom meetings, students can quickly burn out with virtual offerings.

00:56:53Tom Giles- FIU


00:57:51Michael Thomas

I am wondering if we will see a NIRSA Championship series for E-sports that will kind of guide what games we offer prominently, such as we offer basketball, flag football, soccer, etc.

00:58:46Dan Gardner

is there a NIRSA e sports committee? I’ll be on the lookout for an update from that group

00:59:28Justin Furlough

Dan they do have a type of task force that is out there

00:59:28Shana Kessler

Yes there is an esports task force

01:00:35Tom Giles- FIU

We cant program like everything is normal just remote. Take this time to innovate!

01:00:43Jon Janis

Michael Thomas - if you're interested what the Champ Series is doing I would recommend contacting the new exec chair Marty Dempsey

01:01:03Tom Giles- FIU


01:01:17Shana Kessler

I'll answer about the Series in a moment!

01:03:03Aaron Brooks

I've tried to work together with our eSports program, however, they've been more difficult than helpful. They want more to do with on campus help and improving their numbers vs trying to set something up for "intramurals"

01:03:25Tom Giles- FIU

Same here. All take, no give.

01:04:04Matt Dunigan

We have also done a small survey w/ our participants about what e-sports and events they would like to see after this spring quarter

01:05:21Shana Kessler

esports experts contact information and guide to esports terminology is available on NIRSA Connect:

01:07:14Aaron Brooks

FIFA, NBA 2K, Rocketleague, Super Smash Bros (But nobody can currently get a Switch)

01:07:50Kelley Hungerford

The NIRSA Esports Task Force completed its work in the 2019-2020 year. It is not returning for 2020-2021.

01:07:53Tom Giles- FIU

Chess has been surprisingly highly requested

01:08:27Aaron Brooks

They have their own fornite server but won't let me use it unless I can guarantee 100+ students

01:08:37Tamara Speziali

For those looking to play catan, this website is free:

01:08:52Matt Dunigan

Yeah we have at UC-Riverside



01:09:00Tom Giles- FIU


01:09:07Steven Walton


01:09:07Michael Thomas

I haven't approached it yet.

01:09:09Amy Roberts

They said it would be a hard sell but to research it and a proposal, but FPS would be difficult

01:09:20Jon Fey - Life University

Yes, we’ve been told that first and third person shooters are a no-go.

01:09:47sylvain Tchaptchet

We receive the green light, But I am comfortable offering it yet.

01:09:49Matt Dunigan

Even UFC was something that we had to approach w/ a proposal

01:10:00sylvain Tchaptchet

i am not comfortbale*

01:12:17John Schwarte

Gunfight was huge for us

01:14:02Jami Brossette

what was that again?

01:14:05Justin Furlough

01:14:12Jami Brossette


01:14:20Matthew Snyder

01:17:40Shana Kessler

If folx have questions or want resources after the roundtable, feel free to contact me at or

01:19:43Matthew Snyder

Here is an injury prevention plan that I wrote for a collegiate team’s coach.

01:20:44Mark Ritter

Does anyone collaborate with their Enrollment Services to recruit new students by promoting esports?

01:21:02Matt Dunigan

Thanks @Matt

01:21:22John Schwarte

@mark we just give them all the information we have and they touch on it.

01:22:21Bob Gough W&M

The NSC hasn't had sponsorships in the past that could fund an eSports championship. Maybe they could focus on endorsing one of the current eSports championships.

01:22:29Jason Gant

If anyone is interested in extramural-style esports competitions, Recreation Readiness will be offering a Collegiate Esports Summer Series where students can compete in several games to win cash prizes. These prizes can be paid in any fashion, whether directly to the students or the university. Please contact me at for more info.

01:22:38Tom Giles- FIU

Has anyone else tried to offer open rec esports?

01:22:51Matt Dunigan

Our marketing team had us put a small video about our offerings for the summer/fall and they will play it as a bigger video for our entire REC Departement

01:22:53Aaron Brooks

With the sudden shift to 100% online classes, virtual programming, & eSports, is anyone else worried about inundating students with being in front of a computer/tv and burnout?

01:23:22Matthew Snyder

Tom, we are partnered with our local recreation department, and we promote their events on the local campus. We have a good number of students that participate.

01:23:24Bob Gough W&M

UNCW has created a certificate program for eSports.

01:23:46Dan Gardner

thanks to all for the resources!

01:25:26Matthew Snyder

While the call is going on, are there any specific resources, services, or questions that anyone has? I may have resources created that I’d be more than happy to share, if I do.

01:26:11Chris Muller - UTA

UTA has a certificate program through Liberal Arts -

01:26:12Chris Muller - UTA

01:28:52Aaron Brooks

I wish I could get a damn switch so I can learn to play!


Will the video of this meeting be shared?

01:29:32Spencer Dalzell

At Central we just wanted to include and reach out to the segment of people who stay away from competition or cannot neccesarily make it to the rec center

01:29:34Justin Furlough

01:29:44Shana Kessler


01:29:51Shana Kessler

01:30:01Shana Kessler but it might get filtered from there

01:31:54Aaron Brooks

Have a great week everyone!

01:31:56Mike Turner

Thank You!!

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