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Member Services, Part 4

Thursday, May 14, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Megan Choiniere with presenters Victoria Roberts, Taylor Schiller, and Melissa Bates

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Chat Transcript

00:32:24Anthony U of Central Arkansas

This summer: First phase are on campus students. Second phase are adding employees. No guests this summer.

00:32:32Lynn Wilson

CMU opened Monday!

00:32:53Mike Chadee - UT Southwestern

Only individuals with university badges. We will still allow guest/day passes, but only university staff, no outside community.

00:33:11Christine Panella- Purdue

we are allowing all as of right now since there is no travel ban. Guest passes will be eliminated if we have a building capacity, to reserve spots for our members.

00:33:14Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Lynn - can you speak to anything you have learned this week since reopening?

00:33:59Sandy Corsi - Boston College

At Boston College we will have faculty staff and students only. No alumni, community memberships or guest passes Very limited opening.

00:35:07Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Lynn: All areas open or limited?

00:35:45Darren Stolz - UBC

@Lynn: is your free weight section open?

00:36:14Duane - Queen's University

Is anyone doing signout of free weights or are they still all general availability on the floor

00:36:15Christine Panella- Purdue

what is your sanitize protocol between users


are student employees working or is it primarily professional staff?

00:36:52Rebecca Harper

What hours are you open?

00:37:09Lynn Wilson

hours are M-F 6am-7pm, S/Su 9am-6pm

00:37:20Lynn Wilson

student employees are working some, but very limited staffing

00:37:44Sharon Murdock - West Texas A&M

Is anyone opening a climbing tower?

00:38:05Scott Vaculik - SHSU

Did you cover/close your water fountains?

00:38:20Kelly Smith-Queen's Univ

How are you controlling entrance? is there a line up to get in?

00:38:32Scott Vaculik - SHSU

Has anyone talked about closing water fountains?

00:38:33Lynn Wilson

we are not opening climbing wall...

we covered water fountains, except water bottle filling stations

00:38:56Scott Vaculik - SHSU


00:38:58Lynn Wilson

We have one entrance and one exit. We have "x" marks every 10 feet, in the event of a line... so far - no line!

00:39:00Melissa Bates- Southern Oregon University

@ Scott Vaculik - we have fill stations open. No fountain or push bars

00:39:03Nick Lampert - CU Boulder


Are you monitoring locker room capacity? If so, how?

00:39:20Duane - Queen's University

Has anyone changed their dress code to decrease skin-to-surface contact?

00:39:21Sandy Corsi - Boston College

At BC will close locker rooms, pool, basketball, water fountains except bottle fill.

00:40:14Lynn Wilson

Locker Rooms are ONLY allowed for restroom/wash hands. We put up some stanchions/tape/signs to eliminate "congregating" in locker rooms. We aren't allowing changing in there. You come in and workout what is on your body.

00:40:25Lynn Wilson

1 way entrance and 1 way exit in locker rooms, too

00:40:58Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

In Illinois showers and toilets must be open if the pool is open (state code)

00:41:07Darren Stolz - UBC

@Lynn - are you allowing members to bring in small bags if they can't put anything in lockers?

00:42:15Lynn Wilson

Darren - we are not allowing that. We aren't wanting to collect things from patrons. Our 2 staff in our Main Fitness area are walking around/cleaning/wiping down equipment, so we are trying to eliminate extra job requirements (with bags/keys/wallets/etc)

00:42:18Renee Seay

Renee from USF Tampa; if max is 30 people, how many staff do you have working on top of the capacity amount.

00:42:26Danielle Anderson

how do you track number of members in the facility?

00:42:45Kelly Smith-Queen's Univ

what is are your normal daily visits?

00:43:28Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

Do you have the counts on your website?

00:43:29Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Now Serving!!!

00:44:48Nick Barber

Is anyone altering membership pricing due to the reduced capacity/spaces/programming available to members? I'm anticipating a lot of pushback from members if we're going to charge them full price for use of, at best, half the facility

00:44:50Lynn Wilson

Nick, we don't put the counts on our website, yet. We discussed the idea of trying to do a story on IG every 30 or 60 minutes, but haven't needed to, yet

00:45:07Rebecca Harper

When is that release?

