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Event Services Roundtable

Monday, May 11, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Katy Morgan & Nick Rodriguez

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Chat Transcript

00:32:27Maygan Williams

University of South Alabama

00:32:29Gregory Tack

Greg Tack, Quinnipiac, Club Sports

00:32:29Cynthia Lally

Bellarmine University, Intramural & Club Sports

00:32:30Ross Rod - UT Austin

Ross Rodriguez - Senior Assistant Director of Facility Operations at UT Austin

00:32:31James Alexander

James Alexander Loyola Chicago Club Sports

00:32:32Anthony U of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas

00:32:32Sara Showers

University of South Carolina | Operations & Events

00:32:33Ashley Marsh

Hi from UC Santa Barbara!

00:32:35Julia Neal

University of Akron - Julia Neal Informal Rec/MKT/Events

00:32:38Shana Kessler

Hi friends! Shana Kessler from Central Washington University, Intramural Sports and Special Events Coordinator

00:32:41Hannah Lanzillotta

UNC Greensboro, Special Events

00:32:42Trevor Smith

UW-Madison, Scheduling & Events

00:32:42Adrienne Gossett

Adrienne , Northwestern University

00:32:43Melanie Depoian

Melanie Depoian - UT Dallas Program Outreach & Special Events

00:32:43Jeremy C - KU

University of Kansas

Senior Coordinator - Facility Operations

00:32:43Davetta Lackey

Davetta Lackey, Operations Coordinator, FAU

00:32:43Jackie Toews

Jackie Toews - UBC Okanagan (Kelowna, BC)

00:32:43Anna Champion - AUM Wellness (Auburn University at Montgomery)

Assistant Director, AUM Wellness Center

00:32:43Mallory Valentine

Mallory Valentine - University of Iowa, Assistant Director

00:32:44Jeffrey Rensel

Arizona State University

00:32:44Pat Kutcher

Pat Kutcher University of Iowa Fitness

00:32:45Cassandra Tompkins

Good morning. Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC

00:32:46Brian Mills

University of Houston-Clear Lake, Member Services

00:32:46Devon Wilde

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi - Aquatics/Facilities

00:32:46Scott Sharp

University of Colorado, Denver- Facilities and Ops

00:32:47Emily Davidson

Hey! I’m at University of Missouri - St. Louis and I am the Associate Director

00:32:47Ashlee Miller

University of Minnesota - Events and Operations

00:32:48Rachel Horras

University of Colorado Boulder

00:32:50Dina Daltorio

Ohio Wesleyan University, Student Life

00:32:50Dan Spector

Virginia Commonwealth University, Scheduling and Events

00:32:51Drew Cantwell

LSU - Facility Operations

00:32:51Zach Jopnes

UCSB Student Events

00:32:52Sandy Corsi

Sandy, Boston College - Assistant Director, Member Sales & Services

00:32:53Andrew Havrisko

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

00:32:53Kari Miller

Hi, Kari--Operations & Events Oregon State University

00:32:54David Grassi

Washington State University, Membership Coordinator

00:32:54Matthew Sauceda (CSULB)

CSU, Long Beach - Business Operations

00:32:55Laura Bent

University of Maryland - Facility Reservations & Event Services

00:32:55Melissa Hazzard

Shippensburg University - Associate Director

00:32:55Vicky Jaeger

I am from a small college in northeast Iowa - Luther college and I am a one person show that deals with intramurals/outdoor rec and fitness.

00:32:56Eden Huerta

Spcial Events/ Operations Coordinator - UC Riverside

00:32:56Staci Snyder

UCLA - Facility and Operations

00:32:56Zach Snyder

Ohio State University, Special Events

00:32:57Matt Clair

University of Maryland Assistant Director of Reservations and Events

00:32:59Zach Talstein

Ohio State University

00:32:59Amanda Reardon

Amanda Reardon, Membership, Youngstown State University

00:33:02Eric Schutter

University of South Carolina, Operations and Events

00:33:03Allison Einhouse

Allison Einhouse from University of Arizona

00:33:05Samantha Cohen

Hello from University of Missouri - Columbia (MIZZOU!) - Event Coordinator

00:33:05Austen Shipley

Arizona State University, Events and Programs

00:33:06Stephen Whitmer

Leslie Whitmer Embry Riddle Aeron University, Director Of Int and Rec sports

00:33:08Brooke McCall

Brooke McCall, WREC Programs Coordinator. CSU, Chico

00:33:09Blair Smith (UVic)

