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Tuesday, May 19, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Pam Watts

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Chat Transcript

00:32:53Pam Watts

please feel free to share questions in the chat

00:33:41Ann McCarron

Are using Free Weights?

00:34:04Rick Hall


00:34:17David Gaskins

Thanks Greta for being a tremendous resource and colleague related to the reopening conversation!

00:34:31Raul Cano

do you have any sections closed?

00:34:42Courtney Berntsen

Courtney Berntsen - Coordinator of Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports at North Dakota State University - we also opened yesterday!

00:34:45Anthony Musto

What is your membership base Greta?

00:34:48Kevin George

Thanks David for continually sharing reopening documents on behalf of George Mason - appreciate it.

00:35:21Pam Watts

Courtney - we'll have you share your experience after Rick and Chris

00:35:50John Pagliarulo

Can you please get specific with protocols. Masks, gloves, workstation barriers, spacing out equipment usage, locker room,

00:36:46Shari Landmark

SDSTATE Wellness Center will be reopening June 1 to students & current members.

00:38:32Haley Sorenson

Greta—are you on a rotating schedule with staff? We are thinking of all staff quarantining due to one positive test

00:39:23Andrew Castagna

How about training your staff

00:40:25Kim Schmidt

how do you plan to respond to emergencies?

00:41:32Greta Giese

We had a virtual staff training on Friday via Zoom.

00:42:15Ian Brown

@Greta, or others, do you have an agenda for those training topics?

00:43:15Hailey Hester

Rick- is your climbing wall open and if so how are you operating it?

00:44:37Ron Lee

Rick what are you doing with locker rooms?

00:44:49Kevin George

Are students/patrons following 6 ft distancing when entering facility if your vestibule is not long especially if raining or other issues.

00:45:11Joe Hoff

@Ron, locker rooms are closed by the Governor in Texas.

00:45:22Ron Lee


00:46:30Christina Galli

How are you managing the reservation system?

00:47:17christopher denison

Rick: does the Cadet Corp have their own facility or are they encouraging the use of your facility?

00:47:31Greg Durham

Are you managing the gym access system similar to how group fitness classes are setup in IML?

00:47:39Wendy Windsor

How is the wait list managed. Are individuals waiting on site?

00:51:29Hailey Hester

what are the cleaning parameters for the climbing wall and autobelay itself?

00:51:35Raul Cano

Those that are open I know it's too soon, but what issues have you faced?

00:51:48Andy Ramirez

How are you handling people who are working out together that say they live in the same house?

00:52:15Raul Cano

If you are open, is pool open?

00:53:51Courtney Berntsen

Raul - our pool is not open

00:53:59Haley Sorenson

@ Raul, we were about to open, with our plan, but then cover-19 hit close to home, causing mandatory 14 day quarantine of essential employees to our fitness center—so when 14 days is up, (anticipating everyone is healthy) we are looking at a rotating schedule (1 group on for 1 week, another group on the following week) just to try and limit exposure and be able to stay open with limited staff

00:54:43Ian Brown

Auto Belay Cleaning Recommendations Protecting and Disinfecting Devices: TruBlue/Headrush White Paper:

00:55:01Hailey Hester

thanks Ian

00:55:03John Pagliarulo

anyone updating language in waivers?

00:55:24Raul Cano

thanks haley

00:55:25Hailey Hester

we're looking into it now with legal

00:56:03Tina Villard

Who has a plan for if/when they get their first case of covid? A patron? A staff member? And what is it?

00:56:18Courtney Berntsen

@Andy, we are trusting what people say. If they walk into the facility together, that's a little more telling to us than if they were to enter separately. We've also stated that we are not allowing any groups over 3 to gather (playing basketball, for example)

00:56:20Stefani Plummer

@John our waivers already have "illness" language in them so I am not advocating for adding anything in (unless legal decides otherwise)

00:56:24Cindy Strine

Are you considering BVM or Hands Only CPR for emergencies?

00:56:49NIRSA Smartboard

00:57:07NIRSA Smartboard

From Elon

00:57:44Shari Landmark

We do have a new COVID waiver we will be implementing for all patrons when when we open.

00:57:46John MacDonald

For climbing walls, how do you get past cleaning of High Touch areas.... climbing holds... and climbing holds being porous?

00:58:58Kevin George

We are being asked to volunteer FTE staff to be "contact tracers" in order to have in-person classes and activities. We are looking for 25 people for the 25,000 population university community.

01:00:04Stefani Plummer

anyone concerned with the temperature checks and 1) being in a hot environment 2) people taking acetaminophen, etc. to reduce their temperature?

01:00:53Rick Hall

Hailey, both the bouldering wall and the indoor climbing wall is open. OA staff manage those facilities. They are clearly marked and set up for social distancing.

01:01:20Greg Durham

@Stefani - If it's hot, we'll let folks re-test 10 minutes later, if they're still elevated they won't be allowed into the rec.

01:03:16Kevin George

Also we've chatted about closing elevators and would be request only-

01:03:27Kevin George

It's a barrier but also keeps distancing as our elevator is small

01:04:01Hailey Hester

we are looking at the same with the elevators

01:04:16Greta Giese

@Stefani we would likely do the same. Three tries and if they're still too high, they're out. Better safe than sorry.

01:05:03Rick Hall

Our Vice-President - Environmental Health & Safety told us that we do not need to take temperatures of staff or participants.

