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Assessment Roundtable

Recorded on Wednesday, May 27, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chris Washington presented with Jason Miller and Jason Vlastaras

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Chat Transcript

00:43:02Daniel Gardner

need to assess efficacy of online programming engagement vs in person

00:43:03Kevin Wilson - U of Alberta

Number of people engaged that are not currently engaged in our regular programming

00:43:11Anaja Newsome

We started with qualitative assessment

00:43:32Anaja Newsome

And then added quantitative data to support the qualitative findings

00:43:49jason vlastaras

Anaja, that's quite would you mind sharing?

00:43:56Anaja Newsome


00:44:24Matt Dunigan

@ UC - Riverside we are just ending our quarter. So engaging w/ students on a survey to see if E-Games was something that they wanted to actually participate in as well as if we are flooding their social media accounts

00:45:23Marc Iturriaga

how are you translating social media engagement to actual behaviour changes in students? I am not convinced that followers, website visits or YouTube hits translates to different change in student behaviour.

00:46:03Trey Knight

Bump to the above questions comment about translating analytics from website and social

00:46:09Dana Lopez

Collectively as campus life, we are hosting focus groups with some of our student organizations to find out what is working for virtual programming or what we can do different in the fall when social distancing will be encouraged

00:48:41Anaja Newsome

I can speak a little to the social media engagement and translation to behavior change

00:53:24Marc Iturriaga

follow up - how do we know that those engagement on social media aren’t just being measured by those already engaged with rec anyways? how do we know when we have NEw engagements via social media. are we counting the same participants multiple times?

00:53:55Daniel Gardner

adapt sport club programming based on assessment of student interest in proposed activities

00:55:47Leslie Whitmer

share the 8 compenticies

00:55:59Marc Iturriaga

moving from satisfaction surveys to those assessment that ask about outcomes of belonging, behaviour change, connection to peers and campus.

00:56:52jason vlastaras

00:57:24Matt Dunigan

We typically use similar core competencies that align w/ our learning outcomes to establish our mission, goals and values of our program

00:57:35Dana Lopez

00:57:41Kevin Wilson - U of Alberta

I can speak about something with Marc's comment

00:57:43Chris Muller

Our career center calls them "Power Skills"

00:57:53jason vlastaras

Power Skills, nice!

00:59:10Ali Cross

is anyone tracking and watching frequency of exercise/swipes into recreation space to see what percentage of students use it at what level? we often hear RecSports depts reporting out unique reach to all students but adherence to exercise guidelines is what I’m interested in. (sorry it’s unrelated to the current conversation)

00:59:12Kevin Wilson - U of Alberta

We did an intramural assessment looking at how benefits of participation (health and wellness/student learning) and service quality contribute to two different outcome variables (student retention/overall satisfaction)

01:01:34Matt Dunigan

Great point Marc. Not so much about numbers in the end, IMO put also includes overall student experience

01:03:40Marc Iturriaga

thanks Matt and I agree. I wonder how many students would be active and social regardless of whether campus rec existed versus those that are engaged and only engaged because of campus rec.

01:04:20Jason Miller

Interesting point Marc ^

01:04:36Ali Cross


01:06:28Marc Iturriaga

that’s awesome Ali!

01:07:11Anaja Newsome

Marc that could be an interesting study to see the level of activity and engagement on a campus with a recreation center compared to a university that does not have a recreation facility.

01:08:08Leslie Whitmer

Ali- what school are you from please

01:08:15Jason Miller


01:08:22Jason Miller

Virginia Tech

01:08:26Daniel Gardner

Go Hokies!

01:08:42Marc Iturriaga

true. we would also need to see the impact of institution choice had on the student. maybe they chose because they wanted the rec centre or another student didn’t care. that would need to be taken in consideration.

01:09:28Anaja Newsome

Gotta love confounding variables :-)

01:09:46Marc Iturriaga

I think the study can be done on a campus with a rec centre and ask how they decided on campus and impact of rec cents on the decision. also what rate of physical engagements they patios in pre and post university enrolment.

01:10:02Marc Iturriaga

anaja! lol. so true.

01:11:01Ali Cross

anyone tracking frequency of use, I’d love to work together!

01:11:19Christian Washington

i can share with you what we have

01:14:27Marc Iturriaga

I can speak to that

01:19:19Michele Schwitzky

How do you deal with survey fatigue?

01:20:27Marc Iturriaga

if you are targeting specific groups I believe that a traditional survey isn’t the best way to go.

01:22:40Anaja Newsome

We limit the use of surveys outside of pure satisfaction surveys. I have found that developing a structured assessment plan at the beginning of the year helps alleviate survey fatigue because we are able to combine surveys and make them the most effective

01:23:25Anaja Newsome

We also tag some of our large assessment efforts to the larger ACHA NCHA and NIRSA/NASPA data collection every other year

01:23:26jason vlastaras

And sampling instead of sending things to the entire campus helps

01:23:39Anaja Newsome

Agree with Jason ^^

01:24:56Michele Schwitzky

Thanks Anaja & Jason

01:26:02Leslie Whitmer

thank you very much to you all-was helpful

01:27:51Ali Cross


01:27:58Kevin Wilson - U of Alberta

Thanks for hosting Christian!

01:28:27Marc Iturriaga

great conversations everyone. thank you! and fabulous moustaches

01:28:35Adrienne Gossett

Thank you. This was great!

01:28:46Joseph Secrest

Thank you everyone great discussion.

01:28:47Matt Dunigan

Thanks for hosting!

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