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Wednesday, May 6, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Abby Van Note presented with Jeremy Hamlett and Sarah Schrenk

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Chat Transcript

00:33:53tony chavis

tony chavis unc pembroke

00:34:05Jean Holt

I’ve been trying to add meh institution;,but it’s not allowing me to do it.

00:34:34Arturo Cabrera

Art Cabrera - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

00:36:22Abby Van Note - UW Madison

00:38:15Abby Van Note - UW Madison

We have been asking parents informally about their needs for summer programming

00:38:57Amanda Bray- Utah State University

We provide arts and crafts as well as organized games through a virtual chat that only require them.

00:39:37Amanda Bray- Utah State University

Then we have extra-curricular activities as well as ideas they can do with the family on their own time in a package we give them.

00:41:27Anne Marie Skylis Columbia University

We sent out a survey (not a lot of responses), and I've just been emailing / talking to parents I've known for years

00:41:47NAU - Crystal Durham

we also did a survey to gauge interest from previous years' parents

00:42:18Lisa Queen's Univeristy Ontario Canada

Sending out survey to parents

00:42:22Beth Fisher - U of Guelph

We will be sending out a parent survey to our summer registrants to gauge their interest in online programming, preferred time of day, access to online tools, etc.

00:42:29Amanda Bray- Utah State University

We have a weekly survey to see what how the programs are and if they meet the needs of what they are looking for. Also, allow them to give suggestions of ideas they would like to see in the package program wise.

00:42:40Steph - UNBSJ

We decided not to send out surveys to parents. We will offer and see what the response is. We operate on a much smaller scale in comparison to some universities. We try to work off of our strengths which is badminton and volleyball for our camps.

00:43:24Marissa Cal Poly Pomona

We are in the same boat as Steph where we are not going to send out surveys, just offer it and see how it goes. We are also a much smaller camp.

00:44:25Dom Sak_YSU

what are some suggestions to increase engagement in the classroom? from both parents and campers

00:45:29Jamaica Cannon - WashU in St. Louis

with online/virtual programming how is your price point changing?

00:45:43Jamaica Cannon - WashU in St. Louis

is anyone offering sports camp options virtually?

00:46:11David Leimsieder UC Berkeley

We are offering online Gymnastics at UC Berkeley

00:46:32Steph - UNBSJ

We will change our price point quite a bit, the real deal is no comparison to virtual camps. We also understand that there would be a financial loss this summer anyways.

00:46:51Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Survey to parents who had been registered for cancelled programs, minimal response after initial high interest. Relying on informal info from community parents as well. Discussions with local camp providers on adjusting activity to screen ratio. Some of our biggest work is helping instructors lean into student guided needs, exactly what Jeremy shared, letting the group have a little more control of session flow.

00:47:11Steph - UNBSJ

We are offering sport camps programming here at UNBSJ

00:48:13Jamaica Cannon - WashU in St. Louis

what is the price for using this platform for the university?

00:48:22Adam-WWU Youth Programs

We are deciding between Google Classroom and MS Teams,

00:48:31UC Irvine- Joy Sams

how many kids are allow in each camp session?

00:48:34Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Not Canvas

00:49:51Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Adjusting camp times to also accommodate international audience integration.

00:50:15Jeremy Hamlett - CSU Northridge

We projecting 100 campers per week. They'll be placed in age approiprte groups with dedicated counselors that they go thought the day with.

00:51:33Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

Elite Basketball Camp is doing well with having people submit videos of their skills and drills that coaches show them and then they go over the video together with the coach

00:52:19Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

ACA also has a Virtual Camp page where they are advertising camps that are going virtual for families to search.

00:52:24Marissa Cal Poly Pomona

One thing that people tend to forget is Mandated reporting

00:53:13Steph - UNBSJ

Accountability for our participants will be a focus of ours as well. To ensure they are in it for the benefits to progress in their development.

00:53:17Jean Holt-Old Dominion University

Redwoods Insurance has issued sample language for acknowledgement of risk. I sent it to our univ. counsel and we will add COVID Ack. of Risk language to our registration.

00:54:01Jean Holt-Old Dominion University

The redwoods language was on an ACA connect entry

00:54:06Steph - UNBSJ

Our programs will not be live, we are going to pre-record :)

00:54:08Marissa Cal Poly Pomona

we are planning on having the campers log in with videos on to ensure that it is actually a camper on the other end of the video. We are having a waiver for liability as well as an acknowledgement of what will be happening and is expected of the parents while their child is participating such as "we are not offering child care" to ensure parents are there with their kiddos.