00:45:19Corrine Pruett - WVU

If you use Connect2 you can display your live counts on your website.

00:45:35Christine Panella- Purdue

as of now- we are keeping prices the same.

00:45:46Mary Catherine Martinez

Beginning of June. Development is going through the end of May. Also, here is a link where you can sign up to provide feature feedback if you'd like :)

00:45:57Jeremy C - KU

Echo Christine! KU does not anticipate lowering rates.

00:46:01Josh Davis - PSU

as of now we are keeping ours the same

00:46:01Duane - Queen's University

any changes to dress code to reduce skin-to-surface contact?

00:46:23Christine Panella- Purdue

We are not changing our dress code at Purdue Duane

00:46:24Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

@corrine - Thanks we do have live counts with Connect2 but just seeing if CMU did their counts online.

00:46:25Jeremy C - KU

I would anticipate decreases in the numbers purchased, but I don't believe we're going to change rates.

00:46:52Susan Smith - UNCW

We use Connect2 for our live counts as well

00:46:55Kari Scott - FSU

For those that are allowing only F/S and students to start, how are you planning on retaining your Alumni & Affiliate members while other gyms are opening as well?

00:47:10Amanda Gallivan

Is this going to be recorded to share with my staff?

00:47:45Amanda Gallivan

thank you!! Im new to the membership group.

00:48:01Susan Smith - UNCW

We are looking at a phased opening. Students, then add Fac/Staff, then alumni, then last phase guests

00:48:33Christine Panella- Purdue

our prices have to be approved by our student life business office 1 full year in advanced. so we can't change prices and they aren't making exceptions right now!

00:51:35Kelly Cartner

Has anyone ran into not being able to have students work on campus in the fall?

00:51:43Corrine Pruett - WVU

We use the Fusion Go app and are excited to implement the "Digital ID" feature. If you haven't looked into it yet I would highly recommend! :)

00:52:13Jeremy C - KU

@Corrinne - KU is considering the same! Any challenges getting students and other members to download the app?

00:52:28Ben Justice

similar to a sportsmanship agreement is anyone requiring members to sign/abide to any social agreements? specific to social-distancing, etc.?

00:52:36Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Kelly - we have not heard anything about not letting students work in the fall, but we are not employing students during the summer. We are planning to run the facility with pro staff until the fall semester begins. This is at Virginia Tech.

00:53:23Christine Panella- Purdue

are any facilities doing temperature checks for each member upon entering?

00:53:35Kelly Cartner - UMSL

@Taylor - for the summer, are your hours very restricted because of that?

00:53:36Jeremy C - KU

@Kelly - Same as @Taylor. We're ending employment this week as the end of the Spring semester. When we reopen in the Fall, whenever that is, I think our challenge will be to get our staff numbers back up.

00:54:03Corrine Pruett - WVU

@Jeremy - We start encouraging students to download the app during orientations, have signage at our front desk, and educate members upon signup. So it has been pretty successful.

00:54:11Victoria - Clemson

@Christine - we aren't going to utilize for members, but may for our student staff.

00:54:26Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Kelly - yes, we are probably only going to be open M-F, no weekends. Open during the week from 6am-6pm, most likely!

00:54:40Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Christine: We talked about it, but our clinic pushed that it was not necessary. Though the "Fever" question is part of the entrance criteria.

00:54:40Devon Wilde

@christine, we are not going to do temperature checks unless it is mandated for several different reasons. We are considering doing checks for our student staff as well.

00:54:44Julie Faulkner - Minnesota

For those with Family memberships or Family days, is anyone limiting children in the facility during phased reopening?

00:55:02Renee Seay - USF Tampa

From: Renee @ USF; has any insitution been required to take temps of patrons before they are allowed enter the facility?

