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Facilities Roundtable

Recorded on Friday, May 29, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Jess Gentry presented with Erin Wells and Amy Lanham

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Chat Transcript

00:30:10Amy Lanham

Welcome Everyone! I will be watching the chat and sharing with Erin and Jess

00:31:52Amy Lanham

feel free to put your school and date of reopening in the chat if known

00:32:08Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College, Unknown

00:32:10Jimmy Heiner

UMB - No reopen date

00:32:21Staci Snyder

UCLA, no open date yet

00:32:24Maygan Williams

University of South Alabama - unknown

00:32:31Zack Sephton

Queen's University - unknown

00:32:32Mike Chadee

UT Southwestern in Dallas. Still closed, no timeline yet.

00:32:41Jami Brossette

LSUS: currently in phase 1 until June 4th.

00:32:41Patrick Langendorfer

Syracuse University - likely August 15

00:32:43Stephanie Nielsen

Michigan - no open date yet

00:32:45Nathan Brungardt Pittsburg State

Pitt State (KS)-tbd

00:32:46Anna Champion

AUM - unknown

00:32:58Stefani Plummer

CBU-no open date yet

00:33:19David Podschun

USC - No Date Set

00:33:32Jenelle Herbert

Wilfrid Laurier - unknown

00:33:39Julie Gillespie

UW Seattle - no open date yet

00:33:40Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, June 8

00:34:05Deb Howard

Rose-Hulman: July 5th for students that remained on campus for various reasons and faculty & staff that were still physically on campus

00:34:11Kristyn Watts

Notre Dame - No set date. Currently working on guidelines to submit for facility reopening

00:34:34Tom Vitucci

will your facilities open in-line with your local public gyms or is that not a factor?

00:34:40Davetta Lackey

PPE and plexi glass

00:34:56Maygan Williams

Social distancing in the weight rooms & cardio areas; PPE and plexiglass glass; capacity limits

00:35:17Erin Wells

UT Austin is not in line with local gyms, we are following UT Austin

00:35:27Maygan Williams

Not being viewed as a factor

00:36:03Stephanie Nielsen

Michigan - Not in line with local gyms. However, we are also still in a stay at home order until June 12

00:36:06Amy Lanham

Univ. of Nebraska we are using the Governor's DHM and the UNMC Reopening Guildelines from our medical center in the university system

00:36:07Patrick Langendorfer

our facility will have to wait for the state (NY) to determine recreation facilities can reopen, and additionally will follow our university phases to schedule us to re-open

00:37:24David Podschun

We (USC) are not opening in line with local gyms in LA County, coordinating safety with our RM and facilities office. Working on policy adjustment and facility setup/safety now.

00:39:11Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Erin: We talked about the count idea, but the first phase is limited by who is on campus.

00:39:16Staci Snyder

At UCLA, we have many shared facilities with Athletics. With the recent announcement by NCAA and Pac 12, our phases will now include when student athletes can return to facilities. May open to practices before general users

00:39:32Mike V

Is anyone

00:40:00Mike V

Does anyone have protocols for checking the

00:40:03Tom Vitucci

will you be relying on student employees to monitor/enforce capacities???

00:40:03Amy Lanham

Our showers will not be open in the first phase. We are still assessing when the pool will reopen

00:40:39Mike V

Does anyone have protocols for checking the HVAC system/filters?

00:40:50Joey LaNeve

for those of you that have their facility staff wear them, what is your plan for disinfecting community fanny packs?

00:41:40Mike Chadee

@Erin or Ross: Are you setting occupancy limits based on the 200 sq ft and size of the space or are you moving equipment so each piece has its own 200 sq ft?

00:41:51Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Email me if you have any Qs.

00:42:13Amy Lanham

For Mike and HVAC systems Excerpt from a document ASHRE published titled Guidance for Building Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Published May 2020

00:43:00Mike V

Thank you Amy

00:43:25Amy Lanham

actual link

00:43:58Erin Wells

Sorry if i didn’t explain it right… it is 1 person per 200 sq ft

00:44:09David Podschun

Does anyone have a process for returning rental locker items to those that are graduating/moving/especially international students?