00:55:38Marissa Cal Poly Pomona

for behavior management we have a "Full Value Contract" that outlines what we expect of the campers as well as a visual list of expectations of the campers that will be sent out to the parents to put next to the device the campers are using to help be a visual reminder of expectations (we have a visual one with pictures for the younger ones and one that has them written out)

01:00:35NAU - Crystal Durham

not a cross-campus partnership, but we are planning to offer some options led by Outdoor Adventures staff (basic bike repair, animal yoga, and tips for building a shelter)

01:01:38Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Community partnerships both on campus and off will continue to be critical. We had a meeting of City Agency, P&R, Museum, Library and other leaders yesterday discussing leveraging each of our organizations strengths. Both for content and market sharing this year.

01:02:03Angela Caringella - Moraine Valley Community College

In early planning stages but if we do online we will have defintion of direct and indirect supervsion

01:02:27Angela Caringella - Moraine Valley Community College

some activities will be with parents some will be indirect so parents do not need to be helping with the activity

01:02:43Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

it is about trust with camp and parents. Just like "in-person" camp

01:04:02MC Martinez - Innosoft

As a random single parent with a 4yo child, online camp would not really work for us. I would have to monitor everything. At that point, I can't get my job done, so it would be a real struggle.

01:05:22Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

Family Camp programming in the evening or at breaks in the day could be a good option too.

01:05:23Steph - UNBSJ

If anyone is else is offering badminton or volleyball camps virtually, would love to chat further!

01:05:26Jean Holt-Old Dominion University

what are the hours for your virtual camps?

01:07:11Marissa Cal Poly Pomona

our camp is going to run for 2 90 minute sessions per day m-f. AM session will be from 9:30-11am and PM session will be from 1:30-3pm

01:07:38NAU - Crystal Durham

do you have a plan for families with multiple kids of different ages (and therefore, different activities) but maybe only one computer?

01:08:11Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Yes, revenue pressure, we operate out of a non-state supported unit.

01:08:17Steph - UNBSJ

There was a discussion in a previous NIRSA chat about sending out camp packs to the kiddos

01:08:17Emily Murphy | WVU

That's a great question, Crystal!

01:08:22MC Martinez - Innosoft

if you can, a master list of supplies to have on hand for the whole summer and a separate list of "doing X this week" would be great. Like with daycare, they always have paper, stickers, clue, color pencils/crayons/etc. But one day they might make a sensory bottle and need extra things for that.

01:08:26MC Martinez - Innosoft

^ for the parents

01:08:59Abby Van Note - UW Madison

Yes, Crystal! I will bring that up

01:09:21NAU - Crystal Durham

no pressure to generate revenue here. We are planning to offer some activities where there is little interaction (more campers watching a demonstration) for free and having some activities require payment because we will be providing supplies and they will be interacting a lot with our staff via Zoom

01:09:50Adam-WWU Youth Programs

We are strategically offering a range of price options from no-cost to "full-tuition" for our University credit program

01:11:03Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

Word of Mouth will go very far this summer!

01:11:44Adam-WWU Youth Programs

One of our cost justifications is the "curation" aspect, taking on the responsibility for flow, format, not making parents "patch together" something for students to do.

01:11:48Jean Holt-Old Dominion University

Marissa - are the same campers in the AM and PM sessions or is each session a separate “camp”?

01:11:59Beth Fisher - U of Guelph

In your budget plan to break even, were you required to consider yourself in to the facilitation staff ratio?

01:12:39BGSU-Christopher Ballard

For anyone doing a physical camp, how are you ensuring proper social distancing

01:13:49Steph - UNBSJ

For those that have completely cancelled camp programming, just curious as to what the defining factor was? Strictly Covid or?

01:15:17NAU - Crystal Durham

@Steph our university president cancelled all in-campus programming through the end of June, so we were required to cancel the first half of our camp because of that

01:15:40Abby Van Note - UW Madison

Steph, for us it was based on a University decision for no youth programming on campus

01:15:42Steph - UNBSJ

ok so based on whether or not the Pres or VP's allow students back onto campus.

01:15:43Dom Sak_YSU

negative ROI played a pivotal role in our decision, plus pandemic concerns

01:16:20Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Cancellation was Covid based, aligning with Gov's Stay at Home order, University wide decision and all University classes are online only through summer term

01:16:55Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

We are at 4 weeks as well

01:17:02NAU - Crystal Durham

depending on the social distancing requirements, we might cancel July/August camp because we won't be able to provide anything close to the quality of camp that we normally provide

01:17:31Steph - UNBSJ

Not going to lie, cancellation of sports period...breaks my heart!

01:17:37Jerrell Kelly - WKU

For us at WKU, our decision to cancel was based on the uncertainty around being able to open and staff among other things especially with the university deciding to go completely online for classes this summer. We're not even sure if we'll be able to fully staff our building should it reopen, and as such, staffing is just a huge question mark.

01:17:52Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

Training will be much different if you have returning staff vs. new staff. It may be overload for new staff.