00:55:09Jeremy C - KU

@Corrinne - good to know! Sounds good. This would certainly replace the card-swipe. We also have a keypad that they can type in their ID or phone number. This would be a high touchpoint, so we're definitely excited about that as a touchless access option!

00:55:13Heather Gilliam - Baylor University

Baylor is also moving to the Fusion Go Digital ID. Trying to determine how to keep people from sharing their digital ID with a friend for entry. Our IT department does not let us have pictures of student/staff in our system.

00:55:16Kyle Pearen - Mount Royal University

Will anyone be "screening" customers and staff for signs of illness prior to entering the facility?

00:55:30Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Christine - @Victoris shared a tablet that includes biometrics and takes temperature also. I will drop that link in here if anyone wants to take a look!

00:56:01Jacquelyn Fotino

Hi Kyle- UNH will be screening members prior to entering facilities. We have a set of 5 questions, and a temp will be taken

00:56:11Sandy Corsi - Boston College

AT BC we will adjusting our current waiver in Fusion to cover COVID-19 updates of precautions as well as risks

00:56:16Lynn Wilson

We screen all people entering the building.

00:56:16Jeremy C - KU

@Kyle - Our university has really emphasized "personal accountability." I believe we're hoping individuals, whether it be staff or members self-identify and not come in if they feel they may be a risk to others.

00:56:19Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Kyle: We are. They are part of what the Dept of Health put out for gyms/fitness centers.

00:56:20Christine Panella- Purdue

we have not been instructed to require temp checks so far, but Purdue just required flu shots for all campus individuals as of fall. So we are keeping an open mind that additional requirements may come to us

00:56:23Corrine Pruett - WVU

@Heather - I took a screenshot of my Digital ID and it says "screenshot detected, school notified"

00:57:18Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

Temperature Check Tablet:

00:57:24Kari Scott - FSU

Has anyone done any cool things for revenue generation while closed?

00:57:35Renee Seay - USF Tampa

From Renee @ USF: recently I had to complete a 5 screening questionnaire pertaining to COVID-19 before entering a dentist office, has any university considering the same type of "waiver" form knowing that this is an "honest" system

00:58:01Heather Gilliam - Baylor University

@Corrine - does it still permit entry off the screen shot even if someone is notified?

00:58:21Mary Catherine Martinez

For FusionGO IDs there is a notification sent to admins if someone takes a screenshot of their ID and we're also on the cusp of releasing unique barcodes with this same version of Fusion with the access counter and virtual program enhancements :)

00:58:58Corrine Pruett - WVU

@Heather & Mary Catherine - Thanks!

00:59:06Devon Wilde

How are your student staff members dealing with everything, Lynn?

00:59:07Mary Catherine Martinez

so the unique barcodes would be the expiring variety - once a barcode is scanned/used it can't be used again, and every ~30 seconds, a new code will be generated and the old ones can't be used, either.

00:59:49Christine Panella- Purdue

when we asked students who we found were screenshotting the barcode, they just keep it as a picture in their phone so they don't have to open app each time. MC that upgrade would be awesome to have!!

01:00:26Nick Rodriguez SFSU

Are others offering refunds to faculty/staff/alumni/non-fee-paying students if requested? If so, are you doing it without questions asked or based on specific criteria?

01:00:39Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Lynn: Did you have any type of COVID training prior to coming back?

01:00:46Jeremy C - KU

I was wondering how "Lynn" was responding while she was talking, lol!!

01:01:01Victoria - Clemson

@Nick we are refunding EVERYONE regardless of whether they want it or not. It has definitely been a process!

01:01:04Lynn Wilson

Anthony...not really. More of, read these guidelines and become comfortable

01:01:05Christine Panella- Purdue

@kari we haven't had any unique ideas for revenue yet. We have continued to sell PT sessions since people enjoy personal training virtual.

01:01:07Heather Gilliam - Baylor University

@Mary Catherine - that sounds great! Would they have to reauthenticate using SSO to create that new barcode each time they try to enter?