00:44:38Ross Rod - UT Austin

@David - We hosted some locker retrieval days and anything beyond that might have to be shipped to them

00:45:24Chris Wermie

Is anyone considering leaving cleaning machines to only staff, to avoid patrons from doing a inadequate job? Additional staff would be required, but could ensure machines are properly cleaned following each use.

00:45:32Stefani Plummer

We are doing fanny pack, mask and goggles PER person. worth the investment

00:46:14Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Chris: We are providing wipes for them to use, BUT we are also going behind them.

00:46:23Staci Snyder

@David, we also retrieval day early on. We are not taking it case by case. For anyone who would like to retrieve their stuff will be contacted by the facility manager. Their stuff will be bagged and tagged and a date/time will be arranged for when they can pick it up contactless.

00:46:32Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Stefani- Do they get to take those packs home with them? Or hung there with their names on it

00:47:10Stefani Plummer

@Ross they will stay in the facility. We will require them to disinfect their own stuff (just in case)

00:47:17Ross Rod - UT Austin

Got it, thank you!

00:47:33Chris Wermie

Thanks Anthony!

00:48:04Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Has anyone created a system for tagging clean/used equipment? What does your design look like? How will you attach it to the equipment? …All I can envision the red and green system that is used at most rodízio restaurants.

00:48:30David Podschun

Thanks Staci and Ross! Our pro staff are not even allowed on campus currently so we were only able to have one retrieval day for lockers before closing down in March. Trying to get approved to have another day, fingers crossed.

00:49:25Stefani Plummer

electrostatic sprayer...they are on backorder almost everywhere and the price on some have SIGNIFICANTLY increased...shame.

00:49:25Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Max: TJ mentioned the red/green card. Go cheap, do not make it difficult.

00:49:44Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Ross: That was what it was called. LOL. They told us the same thing!!!

00:50:06Tom Vitucci

Is there a concern that we will have "too many" policies/protocols to keep up with and that we will then be held liable/accountable for them when they are not adhered to???

00:50:26Stephanie Nielsen

@Ross what is the name of the backpack and handheld (?) product?

00:51:15Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Amy: I have heard of the pump sprayers for plants/gardens.

00:51:25Patrick Langendorfer

For locker items - we gave some advance notice on the closure, but also afterwards to let them know we would hang onto items well past our regular interval, so we won't offload items until around a month after fall semester starts (with a few pickup dates at the beginning of the fall)

00:51:47Ross Rod - UT Austin

00:51:58Ross Rod - UT Austin

00:52:10Chris Wermie

Univ of Regina (Canada) We ordered two Victory sprayers for dedicated use in our fitness centre/weight room. Told at time of purchase a 8-week shipping period.

00:52:10Ross Rod - UT Austin

Links to both the Victory Handheld and Victory Backpack sprayer systems

00:52:11Stefani Plummer

@Tom Yes, I am worried on too many new protocols will make it "user unfriendly" (and I am sensitive to us working to make the environment safe) but still...

00:53:12Cyrus Carey

I've been struggling with the logistics of having patrons reserve time slots for the fitness center vs. letting them in until we reach capacity. For example, If one hour time slots are offered for "reservations", how do we treat people who exercise for 20 minutes and then leave? Do we then offer the remaining 40 min of their slot to a walk in and clear everyone out on the hour? To further complicate, we are very limited in space for a walk in waitlist or queue (especially during the winter months in Vermont).

00:53:52Stefani Plummer

We don't have dedicated outlets all over the facility, so treadmills will be thinned out (and probably store the remaining and rotate for mileage care)

00:54:33Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Cyrus - I think We are doing 2 types of reservation lengths. M/W/F would be 50 min. blocks. T/TH would be 80 min. blocks

00:54:36Ross Rod - UT Austin

With cleanings between

00:55:00Chris Wermie

@ross, will you be closed on weekends?

00:55:05David Podschun

We are worried about too many policies/protocols and uncertainty with student wage budget next FY to have enough staff in place during peak times to enforce those policies.

00:55:13Ross Rod - UT Austin

No, weekends open and I think 80 min. sessions available on weekends

00:55:57David Podschun

Is anyone extending operational hours to help spread usage out with capacity limits?

00:56:06Chris Wermie

Great idea, we're planning on a informational video for clients as well

00:56:07Cyrus Carey

Thanks @Ross. Will you allow people in with reservations only? If someone leaves with time left in their slot will you just wait until the next time slot to allow more people in?

