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Virtual Roundtables
NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Development and Sponsorship Roundtable

Friday, May 15, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Missy Daffron & Edwin Molina

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Chat Transcript

00:33:06Edwin Molina

Hola! Remember to post your questions, comments and ideas in the chat!

00:35:26Michele Schwitzky

Michele Schwitzky UArizona

00:35:40Connor Touhy

Wake Forest is in year 1 of developing our sponsorship and development for CR

00:35:47Randall Ford

Randall Ford UT-Austin

00:35:47Erin Wierzbicki

Erin Wierzbicki - Duke

00:36:00Gregory Tack

Greg Tack, Quinnipiac, interested in learning more!

00:36:02Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

Ben Nelson - Minnesota State University, Mankato. We've been rolling out sponsorship opportunities the last 2 years.

00:36:07Caroline Coblar

Caroline Coblar, UT Austin on the Dev team for 2.5 years now

00:36:23Colin Allison

Colin Allison - Santa Clara University- Was just getting our sponsorship plan approved by campus when covid hit. So it's kinda taken a back seat.

00:46:15Gregory Tack

We are in the first year of our club sports program and each team has a fundraising link (similar to a GoFundMe) through our university alumni relations; we are starting to generate lists of alumni for teams to contact.

00:49:37Connor Touhy

For those that have a sponsorship program in place, how was COVID impacted those agreements?

00:53:39Randall Ford

we are waiting to see any impacts on our program due to COVID but anticipate there will be some

00:55:42Michele Schwitzky

Can you post the winmo site?

00:57:06Ben Nelson - Minnesota State, Mankato

Another avenue to look at would be local grants. We are in our 4th year of being awarded a "Hometown Health" grant from Mayo Clinic which helps provide funding for local communities. That funding has helped offset the cost of one of our GAs

01:01:18Missy Daffron

01:02:40Michele Schwitzky

Thank you!

01:31:07Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you. Must run to another meeting.

01:31:47Randall Ford

thanks Missy!

01:31:56Greg Tack - Quinnipiac

Thank you so much! Very helpful!

01:31:58Randall Ford

and Edwin!

01:32:10Emily Hughes

Great conversations - thank you for facilitating

01:32:10Colin Allison

Thanks everyone! This was extremely helpful!!

01:32:39Connor Touhy

Thank you Missy and Edwin!

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