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NIRSA/URMIA Risk Management Roundtable

Recorded on Tuesday, May 26, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Presented by Meghan Fisher, Christopher Fulkerson, and Larry Mellinger

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Chat Transcript

00:33:07Aaron Brooks

Hi from Akron, Ohio everyone!

00:33:34Lauren Newlin

Hi from Henderson, NC

00:33:50Jenny Whittington

Thanks to NIRSA for hosting this conversation today, hello from URMIA HQ/Bloomington, IN

00:36:56NIRSA Smartboard

Here is a link to the sheet being shared on screen:

00:44:53Pam Watts

Please post your questions for the panelists in the chat

00:47:02Wendy Windsor

Are others considering adding Covid 19 specific language within your participant waivers?

00:47:26Stefani Plummer

This may be too specific, but what are people doing to clean outdoor equipment (i.e., tents). Feel free to private chat me back if this isn't appropriate for large group.

00:47:41Blair Schuyler - Univ of Kansas

Wendy, we (KU) reached out to University General Counsel for guidance. Awaiting to hear back

00:47:56Stefani Plummer

@wendy No. I am trying to keep the "illness" piece to cover this in our language

00:47:59Blake Simpfenderfer

Hi Wendy we at University of Vermont have that question out to our Risk Management Department and Legal Counsel for their input.

00:48:23Gary L./URMIA

Having a great working relationship between risk mgmt. and campus recreation is a best practice - congratulations! What types of special conversations are you having right now about COVID-related risks with recreational activities - anything off the table in terms of contact activities?

00:48:32Wallace Eddy

At University of Maryland we have put this question to our general counsel — and waiting for their direction

00:48:45Chandra Kohler

@IUPUI we reached out to General Council about updating waiver and are waiting to hear back

00:49:08Greg Durham

Creighton, like many are seeking general counsel input.

00:49:12Frederick Bibbs

Will you have a separate space for someone who might have the virus so you keep them away from the health people


birthday parties at our facilities

00:50:38Lauren Newlin

Swimming lessons

00:51:56Janice DeMonsi

Summer camp was canceled for us in California....for the fall I think we are a wait and see on the sports based on what the NCAA, and WCC do and the club sport leagues....IM's might have individual sports only for a quarter or two

00:51:58Bob Gough W&M

Special events like "Rec Fest" with pizza parties, inflatables, DJ', may not be able to happen in the next several months.

00:52:18April Flint

How are you mitigating risks with your summer outdoor program you mentioned?

00:55:50Stefani Plummer

is anyone using their space to host other trainings, etc. because they can spread out in courts or MAC spaces?

01:02:08Keith Wenrich

At Georgia we may use our facility for other events (trainings, student activities) since we are the largest building on campus. There's a potential our spaces will be closed earlier this year due to budget cuts, however we may rent out our facility to other departments on campus from 9pm - midnight to assist them and also help our budget.

01:03:37Jimmy Heiner

Do you have protocols in place of what to do if someone begins to have COVID-19 symptoms when in your facility? Is there contact tracing protocols in place?

01:04:08Wendy Windsor

At Tulane, some of our spaces are being considered for non traditional classroom options.

01:09:01Jeffrey Schmitt

At West Florida our Rec Center normally would house 2000 people in a hurricane evacuation but now it is probably closer to 450

01:09:19Frederick Bibbs

Do you consider some sports are less than risk than others

01:09:22Stefani Plummer

Those working on reopening, are you staggering your teams as they come back?

01:10:18Brenna Lacey

who would you suggest turning to at a small school with no risk management department?

01:11:06Stefani Plummer

@Brenna, safety services, facilities, counseling, grounds

01:12:15Frederick Bibbs

Do you consider some sports are less than risk than others

01:12:29Brenna Lacey

thank you!

01:12:37Janice DeMonsi

@Brenna when I started at SCU it was our budget Director....because he paid the insurance bill

01:12:40Cindy Strine

@Frederick - we have been looking at the US Olympic guidelines - they have a "levels" of sports as it pertains to COVID.

01:13:19Morgan Munoz- Towson University

Is anyone considering putting out a survey to see what people want to see/ do to feel safe in the Rec Center?

01:13:29Stefani Plummer

I believe our plan is to have half our full time staff on different days and working half time at home and half time in the facility.

01:13:32Morgan Munoz- Towson University

If you have a survey together, could you please share it?

01:14:14Stefani Plummer

@morgan our church did a really good one and I think we will probably model that. It asked what level of comfort people would have in returning and they layered different activities (children's ministry, small groups, etc.)

01:16:20Keith Wenrich

If staff are feeling sick, they just can't push through it anymore, they will need to stay home.

01:18:29ANN FRANKE

The Aspen Institute has been doing some work on youth sports "return to play" that may be of interest.

01:18:47Stefani Plummer

01:18:51Leslie Whitmer

Our Facilities Depart( Grounds, Electricians, Carpenters etc) have been on a staggered worked schedule so far this summer at Embry Riddle

01:18:57Stefani Plummer

my church's survey :)

01:19:13April Flint

ACHA guidelines provide a good directive on % of staff coming back and when

01:19:36Wendy Windsor

Outside of signage, what other measures are others taking to ensure people are following new guidelines and standards?

01:19:43Stefani Plummer

I am concerned on the culture of people who try to "sweat out" their "i feel something coming on". I worry about people self reporting honestly!

01:20:28Blair Schuyler - Univ of Kansas

our staff at KU has realized having one day each week to work remotely is actually more beneficial because its focused/uninterrupted time.

01:20:36Janice DeMonsi

We will be doing a marketing plan around a shared responsibility - we will rely on the student code of conduct to assist with following policies - changes

01:21:19Tonya Womack

@Janice DeMonsi - are you making any changes to your student code of conduct in light of COVID?

01:21:32Janice DeMonsi

I call it my hit by the bus google site.....we are a small department with only 3 total FTE - how you do your job guides are so important

01:21:44Stefani Plummer

we are already working admissions and res life :)

01:23:10Janice DeMonsi

I do not think campus is - it is pretty broad. and select handbook first few pages are the conduct policies

01:24:30Jenny Whittington, URMIA

Well said Pam!

01:24:35Greg Durham

Thanks, y'all!

01:24:44Morgan Munoz- Towson University

Thank you all!

01:24:47April Flint

Thank you!

01:24:50Wendy Windsor

Thanks everyone!

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