I work at the University of Victoria (BC, Canada) working in student-focused Athletics and Rec events

00:33:10Dorothy Stromdahl

Hello! Syracuse University - Facility Operations

00:33:15Matthew Dantism

Wake Forest University

00:33:17Drew D'Elia

Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ)

00:33:18Katie Bible

Cleveland State University - Assistant Director Scheduling & Operations

00:33:24Margaret Rodgers

Margie Rodgers - Assistant Director of Event Operations at University of Colorado, Boulder

00:33:28Chelsea Dolly

Chelsea Dolly Assistant Director of Programs Indiana State University

00:33:38Taryn McEachrane

University of Miami (Medical Campus)

00:33:40Brian Mills

University of Houston-Clear Lake- Member Services

00:33:43Mitchell Plumer - Presbyterian College

Presbyterian College - AD of Student Involvement of Student Involvement - Campus Rec

00:35:06Gabor Jerkovits University of Regina

University of Regina, Sask, Canada. Facilities Manager

00:35:48Jeremy C - KU

Restrictions in numbers? Restrictions in groups allowed (i.e. student groups only)?

00:35:58Hannah Lanzillotta

how are you revising what special events student positions might look like?

00:36:09Ashley Marsh

Any success with new digital events?

00:36:34Mallory Valentine

Any restrictions on community events v. University sponsored events? Different restrictions?

00:36:35Emily Davidson

Timeline to allow events again in facilities

00:36:44Cynthia Lally

What does summer staffing look like? Are you offering online positions if your facility is remaining closed (i.e. social media coordinator)?

00:36:51Sandy Corsi - Boston College

Restrictions in numbers in areas. Any restrictions on outside groups/community.

00:36:55Stephen Whitmer

share any special events that have worked

00:37:00Jeremy C - KU

How might schools be dealing with revenue impact from cancelled/restricted events/reservations

00:37:01Mallory Valentine

Food policies as it relates to events.

00:37:02Kari Miller

Our state just released *some* additional guidance for summer camps, and we're now translating it into contract materials & directives for internal and external youth camps. Would love to hear more about peer institutions and their approach.

00:37:03Emily Davidson

Outdoor events vs indoor events

00:37:08Easton Henrikson

Alternative to what the fall back-to-school kick-off event would look like virtually or in person with physical distancing

00:37:12Andrew Havrisko

Policies for contracted events. Are they allowed? Is cancellation language included in case students aren't on campus in the Fall? What do those look like?

00:37:49Shana Kessler

What types of changes are you anticipating for annual/keystone events and how might that impact campus community, revenue, and stakeholders for traditional events?

00:37:54Jeremy C - KU

Anticipated additional staff needs to supervise increase restrictions? Physical distancing or otherwise?

00:38:35Amanda Simmons-VCU

Has anyone established a 3 phase "re-opening" plan for events? Is anyone already opening? If so, allowing events less than 10, or no? I believe I have seen that phase 1 is less than 10, phase 2 is less than 50, and phase 3 is unrestricted?

00:38:58Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

Cleaning procedures during special events? Masks required?

00:39:39Sandy Corsi - Boston College

Masks required at special events

00:44:22Pat Kutcher

are locker rooms open for special events and who monitors them for social distancing, disinfecting surfaces when custodians aren't there.

00:44:32Jeremy C - KU

Is a dedicated special events staff the norm?

00:44:44Jeremy C - KU

Maybe not "the norm," but common?

00:45:21Ashley Marsh

Our Special Events staffing model is similar. We have 50 students dedicated to Special Events; however, because hours are variable depending on the weekend, several of them also work in other program areas.

00:45:38Shana Kessler

We have a separate budget for our special event staff but we hire from within for it, so they're hired on an as-needed basis mostly from the intramural sports staff

00:46:46Ross Rod - UT Austin

@Texas, as I mentioned, we do not have a dedicated Special Events Staff. Each of our Facility Operations teammates is assigned a “Special Events (ALL)” designation so they are all able to work and assist with Special Events, but they get the bulk of their assigned hours by working shifts in our facilities.