01:01:38Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

We are adding credit to account in Fusion instead of refunding

01:01:40Ben Justice

Nick, we sent communication indicating that we are extending memberships unless refunds are requested

01:01:51Christine Panella- Purdue

@Nick we emailed our members that we are offering extensions only. Refunds are provided if requested and it linked to a connect2 form. All refund requests are due back by May 30th.

01:01:51Mary Catherine Martinez

@Heather - I don't think they do. They can authenticate once for the barcode feature and then the code itself will change regularly as time goes by or they use that barcode. I can double check with Stu :)

01:01:59Ben Justice

aside from fee paying students, they were all partial refund

01:01:59Victoria - Clemson

@Jeremy - glad I'm not the only one who was wondering :)

01:02:03Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

The credit then can be used towards program registrations, memberships, towel/locker service when we reopen

01:02:20Kari Scott - FSU

@Nick - we are extending all memberships and partial refunds on request

01:02:32Christine Panella- Purdue

We are giving refunds to anyone who requests. We didn't want to be put in a situation to decide what's true or what deserves a refund. We sent to 4,000 people and have received 88 requests over the course of a week

01:02:42Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

I just realized I can change my name on here... sorry I didn't do that sooner, all haha

01:04:20Tony Chavis

Tony Chavis UNC Pembroke Will extend members time when we open back up

01:04:23Susan Smith - UNCW

Thanks for sharing

01:04:24Renee Seay - USF Tampa

Thanks Lynn

01:04:25Jasmine Mayes-Browning

Thank you Lynn!

01:04:27Christine Panella- Purdue

Thanks Lynn!!!

01:04:28Jeremy C - KU

Thanks, Lynn!!

01:04:28Melissa Bates- Southern Oregon University

One of our VPs Said this was like nailing jello to a wall.

01:04:33Darren Stolz - UBC

Thanks for sharing @Lynn and @Michael!

01:04:43Jeremy C - KU

Great analogy, @Melissa!

01:04:45MC Martinez - Innosoft Fusion

Thank you for sharing all of that, Lynn and Michael!

01:05:11Susan Smith - UNCW

Looking at all the above

01:05:18Nick Rodriguez SFSU

@Kathryn we have considered issuing credit, too. But I’m anticipating some of those members finding a credit unusable if they have separated from the university or moved away, so am leaning towards refunding those. But unsure if we want to get in the details of trying to vet out what is legitimate and worthy of a refund vs what should be credit. Any push back so far on the credit route?

01:05:19Kari Scott - FSU

Most likely shields installed. Don't know what kind yet.

01:06:18Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

I've processed about 200 credits so far and gotten about 10 requests that say they are graduating and not returning to campus and requested refunds

01:06:29Sydney Ochoa - Cal State Fullerton

yes, we are doing one way in and out, plexiglass at our front desk, vinyl stickers on floor in lobby for social distancing. we have 3 turnstiles and only using 1 and 3.

01:06:36Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

those we are willing to do, but we didn't tell people refunds were an option until they asked

01:06:39MC Martinez - Innosoft Fusion

If anyone has Fusion questions that I missed or you didn't get to ask, you can email me or support:

01:06:53Zach Talstein

you can always check with your Hockey facility if you have it. May be able to borrow some pieces or if they have extra. We have used it for a few things before this

01:07:17Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@MC/@Pam - thank you both for being here in general and for offering additional support! It is so appreciated!

01:08:38Anthony U of Central Arkansas

We are propping all doors open as well.

01:08:53Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

we propped all doors, too!

01:09:08Ben Justice

Our university marketing and design is also working on creating service shields in varying sizes. Potentially will allow for quicker purchasing

01:09:11Sandy Corsi - Boston College

At BC when we open we will have one way in and one way out. We will also be adding Plexiglass to all work stations, i.e. check in, Member Services. Our Equipment Check out desk will be closed in the first 2 phases. Members will sign themselves in. Will look at having plexiglass on both sides - good point

01:09:17Christine Panella- Purdue

we wanted to prop, but some propped are against fire code

01:09:29MC Martinez - Innosoft Fusion

As a customer - lanes in the grocery store to only walk one way down the aisle is....not fun, ha! Especially with my child in tow >_<

01:09:39Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

we are also working with our Facilities Department to try and get the "foot door pulls" installed, too

01:09:55Sandy Corsi - Boston College

Is everyone opening their locker rooms in first phase?