01:18:54Beth Fisher - U of Guelph

Is that time to re-open plan start after your organization has already planned to prepare your facilities to be clean and safe to open?

01:18:54Sean Graninger - University of Oregon

For those that have canceled in-person and notified parents already, how has the reception been from parents? Any pushback? Mostly understanding?

01:19:21Steph - UNBSJ

Everyone is in the same boat but different boats based on numbers across the world.

01:19:29NAU - Crystal Durham

@Sean most understand, but they are definitely disappointed. We've had some pushback, but not a lot

01:19:58Angela Caringella - Moraine Valley Community College

Is anyone doing in person camps only for specific groups? University employees, essential workers, etc

01:20:17Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Parents and families have been disappointed but understanding. Frustration was directed at State Level guidance and "what are we gonna do with them when I have to go back to work"

01:20:23Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

In our community some camps are going live and we may have restrictions on campus out of our hands. Parents are not happy with that.

01:20:45Angela Caringella - Moraine Valley Community College

Thank you!

01:21:59Steph - UNBSJ

Any concerns for a second wave of Covid?

01:22:28Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

Hard to get kids to wear sunscreen, hats, and drink water. Now include face masks. That's tough.

01:22:32Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Yes concerned about 2nd wave, already seeing data blips as communities get restless

01:23:03Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

I wish there was a decision already, but they have not made it

01:23:15Adam-WWU Youth Programs

University is trying to advance plan for the contingency of additional waves and need to scale up/scale down quickly

01:23:26Sean Graninger - University of Oregon

Thanks all

01:23:33Steph - UNBSJ

Many people are struggling with the decision. If there was an overall governing body that could just say yay or nay it might be helpful

01:23:44Jarod Meyer

for virtual camps are you doing activities outside and if so how are you going to those?

01:24:29Greg Durham

Creighton has never run camp before, but admin is asking us to consider doing camp as early as this summer. I'd love to connect with someone. :)

01:24:39Jeremy Hamlett - CSU Northridge

We program active activities that can be done inside or outside in case kids don't have an outdoor space.

01:25:46Janice DeMonsi Santa Clara University

@Greg - wow run a summer camp as soon as this summer....reach out to me and we can talk. I could stay on tomorrows call after 12 for a little bit if needed

01:25:47MC Martinez - Innosoft

@Jeremy - I like the approach that fitness classes have taken online with exercises that require minimal space/equipment. Same as indoor/outdoor for activities you mentioned.

01:25:54Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Definitely a lot of discussions about equity and access

01:26:10Jeremy Hamlett - CSU Northridge

Google FC Fitness. it's an LA program with some cool online active activities that you can "borrow"

01:26:16Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

I’m struggling with doing a complete overhaul on camp to meet guidelines, when in reality it would mean more staff, more money, more resources, and not our camp at all.

01:26:55Anne Marie Skylis

what sources are people using to review or have participants upload videos?

01:27:59Kevin Lindner - U of Guelph

Thanks everyone for the great chats and connecting. Have to jet

01:28:43Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

Of course, I’m the only one working on camps because we are in a hiring freeze still. So I can’t hire my staff yet

01:29:16Abby Van Note - UW Madison

01:29:48Adam-WWU Youth Programs

Thank you all!

01:29:50MC Martinez - Innosoft

Thanks, Abby!

01:29:50Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

Thank you for your organization and running this for us!

01:29:54Alison - Regina


01:29:56Stephanie Carreto - UC San Diego

Thank you

01:29:59NAU - Crystal Durham

thank you so much! this was super helpful discussion!

01:29:59Bruce Parkin TWP Centre Wellington

Thank you all for sharing ideas. This has been great.

01:30:00Kayode Lewis

thanks Abby!

01:30:02Alicia Benham Centre Wellington, ON

Thank you

01:30:02Steph - UNBSJ

Thank you so much for hosting this!!!

01:30:04Jessica Allen- Texas Southern Univ.

Thanks! This was extremely informative!

01:30:06Marc Taney Colleges of the Fenway

thank you!

01:30:06Anne Marie Skylis Columbia University

thanks everyone!

01:30:09Coulson Thomas ODU

thanks all

01:30:11Mike Turner - UNM Club Sports and RAD Camps

Thank You!

01:34:13Natalie Hiller-Claridge - U Montana

That is a great point!

01:34:47Owini Dixon

Hi from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Thank you for this webinar!! Will the presentation be shared for us to reflect back on because these guiding questions are very helpful!

01:34:59Steph - UNBSJ

another point to mention for those that have never done virtual camps is that it will take a lot more planning compared to offering in person planning

01:37:52Bruce Parkin TWP Centre Wellington

We have no price point at the moment -

01:39:12Bruce Parkin TWP Centre Wellington

Thank you!

01:39:40Steph - UNBSJ

again, amazing, thanks so much, very comforting to know everyone is in a similar position

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