00:46:51Melanie Depoian

We do not have a dedicated team, I pull from our current staff throughout the department as I need them, allowing for our student staff to pick up extra hours

00:47:01Kari Miller

Here at Oregon State University we "train up" current students from mostly operations but also additional areas. This allows for max flexibility alongside consistent hours.

00:47:17Mallory Valentine

University of Iowa has two different models. For our community events, the facility staff manage those events. For program events, we will hire staff from other program areas who are looking for additional hours or have interest in the event to help manage the staff. This is mainly due to the limited number of program special events.

00:48:36Aaron Brooks

Everyone student we hire automatically gets a "special events" code they get hired under so we can pull from all of our students in each program area to help with special events as needed

00:50:47Ross Rod - UT Austin

We have a priority: Academics first, RecSports programs second, Athletics third, Other paying departments/Student Organizations next. Student Orgs get 3 reservations per semester

00:52:39Ashlee Miller

U of Minnesota has a similar priority structure but we also have slightly different priority for specific rooms

00:52:51Kari Miller

We have priority schedules organized by blocks per space. They apply to all academic terms with the exception of summer & breaks.

00:53:25Cynthia Lally

We have a priority listed on our website under reservations: Campus Recreation programs first, Varsity athletics second, academic classes third, Registered Student Organizations fourth, and then all other university members last. However, when there is a university-sponsored event (i.e. Alumni Trivia Night), that always gets bumped to the top.

00:53:31Jeremy C - KU

KU Rec Services is fee funded, so students will (almost) always take priority.

00:53:57Hannah Lanzillotta

Besides academics, we're pretty much first-come-first-serve but external groups do need to provide insurance

00:56:05Ross Rod - UT Austin

Priorities for us won’t change in terms of hierarchy at UT-Austin. However, the opportunity to have events is going to be delayed for now as we plan to begin to re-occupy our facilities and re-open campus.

00:56:35Melanie Depoian

Right now we have attempted some virtual events, with a low attendance for events after 5 pm. Have had better luck with recorded content

00:58:14dwayne saunders

Dwayne from Elizabeth City State University. As of right now we are looking about fitness classes virtually.

00:58:33Jeremy C - KU

2020 Recreation Movement - virtual fitness classes.

00:58:38Cynthia Lally

We're looking into hosting a virtual 5K

00:59:02Jackie Toews - UBC Okanagan

Virtual Group Fitness Classes (Zoom, YouTube, Instagram Live) & our Athletics Banquet was hosted via Instagram as well.

00:59:03Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Group exercise, but dying out as well.

00:59:04Cynthia Lally

We are trying to utilize Discord to connect students.

00:59:14Aaron Brooks - University of Akron

We are hosting weekly Instagram fitness classes and are getting ready to unveil a virtual scavenger hunt that is themed to our University and the surrounding area that students can do from anywhere

00:59:15Kari Miller

At Oregon State we've had virtual fitness via Instagram Live & Zoom, Adventure webinars on Zoom, as well as some one time later evening events via Zoom.

00:59:19dwayne saunders

If We are on campus we will limit the number of students/faculty and staff that can enter the building. This will based on capacity and social distancing.

00:59:26Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Esports is sporadic.

00:59:27Amanda Christianson

Plan to use Challenge Runner to host fitness challenge in summer. Integrates with devices and apps to track activties

00:59:29Ashley Marsh

UCSB has hosted virtual fitness, walking, and running events so far - mostly live through Zoom

00:59:42dwayne saunders

However, as of right now we will not be doing no contact sports.

00:59:46Easton Henrikson

Virtual trivia, Pictionary, esports, and Netflix watch parties

01:00:17Amanda Reardon

Facebook live for our student awards

01:00:33Davetta Lackey - FAU

Our outdoors area have started sharing virtual local trips around Boca and post them on Instagram

01:00:42Melanie Depoian

For live, our entire campus moved to Teams before this and we have had great success in using Teams live events. For record content, we have had success on IGTV.

01:02:05Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Aaron: The NPS has the Iron Ranger Challenge.

01:02:07Ross Rod - UT Austin

yeah you do!

01:02:09Ashley Marsh

Checkout the GooseChase app for a scavenger hunt platform

01:02:14Matt Clair

Our bike shop is using Strava to do cycling challenges for each month.

01:03:03Greg Tack - Quinnipiac

Virtual 5k ran really well at Quinnipiac as well!