00:56:42Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Cyrus - That’s the plan. Stick to a reservation slot for now to ensure that you have time between reservations to clean and prepare for the next wave of reservations.

00:56:48Ross Rod - UT Austin

If you end early, okay.

00:57:11Stefani Plummer

I am NOT advocating 24hour Fitness in ANY way, but I like the structure of the video. We will probably do something similar once we have EXACTLY what we are doing

00:57:13Ross Rod - UT Austin

@David - No, we are not extending hours during Phase 1…actually we are reducing them

00:57:34Anthony U of Central Arkansas

First hour for High Risk patrons.

00:57:55Anthony U of Central Arkansas

I am trying not to hijack the roundtable!!!

00:58:11Chris Wermie

@stefani, we are using the exact video as a template as well. I thought it was well done.

00:58:22David Podschun

@Ross thank you!

00:58:26Patrick Langendorfer

I believe Syracuse hours will be slightly smaller than before as well, though not because of capacity. We now have 1 year of participation data to inform better hours

00:59:19Matthew Gordon



rec trac

00:59:30Ross Rod - UT Austin

IM Leagues allows for that

00:59:36Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, Fusion.

00:59:36Patrick Langendorfer

if we go with reservations, we'll use Fusion to do it

00:59:38Amy Lanham

YMCA Lincoln promotion video

00:59:39Amy Lanham

00:59:40Chris Wermie

IM Leagues was likely where we were headed

01:00:49Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Google Forms, for lo-tech!!!

01:00:53Kristyn Watts

ND is working with our Fusion folks to be able to allow for reservations across our spaces.

01:01:03Tom Vitucci

for reservations, are those taken by phone or e-mail or both? I'm concerned about the person who says they have tried too call for hours but couldn't get through. E-mails to an alias account are at least time stamped.

01:02:14Ross Rod - UT Austin

Web-portal…anything written down or printed is obsolete once it’s printed.

01:03:49Mike Robinson

This may be for our HR dept., but does anyone have any thoughts about how to address staffing if some of them feel like they cannot return when we do reopen? We have a couple of older, retired folks working with us and I'm not sure how to deal with needed staffing if they cannot come back when we reopen. Thanks! (Birmingham-Southern College)

01:03:59Maygan Williams

Online applications, Zoom interviews, staggered trainings (10 per) over a week in the Fall is my plan…we’ll see what happens

01:03:59Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Safe Colleges is a university required training. It added COVID requirements we are having them do.

01:04:32Stefani Plummer

With no opening date, I am concerned at asking staff if/when they are willing to come back to work. I don't want to get hopes up with out some level of certainty. rock and hard place. we could have everyone return or have to hire almost an entire staff!

01:04:59Maygan Williams

@Stefani Same! We don’t have a date and yet still have to plan for one :(

01:05:18Patrick Langendorfer

SU classes open a week early, and conclude classes at Thanksgiving. Finals will be online after Thanksgiving. No in-person group trainings, all Zoom-based. Video trainings for the new "how-to" tasks and physical environment changes. many more regular weekly/monthly in-services

01:05:45Chris Wermie

Our province is permitting fitness centres to open as of June 8th. So we are trying to prepare for that, although the university has decided we'll likely be an extra 1-2 weeks behind that date.

01:05:56Amy Lanham

@Mike our HR department is rolling out two categories of working with Vulnerable populations and others not comfortable to returning. I would definitely reach out to them as there is a lot of information in the CARES act

01:07:33Ross Rod - UT Austin

Our plan is to return our FT staff in alternating-day schedules. Starting with FacOps, and Programs/HR/Bus Services will work remotely for now.

01:08:00Ross Rod - UT Austin

Then as we get closer to Phase 3, it’ll get back to everyone back in-house as best as we can, handling accommodations on a individual basis.

01:08:43Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes Jess.

01:08:57Patrick Langendorfer

while folks will start to come back to campus to work in multiple phases, HR is encouraging flexible work arrangements as often as possible

01:10:54Stefani Plummer

we will have to rotate. We have child care and parent care concerns.

01:11:08Maygan Williams

We’ve been rotating in as needed. As facilities, I’ve been in office most days

01:11:16Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Love the POD.