01:10:16Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

@Sandy, our locker room doors are open. We don't have any line of sight issues

01:10:39Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Sandy: Yes, but for toilet use and washing hands. No showers.

01:10:42Kelly Cartner - UMSL

the foot door pulls work for doors that aren’t super heavy

01:10:51Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

@Sandy - at CU we are opening up locker rooms for restroom use but not for changing or shower or locker use. Patrons come in ready to work out

01:10:51Kelly Cartner - UMSL

they don’t work well in our facility

01:11:01Danielle Anderson

where do you get the foot door pulls?

01:11:12Susan Smith - UNCW

restroom only

01:11:27Devon Wilde

What about family restrooms? Does anyone have those separate?

01:11:45Christine Panella- Purdue

We are still contemplating having locker rooms open. Which would allow locker use

01:11:49Ben Justice

01:12:15Steve Mayer-South Dakota

when are most schools planning on opening? May, June July August?

01:12:29Mike Robinson

Is anyone opening their indoor walking/jogging track? (Birmingham-Southern College)

01:12:35Michael Fowler

Does anyone have multiple facilities and are they rotating the usage or just staying with one

01:12:43Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

@Devon, we don't have family restrooms

01:12:59Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Steve, we are looking at an early-mid July opening at VT. That is what we are prepping for, but that can obviously change!

01:13:01Susan Smith - UNCW

We have cubbies spread out

01:13:04Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Mike: Not in first phase, but discussing for next phase.

01:13:05Sydney Ochoa - Cal State Fullerton

we have some lockers outside the locker room that are day use but will not be utilizing them when we reopen

01:13:10Christine Panella- Purdue

we are keeping tracks closed indoors

01:13:11CJ Miller - University of San Francisco, Koret Rec

USF Koret will only have locker room open for restroom/sink access. We will be sectioning off the actual locker area. Patrons will need to contact Pro Staff to schedule a locker clearing in advance if they need items—we’ve been able to do these piece-meal while the facility is closed. We have a single user all gender bathroom on our pool deck that will be available for showers/changing.

01:13:38Christine Panella- Purdue

day use lockers, have a standing spot and approach locker bank area once the person in front of you steps away. Gym wipes on counter by locker area and ask users to wipe down before and after use.

01:13:55Devon Wilde

June 1 - 25% on campus staff; July 1 - 50% on campus staff; August - 100% on campus staff is the goal we were told to aim for...

01:14:08Sandy Corsi - Boston College

AT BC we are closing off day lockers on the floors, at least through the first couple of phases.

01:14:34Christine Panella- Purdue

also for locker retrieval we use sign up genius and emailed out days/times to do curbside pick up only. We wanted to offer to graduates and those leaving campus permanently

01:15:11Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

at CMU we aren't allowing patrons to use day use lockers (at least for now)…

01:16:16Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

At CU, at the moment all lockers (day use and rentals) will be closed off until later

01:16:18Duane - Queen's University

We created a request form similar to ordering something online. We receive the request, print the form, clear the locker, bag it & attach the printed form, have generic times available for pick-up, they sign the form & leave it with us

01:17:49Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Our Exercise Science Dept is working on a survey for reopening. If you are interested, email Kim Eskola (

01:18:25Susan Smith - UNCW


01:18:26Anthony U of Central Arkansas

June 8 right now.

01:18:43Nick Barber

July 8 tentatively

01:18:45Jacquelyn Fotino

UNH- Hopefully will find out more next tuesday

01:18:49Duane - Queen's University

Ontario is TBD currently.