01:03:06Trevor Smith

The race day events company local to Madison is doing similar challenges where they provide different routes for participants to run around Madison during a specified time period.

01:03:14Kari Miller

This Friday we're partnering with Dining Services to do a "Nailed it" like cookie decorating contest. First 25 on-campus residents to request kits get them for free, after that it's $8/ea. Participants encouraged to post pics of their final result as well as participate in a live webinar featuring a pastry chef on Friday night at 7.

01:05:52Ross Rod - UT Austin

For our introductory phase of re-occupation at UT-Austin, we won’t be holding any events in-person.

01:06:06Scott Vaculik

We have been told no events until July 1st.

01:06:32Amanda Christianson

At CSUN no face-to-face activities, but Fall has not been decided yet.

01:06:33Cynthia Lally

We have been told that our facility will be the last on-campus to open at the very end of the summer if all goes as planned. However, the university has asked us to plan as if campus will be open by early August.

01:06:35Trevor Smith - University of Wisconsin-Madison

At Wisconsin, we're still waiting for direction from campus but anticipate there will be limitations to abide by when we do start receiving/scheduling event requests and events. Currently can't events through June 30.

01:07:02Sara Showers

Right now UofSC is focusing plans on how open rec operations will resume, events (outside of campus rec) are on the back burner (could not be until Spring 2021). Nothing will happen until Aug 1st

01:07:04Jeremy C - KU

KU has no summer camps, events, etc. through August 7.

01:07:14Jeremy C - KU

I.e., the summer session.

01:08:00Shana Kessler

Central Washington has no in-person events or camps for summer quarter, which runs through end of August.

01:08:01Julia Neal - UAkron

UAkron no large events until 8/2

01:08:22Kari Miller

Youth camps have been lumped with childcare in our state, so we're now trying to sift through guidance to present any/if all options to our summer camp clients to see if any are still feasible and safe.

01:08:32Amanda Simmons-VCU

We are not currently taking requests for space (doesn't open until July 15 for Fall anyways), so hopefully we will know more by then. For our first phase of re-opening we won't be holding events. I anticipate we should get some guidance from the state regarding group interactions, but as of right now Virginia does not want groups with more than 10 people in the first phase of opening, so we will follow those guidelines as they come out/adjusted.

01:08:50Stephen Whitmer

using Strava for 100 miles (riding running or walking) for the month of May v9a fitness

01:09:02Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

All events/camps have been canceled through July 31 at CU Boulder. Still waiting to hear on what the fall will look like. Anticipating no groups of more than 10 allowed. Our facility will have capacity restrictions and social distancing restrictions. We may also have to close certain areas of our facility (such as ice rink) so that will affect requests

01:09:13Ashlee Miller

We'll be following state and University (MN) guidelines which haven't been announced yet. I will be surprised if many groups want to host events for awhile....

01:09:28Julia Neal - UAkron

Been discussion of using courts for classroom space, so they can have social distance in large space

01:10:41Sara Showers

Julia ours (UofSC) has been as well, including the university union. Questions have been asked on how chairs will be set up/torn down and also disinfected in-between. as well as acoustics.

01:11:26Corrine Pruett

There has been discussion at WVU of using courts for lab space as well.

01:11:32Cynthia Lally

What is everyone's travel restrictions? Just wondering how Club Sports will fare in regards to practice and competition come Fall. We have a Bass Fishing team which competes in the summer, as well, so we are struggling to decide if they should be allowed to travel since their league is actually hosting tournaments.

01:11:39Julia Neal - UAkron

Sara, so similar, acoustics, disinfecting, etc

01:11:52dwayne saunders

Is there anyone planning to facilitate contact sports in the Fall?

01:12:12Julia Neal - UAkron

We have 2 separate court 'spaces' 3-court & 2-court, so really only 2 courts at a time, but could be offered rom 7 a - 11 p each night.

01:12:27Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Cynthia: Budget hit took most travel out for our club sports.

01:12:52Scott Vaculik - SHSU

Yes, we wont know until we know budgets.

01:13:29Shana Kessler

I have to head off to another meeting, but if anyone is interested in connecting on intramural sports fall program planning we have a zoom call scheduled for tomorrow at 9am PT, email me at to get added to the zoom invite

01:15:03Sara Showers

yes, that's been the concern as well. depending on state/local restrictions are determined by space or building at a whole. I've requested our team to send block schedules asap so we can get "on the books" prior to the registrars office grabbing hold of our spaces.