01:11:41Ross Rod - UT Austin

We are also trying to schedule our students in a similar fashion…teams sticking together, no shift trades unless absolutely necessary

01:11:56David Podschun

We will likely phase back along with our campus' phased plan as well, alternate schedules, etc. especially prior to facilities re-opening. Our HR wants to track who/when are on campus when we do return so we also have to track that info for our central HR dept.

01:15:23Anthony U of Central Arkansas

LOL @Stef.

01:15:54Jami Brossette

I agree with this concern

01:16:03David Podschun

@Stefani Yes!

01:16:05Ross Rod - UT Austin

Some of it is going to be social behavior and some accountability

01:16:08Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Preach it.

01:16:10Trey Knight - Univ Miami


01:16:37David Podschun

Using touchless temp checking may not be accurate.

01:16:41Chris Wermie

Our university Health&Safety department agrees and told us not to proceed with temperature checks. Especially given that people can be positive, yet asymptomatic.

01:16:42Patrick Langendorfer

agreed Stef, though it seems like an available option to balance against the honors system

01:17:01Patrick Langendorfer

i'm not aware that we're doing temperature checks

01:17:04David Podschun

We are in contact with our student health center for direction and ultimately will follow what is directed

01:17:05Amy Lanham

We will not be moving that way either on guidance from UNMC

01:17:42Trey Knight - Univ Miami

The screening questionnaire is also a liability protection mechanism.

01:17:56Stefani Plummer

@Jess sorry, you asked a question and I jumped in...

01:19:06Rob Ramon - UTSA

Sorry, I know disinfecting was already talked about, but is anyone using or will anyone be using a bleach solution for disinfecting? Are you following the CDC 1 minute surface contact recommendation or the listed contact time for the specific bleach product on the EPA N List? Are you rinsing surfaces after using bleach solution?

01:20:17Patrick Langendorfer

we have an extremely centralized marketing department and process, so we can make some suggestions but don't have a lot of control over what is shared

01:20:32David Podschun

Internal policies will be proposed by our dept. along with County and CDC guidelines. We will do most marking although signage is being posted by campus currently for social distancing/et.

01:21:28Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes to them as well. TY Amy.

01:22:19David Podschun

Is anyone requiring questionnaire responses prior to each entry?

01:22:50Amy Lanham

signage from NIRSA

01:23:11Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@David: Yes. See the attachment I included earlier. Those 5 Qs to answer.

01:23:54Stefani Plummer We are using this...30s dwell time

01:24:23Amy Lanham

we are highly encouraging a questionnaire CDC Symptoms Self-Checker

01:25:29Chris Wermie

I might have missed this, but is anyone enforcing masks be worn by patrons when they come to work out?

01:25:56Stefani Plummer

Sorry bad link...

01:26:20Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Chis: We are, but that is because of the D of Health requirement.

01:26:23Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Chris - masks while working out, no. While walking through facility is recommended

01:27:09Stefani Plummer of the things we are waiting to hear

01:27:35Ross Rod - UT Austin

Especially if your campus is located at altitude

01:27:48Amy Lanham

employees yes, patrons -we are waiting to hear from Central decision making to see if we are exempt

01:27:57Stefani Plummer

there are some good articles on "working out with a mask" to use for "ammo"

01:28:59Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Lessons learned from Katrina and Iraq. Do not get too into the weeds, but think outside the box. If you cannot figure it out, ask someone else – even a worker.

01:29:58Trey Knight - Univ Miami

Many hospitals have been using that mechanism for months

01:30:06Trey Knight - Univ Miami

Green vs red after questionaire

01:30:06Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Beer:30!!! Thank you Jess.

01:30:08Ross Rod - UT Austin

Good luck everyone! If you want to reach out, please feel free to do so:

01:30:11Hailey Hester

Thank you!

01:30:11Chris Wermie

Thanks everyone, this was good.

01:30:15Ross Rod - UT Austin

Happy Friday, everyone!

01:30:20Stefani Plummer

appreciate you ALL!

01:30:21Amanda Torres-Brooks

Thank you everyone! Always good information

01:30:32Amy Lanham

remember the recorded version is on the NIRSA website for referent

01:30:35Amy Lanham


01:30:40Patrick Langendorfer

Thank you everyone!

01:30:50Ross Rod - UT Austin

Nice job moderators!

01:30:56David Podschun

Thanks! Great info!

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