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Outdoor Recreation Roundtable

Friday, May 22, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Trey Knight, presented with Joey Parent and Josh Norris

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Chat Transcript

00:33:05Anthony U of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas (UCA).

00:33:21Bob Riddle

Appalachian State University. Boone, NC

00:33:29Courtney Berntsen - North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University

00:33:38Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

00:33:48Mark Gregory

University of Southern Indiana

00:33:53David Rogers UNC CH

Carolina Adventures UNC Chapel Hill

00:33:53Peter Berry- Wake Forest University

Peter Berry, Wake Forest University- Winston Salem, NC

00:33:57Melissa Hazzard

Shippensburg University- Shippensburg PA

00:33:58Madison Kinder - Eastern Washinton Univ

Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

00:34:37Robert Taylor

Clemson....Go Tigers

00:38:00Davy Shaw Valdosta State Unversity

Davy Shaw, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

00:40:03Brad Rodenburg

Brad Rodenburg, AIA, LEED AP, WELL AP, RDG Planning & Design (Des Moines, IA)

00:41:07Chris Muller - UTA

How are people handling when CDC guidelines are more stringent than state guidelines?

00:41:34Grant Brinson

Grant Brinson - University of Charleston

00:42:02Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

guidelines are guidelines, not law. Something to think of when making those decisions...

00:42:48Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

GSU is operating off the board of regents interpretations/ direction if there are conflicts

00:43:19Joey Parent (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

Chris- We are often looking to the CDC to inform our decisions. In general our decisions to open and how that looks is more conservative than our local and state regulations.

00:50:53Madison Kinder - Eastern Washinton Univ

In terms of climbing, has anyone considered the proximity of the climbing rope to a person’s breathing (while top roping) and how that may pose an issue of disease transmission? If you have considered this, have you come up with any strategies to mitigate this?

00:51:33Davy Shaw Valdosta State Unversity

we are look in to sleeves for ropes

00:52:33Madison Kinder - Eastern Washinton Univ

Davy, is anyone making these already or looking into creating your own? I have considered edge protectors, but would probably depend on the material and height of the protector on the rope.

00:52:45Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

I am alternating routes following how other gyms in Georgia are operating that have opened. We most likely will require climbers in masks. By alternating ropes/routes each day we are giving the ropes a 3 day rest for the virus to die.

00:55:52Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

to make that work ( I have a 5 rope gym) I am buying another spool to make duplicate ropes, to rotate in to ensure a 3 day rest, but have at least 2 routes open daily.

00:57:12Davy Shaw Valdosta State Unversity

we are looking to make them or even just use something disposable like press-n-seel. We also only have 5 ropes, so we are looking at a rotation as well.

00:57:39Chris Muller - UTA

Can a link to this document be posted in the chat?

01:00:19Trey Knight - Univ Miami


01:00:41Trey Knight - Univ Miami

There is also a Google Sheet that I created a few weeks ago that has over 20 schools plans

01:02:33Trey Knight - Univ Miami

01:02:45Trey Knight - Univ Miami

Presentation Google Sheet

01:04:31Louis Hernandez

The park & rec in El Paso is closed in El Paso.

01:07:11Trey Knight - Univ Miami

01:07:25Trey Knight - Univ Miami

Link to Google Sheet with may schools plans

01:26:44Courtney Berntsen - North Dakota State University

Has anyone thought about removing ropes for the time being? Allow bouldering only.

01:28:37Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

No we are going to open our wall but shut down our bouldering cave because of the cleaning and monitoring of that space is much more difficult and could only have 2 people in there at a time anyways.... We also have enough harnesses from the challenge course/wall/and trips to rotate those along with our ropes with a 3 day quarantine rest period

01:30:07Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

we a have a retrofitted under a stairwell as a bouldering cave

01:33:01Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

Yes, we're looking into the feasibility consulting packages if you want to plan your own adventure

01:34:57Mike Hoover - Uni. of AR

Thanks presenters! Thanks Josh, for sharing those final comments.

01:35:16Hailey Hester- Georgia State University

Thank you!

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