01:15:29Ross Rod - UT Austin

Students will help to pick-up additional cleanings with our 3rd party contractor increasing day porter coverage.

01:15:30Jackie Toews - UBC Okanagan

More student staff hired.

01:16:50Amanda Christianson

Staff will take on more responsibilities to cleaning but participants will be given supplies to disinfect again. Also 3rd party vendor will likely be used more.

01:18:10Amanda Simmons-VCU

It will be a mixture of shared responsibility. We won't have all spaces opening, and will still have the same amount of housekeeping staff, so they will be cleaning the same spaces, just more frequently. Also will be responsible for wiping certain things ("high touch surfaces") down hourly. Our lifeguards and facility operations attendants will also be responsible for cleaning more frequently than they usually do.

01:18:20Ross Rod - UT Austin

UT-Austin: We don’t have a cancellation fee for events that decide to cancel, no matter the window of time we get. Where the groups might incur costs is with the other agencies (campus custodial; fire services; Events & Moving Services, etc.) but we don’t charge a fee as long as we receive notice of the cancellation.

01:18:37Ross Rod - UT Austin

If it’s a no-show without notice by a department, there might be a different conversation.

01:18:43Kari Miller

For any in-place contracts we are having to cite the "force majeure" clause right now, but we are waiving our usual cancellation fees at this time. We will take tentative requests for fall and next year and place holds, but will not send out contracts for signature at this time.

01:18:56Trevor Smith - University of Wisconsin-Madison

We have a 1 week cancellation policy. If they cancel within a week prior to the event, they will pay any staffing charges and may be subject to facility charges as well but that's up to our discretion.

01:18:59Julia Neal - UAkron

Ross, that is also Akron's policy, we allow cancellations at any time,

01:19:10Sara Showers

All cancelations need to be made at least six (6) calendar days prior to the space/event reservation date to avoid penalties.

Day of cancellations (with less than 24 hour notice) and “no-shows” will also be assessed 50% of all previously established staffing fees.

*Cancelation/No Show Offenses:

First Offense: Suspension of space/event reservation privileges for 30 calendar days

Second Offense: Suspension of space/event reservation privileges for six (6) month

Third Offense: Suspension of space/event reservation privileges for 365 days

Cancelation/No ShowWhen a space/event reservation is canceled within five (5) calendar days, a cancelation fee will be charged to the group.

Day of cancellations (with less than 24 hour notice) and “no-shows” will also be assessed 50% of all previously established staffing fees.

*Cancelation/No Show Offenses:

First Offense: Suspension of space/event reservation privileges for 30 calendar days

Second Offense: Suspension of space/event reservation privileges for six (6) month

Third Offense: Suspension of space/event reservation privileges for 365 days

Cancelation/No Show University

5 calendar days $50.00

72 hours $75.00

*24 hours/no show $100.00

01:19:12Scott Vaculik - SHSU

Agree with Ross. We do not charge fees for cancellations.

01:20:03dwayne saunders

No cancellation fees. We just asked the group to follow up two days prior to their event. If they don't we open the space back up to our general population.

01:20:18Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

We have a force majeure clause too

01:21:10Kari Miller-Oregon State U

We are also preparing some addendums that can be added to contracts *if* we are able to hold any small scale events this summer that addresses protocols and requirements for clients.

01:21:23Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

Is anyone reconsidering how food is handled at events?

01:22:00Jackie Toews - UBC Okanagan

No officials required.

01:22:14Cynthia Lally

Are you talking about Club Sports or Intramural Sports?

01:22:30Greg Tack - Quinnipiac

What type of events are groups running for over the summer when students are not on campus? Are any virtual events still being held?

01:22:41Sara Showers

not required, but we do have requests depending the scale and they must utilize our IMS officials, no external officials

01:22:57Easton Henrikson

Is anyone doing a virtual back to school event in fall?

01:23:16Easton Henrikson

or adapting it for smaller groups

01:24:06Jeremy C - KU

@Easton - still waiting University protocol. We help with hosting a large event, but we're still waiting to see if that event will be hosted.