01:05:25Dave Suter

We are planning to have clear masks available for our staff for students that require lip reading for communicating. Just one group to consider.

01:05:27leslie whitmer

at embry riddle we have mandated wellness checks around campus where you go first when arriving -you are given a sticker or wrist band- must also where mask on campus so the temperature checks will already be done when they arrive tot he fitness center/pool. Have to do this daily.

01:05:29Ian Brown

Texas A&M Kingsville is reserving first time slots for immune compromised / special pops.

01:05:45Kevin George

Any thoughts on large group tours for admissions as COVID-19 is really compromising enrollment projections and how remote learning/community colleges can impact admissions. We have narrow stairwells and narrow hallways so concerns of admissions tours

01:06:17Rick Hall

The SD protocol for our university mandates only one person at a time in an elevator.

01:06:42Ian Brown

I put this on connect, but I'm curious if anyone out there is extending access to their graduating seniors?

01:06:56Marc Iturriaga - Bonobo

now that you are open, how are you tracking the ROI - cost to keep things going and whether you can do it long term for a limited population? i.e cleaning supplies, no registration revenue, etc

01:07:04Easton Henrikson

@Dave where did you find clear masks

01:07:22Greta Giese

@Dave I love the idea of clear masks.

01:08:12Mark Ritter

I wonder if we could reach out to our Disability Services dept. to give guidance in the Special pop question

01:08:57Pam Watts

great idea Mark

01:09:29Dave Suter

Our office of Disability services is providing clear masks for Departments that are likely to have interactions with individuals that may require lip reading. I am not sure where they are getting them. sorry

01:10:32Kevin George

Ha! was in La Maddalena Italy 2003 for a MWR Sports & Fitness internship - Amazing and once in a lifetime experience!

01:10:41Mark Ritter

@Dave Suter, our DS Dept. has done the same.

01:12:22Kevin George

I saw there were concerns from the K95 masks from China? I've been getting spammed companies making them with school logos and for Class of 2020. Anyone special ordering ones with departmental logos?

01:12:45Rick Hall

Christina and others, we are using IM Leagues as the reservation system for the weight room, the climbing wall and for rec swim.

01:13:12Cindy Strine

UT-Chattanooga ordered 20K logo masks for campus. This came through the Executive Leadership Team.

01:15:29Hailey Hester

any rental in OA that you've suspended for now?

01:21:23Kevin George

We as a team of staff that have been advised that we can always go above minimum levels that are mandated by the state and institutions for safety/hygiene/signage/cleaning. We are hoping to go to phase 2 since we don't plan to reopen until August, whereas phase 1 has no pool, lockers, no free weights, etc. as we are lucky to see how other gyms/campus rec are planning and opening. We are looking to stockpile cleaning supplies as there may be backorders...

01:21:42Michael Giles

I’m researching the use of face shields instead of face mask. is anyone allowing the use of face shields in stead of face mask?

01:22:06Thomas Peters

Here at Claflin are ready to open but the university does not want to open just yet. Once they tell me we can open I will be ready. But i don't see us opening until August/Sept

01:22:28Hailey Hester

we are talking about letting staff use a face shield in addition to masks if they so wish as some students have expressed interest in this

01:22:31Stefani Plummer

@michael I was wondering about this too...what about providing care? CPR? using a BVM?

01:23:21Greg Jordan

Thank you Pam for asking the question that’s exactly why these calls are great I haven’t been thinking along those lines. We are however being very conservative and approaching opening very little space in a phased process

01:23:23Kevin George

Stefani only our building managers are professional rescuer so we have concerns for our lay responders - looking at hands only CPR. But also concerned if our staff are not comfortable providing care, do we not schedule them?

01:24:17Kevin George

01:24:53Stefani Plummer

@kevin by law we I don't think we can require ANYONE to provide care but to call 911. We are talking through this now...

01:25:53Cindy Strine

For climbing our proposal (yet to be approved) is hand sanitizer upon entry, exit and between climbs. Sectioning for 6' distancing.

01:26:13Hailey Hester

thanks Cindy

01:26:15Shawn Phippen

Here in Ga the Board of Regions recommend us using Air Armour RIDmold. It is a type of fogger or sprayer to cover areas that are hard to clean

01:26:37Marc Iturriaga - Bonobo

breweries in Calgary are making sanitizer as well

01:27:48Stefani Plummer

what about mask and goggles...that's on my list.

01:30:48Marc Iturriaga - Bonobo

The end result is healthy students - but may we deplete our resources before we even service those students because we open early when many students aren't on campus and students may not even be on campus in Sept?

01:31:35Stefani Plummer

@Marc great point...

01:31:39Kevin George

Yes be mindful of the Active Minds coronavirus study on students

01:31:52Kevin George

And the spike in suicidality and mental health concerns and how campus rec can help

01:32:12Kim Schmidt


01:32:17Raul Cano


01:32:21Greg Durham


01:32:21Robert Gough W&M

thank you!

01:32:28Rhonda Powers

thank you all!

01:32:30Greta Giese

Email me at, and I'm happy to share resources as quickly as I

01:32:30Kevin George

Thanks Greta, Chris, Rick and all.

01:32:35Greta Giese

am able!

01:32:39Haley Sorenson


01:32:43Brian Baxter

Thanks to all!

01:32:43Aubre Jones

thanks to everyone

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