01:18:49Stephanie Fung- UC Davis

has anyone allowed patrons to bring in their own workout items? like bands, belts, foam rollers, etc

01:18:50Dave Stewart - Towson University

Nothing set yet

01:18:55Jeremy C - KU

Very fluid. I would anticipate end of July or early August.

01:18:57CJ Miller - University of San Francisco, Koret Rec

No, but likely August before fall semester starts.

01:19:01Michael Fowler

What are campuses with multiple facilities doing are you opening one or all or just a one or two

01:19:02Christine Panella- Purdue

gyms can open May 24th. We are aiming for July 6th if we can acquire all the necessary items to open safely

01:19:18Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

@Stephanie - we have not had anyone come in with any of that equipment. However, we are offering it on our floor currently

01:19:28Colleen Burford-UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro no date at this time

01:19:32Lucas Wilson

target of June 1

01:19:34Christine Panella- Purdue

@stephanie as of now, we are allowing members to bring in workout items since our equipment checkout will be closed

01:19:42Stephanie Fung- UC Davis

thanks Christine!

01:20:05Devon Wilde

We are opening June 1 across campus with our certain guidelines. (Which are still being finalized!)

01:20:21Renee Seay - USF Tampa

From Renee Seay - USF Tampa - No definitive date at University of South Florida

01:20:27Christine Panella- Purdue

is anyone closing down areas of building mid day for cleaning

01:20:36Anthony U of Central Arkansas

From the local hospital's wellness center. Their info push to members.

01:21:00Jan Barfield-Auburn University

No date for opening for Auburn yet

01:21:09Kari Scott - FSU

@christine, we've discussed closing mid-day to deep clean

01:21:45Christine Panella- Purdue

Thanks Kari!

01:22:09Taylor Schiller - Virginia Tech

@Christine - I am pretty sure we are looking into a Clorox 360 and just cleaning spaces at the end of the day. I like the idea about closing parts of the building to periodically clean though. Thanks for sharing!

01:22:16Christine Panella- Purdue

we are keeping bouldering and climbing wall closed in phase 1

01:22:51Christine Panella- Purdue

Taylor, we are doing that at night as well! We are looking at closing sections or levels throughout day for maybe an hour time frame or however cleaning takes!

01:22:52Brooke Baker

@christine- at the university of Wyoming we are going to close mid day to clean and that will be done partially by our facility ops team

01:22:53Sandy Corsi - Boston College

BC will not open climbing wall for first couple of phases

01:22:55Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Closed as well, but outdoor equipment will be allowed to checkout.

01:23:18Lucas Wilson

SIUE - our climbing gym is closed during the summer usually, but no direction as to what that looks like for the fall semester.

01:23:48Devon Wilde

Same here, Anthony. Wall is closed, but outdoor equipment can be checked out when we reopen.

01:23:51Rebecca Harper

Thank you!!

01:23:57Jeremy C - KU

Love the interactions!

01:23:58Sandy Corsi - Boston College

Thank you!

01:24:00Susan Smith - UNCW

Thank you!

01:24:00Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you all.

01:24:01Michael Hughes - Colorado Mesa

Thank you all! :)

01:24:05Dave Stewart - Towson University

Thanks everyone!

01:24:06Corrine Pruett - WVU

Thank you!

01:24:07Devon Wilde

Thank y'all!! Would be okay with continuing these even after opening!

01:24:08Mary Todd-Clemson

thank you!!

01:24:11Renee Seay - USF Tampa

Thank you all for hosting

01:24:12Darren Stolz - UBC


01:24:13Anna Champion

Thank you!!


Thanks everyone!!

01:24:22Christine Panella- Purdue

Thank you all!

01:24:23Danielle Anderson

Thank you

01:24:26Lawrence Brown - Boise State

Thank you everyone!!!

01:24:33Jasmine Mayes-Browning

This was very helpful! Thank you!

01:24:40Jan Barfield-Auburn University

Thank you Meagan Victoria and Taylor!

01:24:42Allison McCann

Thank you!

01:24:43MC Martinez - Innosoft Fusion

Thank you!

01:24:43Josh Davis - PSU


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email