01:24:16Allison Einhouse

At University of Arizona we do not require officials, but will require third party security depending on the scale of the event

01:24:23Cynthia Lally

We don't require officials but I require one of my officials to be present to supervise the event.

01:24:49Ross Rod - UT Austin

Agreed. Depending on size and scale, we may bring on additional SE Staff and bill that back to the organization

01:25:00Sara Showers

usually those types of events want them so they do not fall on the hands of the organizations. not required, but requests. along with event support staff and opportunity to have an athletic trainer. AT's are not required due to the cost.

01:25:05Ashlee Miller

@Easton, as of now, we are planning on doing an in-person event but we are going to have a virtual back-up plan in the event we are told it cannot be in-person. This would be for our in-coming freshmen during Welcome Week

01:25:27Kari Miller-Oregon State U

No buffet-style offerings. All prepackaged in boxes/bagas.

01:25:31Scott Vaculik - SHSU

Our campus has a contract with a third party food vendor in which they would have to go through them.

01:25:42Jeremy C - KU

@Marjorie - We require a food waiver through our memorial Unions. We'll defer to any updates/requirements they'll make.

01:25:51Ross Rod - UT Austin

Food handling will have to be examined to limit exposure.

01:26:09Jeremy C - KU

@Margie* Sorry!

01:26:09Ashlee Miller

We have exclusive catering in our facility with our café located in our lobby. I'm not sure what the cafe's plan is with reopening though.

01:26:15Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

Thanks everyone!

01:26:16Ross Rod - UT Austin

Vendor for us doesn’t matter, but they do have to submit food offerings through Environmental Health & Safety to receive a Food Distribution Permit

01:26:42Trevor Smith - University of Wisconsin-Madison

@ Easton - We've started discussing what our welcome back events look like whether it's all virtual or in person, but with limitations to attendance, proximity to each other, etc. Obviously, large attendance events are pretty much nullified unless we see drastic progression. We also are building different layouts on social tables for our staff trainings that take social distancing and capacity into account and will probably dive deeper and apply that to all events in general.

01:27:23Jeremy C - KU

Gotta run! Thanks for facilitating, Nick and Katy!

01:28:36Sara Showers

not allowed as it currently stands

01:28:50Austin Johnson

not allowed for time being

01:28:53Corrine Pruett

This is Cody Gillespie from West Virginia University. Prior to COVID-19, we have been struggling to schedule staff during mornings due to classes for bigger events such as middle school groups. I was just seeing if anyone had any solutions to this. We are in the process of hiring more staff, but other than having staff work between their classes taking parts of the shift, its difficult to schedule staff

01:28:55Jackie Toews - UBC Okanagan

Undecided, might need to modify (shooting hoops only vs games).

01:28:56Ross Rod - UT Austin

Won’t be allowed during our initial phase of re-occupation

01:29:19Julia Neal - UAkron

Possibly rent out half courts, but to 1 person. Not in first phase.

01:30:03Kari Miller-Oregon State U

Curious about climbing facility protocols as well....

01:30:16Ross Rod - UT Austin

Thanks for organizing this, y’all! I’m an Events nerd…so anyone who wants to chat about events at any time, please feel free to reach out!

01:30:34Stephen Whitmer


01:30:40Cynthia Lally

Thanks all!

01:30:46Erin Wells

I would wait for awhile until more decisions have been made. Maybe like 3-4 weeks

01:30:47Scott Vaculik - SHSU

Thanks for hosting!

01:30:50Ross Rod - UT Austin

Definitely think y’all need to do another one of these as most of us get closer to re-occupation as we begin to really see what life will look like fo rnow

01:30:50Julia Neal - UAkron

Thank you!

01:30:55Aaron Brooks - University of Akron

Stay healthy everyone!

01:30:56Trevor Smith - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thanks everyone. Stay well.

01:30:56Samantha Villarreal

Thank you

01:31:00Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you all. Be safe, wash your hands.

01:31:04Cassandra Tompkins

Thank you!

01:31:04Margie Rodgers - CU Boulder

Thank you!

01:31:05Ashlee Miller

Thank you!

01:31:06Adrienne Gossett

Thank you!

01:31:06Taryn McEachrane

Thank you!

01:31:09Gabor Jerkovits University of Regina


01:31:09Pat Kutcher

Thank you please host another session

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email